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Clinic application of tissue engineered bronchus for lung cancer treatment

Qiang Tan, Xiaoke Chen, Yinggen Pan, Walter Weder, Qingquan Luo, Shun Lu, Ruijun Liu & Jingxiang Wu

Manipulation complexity in primates coevolved with brain size and terrestriality

Sonja E Koski, J M Burkart, Sandra A Heldstab, C P Van Schaik, Karin Isler & Zaida K Kosonen

Equal pain-unequal fear response: Enhanced susceptibility of tooth pain to fear conditioning

Mike Brügger, Dominik A Ettlin, Kai Lutz, Michael L Meier, Nenad Lukic, Marcus Cheetham, Lutz Jäncke & Nuno M P De Matos

Validation of the baseline severity stratification of objective functional impairment in lumbar degenerative disc disease

Holger Joswig, Nicolas R Smoll, Oliver P Gautschi, Karl Schaller, Marco V Corniola, Gerhard Hildebrandt & Martin Nikolaus Stienen

Pulmonary hypertension in aortic and mitral valve disease

Francesco Maisano, Philipp K Haager, Marc Gerhard, Micha T Maeder, Marc Buser, Hans Rickli & Lukas Weber

Analysis of the brain mural cell transcriptome

Koji Ando, Elisabeth Raschperger, Michael Vanlandewijck, Liqun He, Christer Betsholtz, Jennifer Hofmann, Maarja Andaloussi Mäe, Annika Keller, Bongnam Jung & Thibaud Lebouvier

Intra-vascular blood velocity and volumetric flow rate calculated from dynamic 4D CT angiography using a time of flight technique

Andrew Crean, Paul Dufort, Adrian Crawley, Jeff Jaskolka, Timo Krings, Jorn Fierstra, Joseph John Barfett, Catherine Coolens, Nivethan Velauthapillai & David Mikulis

The influence of non-matching implant and abutment diameters on radiographic crestal bone levels in dogs

J Schoolfield, D Buser, C H F Hämmerle, A A Jones, D L Cochran, F L Higginbottom, T G Wilson & R E Jung

Sex differences in lumbar degenerative disc disease

Oliver P Gautschi, Nicolas R Smoll, Holger Joswig, Martin N Stienen, Karl Schaller, Gerhard Hildebrandt & Marco V Corniola

ARTD1 deletion causes increased hepatic lipid accumulation in mice fed a high-fat diet and impairs adipocyte function and differentiation

Michael O Hottiger, Peter J Richards, Süheda Erener, Marc Y Donath, Ali Mirsaidi, Radina Kostadinova, André N Tiaden, Mareike Hesse & Helga Ellingsgaard

Multiple substitutions of methionine 129 in human prion protein reveal its importance in the amyloid fibrillation pathway

Sofie Nystrom, K Peter R Nilsson, Adriano Aguzzi, Per Hammarstrom, Simone Hornemann & Rajesh Mishra

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