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Darin: Reglement über die Stellenvermittlung (1908)

Zürich, Braginsky Collection, B253 : Mahzor according to the Ashkenazic Rite (Nussah Ashkenaz)

This obviously much-used manuscript is in good overall condition; it is written in an elegant square and semi-cursive Ashkenazic script. It contains daily prayers and piyyutim for holidays and special occasions. In addition, it contains the entire text of the Haggadah, which at this time already tended to be copied out separately. The manuscript contains interesting evidence of the influence of censorship. During the Middle Ages, the prayer Alenu le-shabbeah was believed to contain an...

Genus im DaF-Unterricht in Italien: Was sagen Lehrwerke und Grammatiken?

Marion Weerning
For foreign language students gender seems to be a great problem. This article about the teachability and learnability of German gender wants to show what Italian students learn about it and how they do so (and also how they could do it better).

Color Temporal Contrast Sensitivity in Dynamic Vision Sensors

Luca Longinotti, Simeon Bamford, Julien N P Martel, Tobi Delbruck, David San Segundo Bello, Chenghan Li, Diederik Paul Moeys & Vasyl Motsnyi

The contribution of interference control for young children`s working memory performance: Insights from eye-tracking

Roderer, Thomas; University Of Bern, Roebers, Claudia M.; University Of Bern & Schmid, Corinne; University Of Bern
In the present study, the role of visual attentional processes for working memory performance in a sample of 6-year-olds was investigated. This was done by combining an individual differences approach with an experimental manipulation: For the individual differences approach, participants were grouped based on their performance in a classical interference control task, and their working memory skills were systematically compared. For the experimental manipulation, the need to control interference while performing a working memory task...

Code-switching as appraisal resource in talking about third parties

Inke Du Bois & Nicole Baumgarten
This article explores the function of code-switching in talking about absent third parties. The basis for the investigation is a corpus of sociolinguistic individual and group interviews with German immigrants in the US and American immigrants in Germany. In these interviews, the interviewees are asked to recount their migration experiences and their lives before and after migration. For each individual speaker, the interviewer and – in the group interviews – the other participants in the...

»Charity is too easy«

Franziska Burger & Theresa Schütz
An Interview with Seth Honnor and Olivia Winteringham ( Kaleider) on The Money

“As it’s our last exchange next time…”. The closure initiation in email counseling

Franziska Thurnherr
This paper reports from an interpersonal pragmatics perspective on the negotiation of closure of the counseling process in five naturally occurring email counseling exchanges between one counselor and five different clients. I focus on three aspects: who initiates closure, in what form, and in which interpersonal context. A mixed methodology consisting of a discourse-analytic approach combined with a participant interview serves to examine the closure initiation from multiple perspectives. Results show that extensive collaborative work...

Effects of individuality, education, and image on visual attention: Analyzing eye-tracking data using machine learning

Sangwon Lee, Yongha Hwang, Yan Jin, Sihyeong Ahn & Jaewan Park
Machine learning, particularly classification algorithms, constructs mathematical models from labeled data that can predict labels for new data. Using its capability to identify distinguishing patterns among multi-dimensional data, we investigated the impact of three factors on the observation of architectural scenes: Individuality, education, and image stimuli. An analysis of the eye-tracking data revealed that (1) a velocity histogram was unique to individuals, (2) students of architecture and other disciplines could be distinguished via endogenous parameters,...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 462 : German song book

Aegidius Tschudi, Johannes Heer, Johannes Heer & Johannes Heer
The song book of Chaplain Johannes Heer of Glarus: a collection of 88 folk-, students-, love-, drinking- and joke songs, among them 40 unique items; from the pre-reformation period (1510-1520).

The function of “looking-at-nothing” for sequential sensorimotor tasks: Eye movements to remembered action-target locations

Rebecca Martina Foerster
When performing manual actions, eye movements precede hand movements to target locations: Before we grasp an object, we look at it. Eye-hand guidance is even preserved when visual targets are unavailable, e.g., grasping behind an occlusion. This “looking-at-nothing” behavior might be functional, e.g., as “deictic pointer” for manual control or as memory-retrieval cue, or a by-product of automatization. Here, it is studied if looking at empty locations before acting on them is beneficial for sensorimotor...

Aarau, Staatsarchiv Aargau, AA/0446 : Cartulary of Königsfelden Abbey concerning the abbey’s Waldshut properties

Copies and regesta of privileges and documents from the 14th to the 16th century concerning Königsfelden Abbey’s Waldshut properties. Begun around 1480, parallel to the establishing of the Königsfelden cartulary II (StAAG AA/0429), with additions until about 1530.

Die besondere Zeit der Therapie «Begehren des Analytikers» und «therapeutischer Akt» in der Sicht Lacans und der Lebensphänomenologie

Rolf Kühn
Die therapeutische Analyse vollzieht sich nicht nur in einer Räumlichkeit diesseits unmittelbarer lebensweltlicher Interessen, sondern vor allem auch in einer besonderen Zeit. Da der Patient oder Analysand das Ende dieses Prozesses bestimmt, handelt es sich um keine chronologische Zeit, sondern um einen plötzlichen «Übergang» (passe). Darin wird jedes Wissen um «Sein» und «Sinn» zugunsten einer nicht mehr ableitbaren «subjektiven Wahrheit» verlassen. Ein solcher Akt der Freisetzung setzt radikal phänomenologisch allerdings die dazu notwendige selbstaffektive Kraft...

Parallel-reaction monitoring (PRM)

Thomas Schneider
This protocol is used for parallel reaction monitoring (PRM)-based targeted mass spectrometry.

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