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Saffo tra poesia e leggenda. Fortuna di un personaggio nei secoli XVIII e XIX, a cura di Adriana Chemello, Padova, Il Poligrafo, 2012, pp. 353

Luca Piantoni
The review discusses "Saffo tra poesia e leggenda. Fortuna di un personaggio nei secoli XVIII-XIX", edited by Adriana Chemello (Padova, Il Poligrafo, 2012, pp. 353). The volume is an anthology of texts that are accompanied by critical commentaries and a historical, critical and philological introduction. The anthologised texts are "Saffo" by Maria Fortuna (1776, with commentary by Salvatore Puggioni), "Faoniade" by Vincenzo Maria Imperiale (1780, with commentary by Francesca Favaro), "Vita di Saffo" by Bianca...

Operations Research Methods for Optimization in Radiation Oncology

Matthias Ehrgott & Allen Holder
Operations Research has a successful tradition of applying mathematical analysis to a wide range of applications, and problems in Medical Physics have been popular over the last couple of decades. The original application was in the optimal design of the uence map for a radiotherapy treatment, a problem that has continued to receive attention. However, Operations Research has been applied to other clinical problems like patient scheduling, vault design, and image alignment. The overriding theme...

Auszug aus Ägypten - zum Claudius Jucker in München

Dietrich Willers
Der Übergang des lange in Bern befindlichen Claudiusporträts in den Besitz der Münchner Glyptothek gibt Anlass zu zwei Bemerkungen. Der bisher vertretenen Ansicht, das Werk entstamme einer Werkstatt Ägyptens, wird widersprochen und stattdessen eine Herkunft aus Kleinasien favorisiert. Indizien sprechen für die Wiederverwendung eines ursprünglichen Caligulaporträts. The transfer of the Portrait of Claudius, who had for a long time been in Bern, into the property of the Glyptothek in Munich gives occasion to two remarks....

Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, F VII 12 : Composite manuscript of, among others, computistic content

De Sacrobosco Johannes, De Wida Ludoflus, Alexander Hispanus, De Erfordia Johannes, Claraevallensis Bernardus, Georgius Carpentarii, Henricus Harpestraeng, Sophronius Eusebius Hieronymus, De Aquino Thomas, Rordahusim Bernardus & Martinus De Nuremberg
This worn paper manuscript from the Carthusian Monastery of Basel contains several treatises (in part with commentaries) for calculating the annual calendar, in particular for determining the movable holidays, such as the Computus chirometralis of Johannes of Erfurt or the Computus Nerembergensis. In addition, the volume contains a series of Old Frisian and Low German texts: sermons for weddings, recipes, a Latin-German glossary, as well as a short version of the “niederdeutsche Apokalypse”.

Parsing costs as predictors of reading difficulty: An evaluation using the Potsdam Sentence Corpus

Hale, John; Cornell University, Boston, Marisa Ferrara; Cornell University, Patil, Umesh; University Of Potsdam, Vasishth, Shravan; University Of Potsdam & Kliegl, Reinhold; University Of Potsdam
The surprisal of a word on a probabilistic grammar constitutes a promising complexity metric for human sentence comprehension difficulty. Using two different grammar types, surprisal is shown to have an effect on fixation durations and regression probabilities in a sample of German readers’ eye movements, the Potsdam Sentence Corpus. A linear mixed-effects model was used to quantify the effect of surprisal while taking into account unigram frequency and bigram frequency (transitional probability), word length, and...

Wasch’ mir den Pelz, aber mach mich nicht nass!

Ludwig A. Minelli
In der «Neuen Zürcher Zeitung» vom 26. Juni 2014 hat sich der ehemalige Botschafter der Schweiz beim Europarat in Strassburg (2007-2011), Paul Widmer, in der Debatte über die Urteile des Europäischen Gerichtshofes für Menschenrechte (EGMR) in Schweizer Fällen zu Wort gemeldet und in das bereits bekannte Horn «Mehr richterliche Zurückhaltung in Strassburg» gestossen. Er hat sich damit in die Reihe jener gestellt, die seit längerem den Versuch unternehmen, den EGMR gegenüber der Bevölkerung mit ähnlichen...

Les « Comices viticoles » de "Passage du poète" : Ramuz, Flaubert et le discours médiocre

Valérie Bucheli
Une comparaison entre le fameux discours de Lieuvain, à l’occasion desComices agricoles de Madame Bovary, et deux allocutions prononcées dans Passagedu poète de Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, lors d’une scène que l’on pourrait voircomme des « Comices viticoles », donne l’occasion de montrer, au-delà des ressemblancesde surface entre les deux romans, l’attitude très distincte de chacundes auteurs devant de telles manifestations du langage ordinaire. Alors que Flaubert,comme on le sait, dévalue les « discours médiocres »,...

Occupational Science for Occupational Therapy. Un Livre de Doris Pierce

Marie-Chantal Morel-Bracq
Sans résumé.

Deutsche und italienische Embleme in interkultureller Alltagskommunikation

Daniela Marcantonio
Gesten, als Besonderheit der menschlichen Kommunikation, haben Wissenschaftler unterschiedlicher Disziplinen immer wieder interessiert. Zahlreich sind die Studien in den Kommunikationswissenschaften, die sich mit dieser Thematik beschäftigen und die die Gestik als Teil des kommunikativen Aktes sehen. Inwiefern sind Gesten kommunikativ und kulturbezogen? Verändert sich die Gestik in interkultureller Alltagskommunikation? Ausgangspunkt der Untersuchung ist, dass Gesten häufig als ein Kulturphänomen einem Sprachumfeld zugeordnet werden. Damit stellt sich die Frage, ob die Gestik bei einem Kulturwechsel neu...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 260 : Bede, Commentaries on the Acts of the Apostles and the Apocalypse

Venerabilis Beda & Eccardus IV, Sangallensis
This manuscript contains copies of the commentaries on the Acts of the Apostles and the Apocalypse by the church father the Venerable Bede (d. 735), with pen tests, a note identifying the scribes (Wichram und Hartpert), and numerous glosses (most in the hand of the monk Ekkehart IV.). This copy was produced in the second half of the 9th century in the Abbey of St. Gall and includes a scribe's verse by the monk Wichram...

Nebensätze in freien schriftlichen Produktionen kroatischer DaF-Lernender

Leonard Pon & Melita Aleksa Varga
The present paper looks into grammar competence of Croatian learners of German as a foreign language. More precisely, it deals with syntactic knowledge that learners need to activate in order to understand and produce complex sentences containing various types of subordinate clauses. Croatian learners of German as a foreign language spend a considerable amount of time during their German classes dealing with syntax – both explicitly and implicitly. In order to understand as well as...

An easy iris center detection method for eye gaze tracking system

Yu, Mingxin; Northeastern University, Boston, USA, & Beijing Institute Of Technology, China, Xu, Jing; Northeastern University, USA, Wang, Xiangzhou; Beijing Institute Of Technology, China, Tang, Xiaoying; Beijing Institute Of Technology, China, Guo, Yikang; Beijing Institute Of Technology, China, Lin, Yingzi; Northeastern University, USA & Schmidt, David; Northeastern University, USA
Iris center detection accuracy has great impact on eye gaze tracking system performance. This paper proposes an easy and efficient iris center detection method based on modeling the geometric relationship between the detected rough iris center and the two corners of the eye. The method fully considers four states of iris within the eye region, i.e. center, left, right, and upper. The proposed active edge detection algorithm is utilized to extract iris edge points for...

Padre, hijas, luz e incertidumbre: la poesía de Francisco Onieva

Ioana Gruia
El artículo estudia la poesía de un joven autor español, Francisco Onieva,y en particular su último libro, Vértices (Visor, 2016), focalizando el análisis enla paternidad y en las fi guras del padre y las hijas. Se trata de un tema no muyfrecuente en la joven poesía española y que en Onieva se modula en torno a variosejes: un complejo ámbito semántico de la luz, unas profundas vivencias de lanaturaleza, una reconstrucción sentimental de la propia...

Le rendez-vous de l’amitié? Festivals de théâtre et politique du global

Ulf Otto
What might playgrounds of globality look like? How do performances within these fields avoid parading the ›Other‹ and how do they challenge the exoticising gaze? Is it possible to steer clear of the political and economic pitfalls of global exchange whereby artists, curators and audiences are inevitably transformed into buyers and sellers? Mightn’t the notions of globality, symmetry, and the world-as-playground themselves be considered as helping veil the radical contradictions each form of global interaction...

Beyond the myth of journalistic storytelling: Why a narrative approach to journalism falls short [Guest Editorial Committee]

Marta Zampa & Daniel Perrin
Despite the journalism education mantra to think story, news media accounts are far more than sheer storytelling. They are more about the punchline first than suspense, more about fragments of information than comprehensive storylines, and more about story-selling than telling. News reporters do not tell stories, as such – but utilize their own narrative routines that evoke stories in people’s minds and in the public sphere. This thematic section scrutinizes the widespread storytelling approaches and...

Wellington 2013 – Ippolita rinascimentale: le Amazzoni americane nell’epica italiana

Carla Aloé
This paper analyses the mythography of ‘New World Amazons’ as it appears in Renaissance Italian epic poems, tracing perceptions of the myth from the discovery of America to the first half of the seventeenth century. The first part of the article documents the literary history of such legends, focusing in particular on the delayed advent of American Amazons in Italian verse. One reason for this, I argue, is that poets were unable to distance themselves...

A Rational Informatics-enabled approach to Standardised Nomenclature of Contours and Volumes in Radiation Oncology Planning

Alexis Andrew Miller
The standardising of nomenclature in the radiotherapy planning process has deep implications for the abilityof the profession to examine the adequacy of construction of radiotherapy plans in outcomes research, particularly in relation to disease control and toxicity generation. This paper proposes an interim standardisednomenclature which can be used by any institution as a template for a mappable local standard.The nomenclature is systematically constructed using the Foundational Model of Anatomy, ICRU Report 50 and ICRU report...

The impact of discourse types on the acquisition of nominal determination in L2 French

Ewa Lenart, Marzena Watorek & Pascale Trévisiole
+N) are much more frequent in descriptions than in narratives: the use of these forms is determined by the marking of the introduction of referents and change of reference, that are more common in descriptions. The comparison with the results of previous studies on NP acquisition allows us to put in perspective the precocity of the acquisition of the definite article compared to that of the indefinite article. Contrary to such studies, our results show...

Entrevista a cinco editores españoles de poesía: Manuel Borrás (Pre-Textos), Jesús García Sánchez (Visor), Jesús Munárriz (Hiperión), Pepo Paz (Bartleby) y Javier Sánchez Menéndez (La Isla de Siltolá)

Itzíar López Guil & Juan Carlos Abril
Cinco representativos editores españoles de poesía –Manuel Borrás, JesúsGarcía Sánchez, Jesús Munárriz, Pepo Paz, Javier Sánchez Menéndez– contestanal cuestionario elaborado por los coordinadores de este número.

Einleitung Teil III

Ulrich Reimer

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