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Unnötige Regeln

Elke Hentschel
This paper argues that among the rules used in foreign language teaching there are often unnecessary ones. These rules offer detailed description of linguistic facts that probably could be learned easier without them. Although "explanatory rules" of this sort might be quite helpful when offered as additional explanations, they can hinder the language learning process when presented as rules to be learned and obeyed ("learning rules"). In order to show the difference between this set...

Phonological and semantic aspects of German intonation

Jörg Peters
This paper presents an outline of an autosegmental-metrical analysis of German intonation adopting Gussenhoven’s (1983, 2005) approach to Dutch intonation. A features-based interpretation of the phonological units is given, which is based on an analysis of tonal contrasts. This analysis suggests that tones of different tone classes bear semantic features that relate to the mutual belief space, information packaging, conversational structure, thematic structure, conceptual structure, and speaker attitudes.

Schedule of the 13th European Conference on Eye Movements 2005

Groner, Marina; University Of Bern, Müri, R.; University Of Bern, Raess, Simon; University Of Bern, P., P; Suri, Koga, Kazuo; Nagoya University & Groner, Rudolf; University Of Bern
This document contains the schedule of the 13th European Conference on Eye Movements, August 14-18 2005 in Bern, Switzerland

Interkulturelle Medienwissenschaft und Kulturkonflikt

Ernest W. B. Hess-Lüttich
The paper attempts a combination of intercultural studies and media studies. It first provides a terminological framework for the analysis of intercultural communication. Secondly, it gives a short outline of current research in the field of intercultural media studies, with special reference to the press and to television. It then opens up a perspective of empirical investigation into forms and functions of the depiction of ethnic minorities in the media, of implicit racism and hidden...

A Skeleton-based Approach to Analyze and Visualize Oculomotor Behavior when Viewing Animated Characters

Thibaut Le Naour & Bresciani, Jean-Pierre; University Of Fribourg
Knowing what people look at and understanding how they analyze the dynamic gestures of their peers is an exciting challenge. In this context, we propose a new approach to quantify and visualize the oculomotor behavior of viewers watching the movements of animated characters in dynamic sequences. Using this approach, we were able to illustrate on a 'heat mesh' the gaze distribution of one or several viewers, i.e., the time spent on each part of the...

« Le roi est mort. Vive la reine. » Contraintes et enjeux autour du « Recueil de diverses poésies sur le trespas de Henri le Grand »

Béatrice Brottier
Le tombeau poétique composé à l’occasion de la mort d’Henri IV montre l’intrication de deux niveaux de contraintes de l’écriture poétique. Le premier se joue au sein des éloges funèbres eux-mêmes, dans leurs aspects formels et thématiques, et dans la mise en série des textes. Le second niveau opère à travers l’instrumentalisation du tombeau à des fi ns plus politiques de soutien à la reine régente à qui le recueil est dédié.

Analysis of indoor air constituents: glycerin and propylene glycol (PMI)

Vladimir Zaugg, Michel Rotach & Anne Jaquier
The protocol describes the analytical method for the quantification of glycerin and propylene glycol extracted from indoor air samples.

Insulter, Ignorer, Manipuler. La Politique avec le public d’après Peter Handke (d’ Ivana Müller et Claudia Bosse)

Nikolaus Müller-Schöll
Dans le contexte des études récentes sur la théorie et historiographie du théâtre concernant le spectateur, la pièce Publikumsbeschimpfung de Peter Handke marque le début de la dissolution successive d’une certaine conception de l’acteur et du public, qui s’était établie entre le milieu du 18e et la fin du 19e siècle comme paradigme du théâtre moderne. D’un côté, Handke a pu se baser sur la redécouverte du spectateur actif – tel qu’il l’était probablement à...

Homophonie et maîtrise du français écrit : apport de l’apprentissage sur corpus

Henry Tyne & Maï Leray
Mastery of spelling in L1 French is notoriously complex, in particular due to morphographic difficulties and grammatical homophony. This study investigates the use of data-driven learning in French primary schools for the homophonous set /sE/ (c’est, s’est, ces, ses, sais/t). The results show that whereas initially there is no difference in comparison to traditional teaching (i.e. following pre-test, fewer errors are made in general at the time of learning by both experimental and control groups),...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 371 : Epistolary

Epistolary originating from Reichenau/St. Gall, illustrated with a portrait of the epistle-writer Saint Paul and five painted Christological miniatures from the third quarter of the 11th century.

Fremdsprachendidaktik anhand von Literatur: Reflexion über Stereotype

Gesa Singer
Stereotypes are often based on concepts of mentalities and ‘images of the self’ and the ‘other’. This is the way they appear in language. In modern didactics of foreign language the focus is mostly set on cultural contrast. Meanwhile a more profound analysis and reflexion on stereotypes is lacking. This piece of work intends to illustrate, based on practical examples (in German as a foreign language), how the use of literature can contribute to a...

Demographic collapse and low genetic diversity of the Irrawaddy dolphin population inhabiting the Mekong River

Corinne Y Ackermann, Peter B S Spencer, Lars Bejder, Isabel Beasley, Arne Ludwig, Gerard E Ryan, Rebekka Wolfensberger, Michael Krützen, Dietmar Lieckfeldt & Guido J Parra

Skandalisierung korpuslinguistisch. Ein empirisch-linguistischer Blick auf die Berichterstattung zur "Wulff-Affäre"

Noah Bubenhofer
Abstract What kind of language is typical of the mass media coverage of a scandal? Which linguistic means have the effect of scandalizing a public person like a politician? The study presented in this paper uses corpus linguistic methods to investigate a specific scandal in recent German politics: Federal President Christian Wulff was accused by the media of not having informed transparently about a private loan he had taken out. Further allegations of corruption presented...

Excerpt of «Designing for Privacy and its Legal Framework»

Aurelia Tamò-Larrieux
Technical and economic advances have led to the digitalization of our environment. Whether collected from smartphones, smart household devices, or wearable health trackers, data is automatically processed and used to provide us with multiple services throughout the day. While the benefits of such technologies for individual users — as well as society at large — are undisputed, the resulting transformed environment triggers concerns vis-à-vis informational privacy and the loss thereof. These privacy and data protection...

Le point sur les travaux de développement de l'Algo, un outil d'aide à la décision pour la sélection des aides techniques pour l'hygiène corporelle des québécois vivant à domicile

Manon Guay
L’algorithme clinique Algo a été développé à l’intention des membres des équipes interdisciplinaires des programmes de soutien à domicile du Québec (Canada) collaborant avec des ergothérapeutes lors de la sélection des aides techniques pour l’hygiène corporelle de leurs clients. Bien que les Québécois soient majoritairement francophones, les écrits scientifiques concernant l’Algo ont principalement été publiés en langue anglaise. Cet article en langue française vise à faire le point sur les recherches ayant mené à l’Algo,...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 2 : Bible (Num, Deut, Acts, Apoc), excerpts from OT and NT, varia

Aurelius Augustinus & Sangallensis Winitharius
A Winithar manuscript dating from the early period of the abbey of St. Gall, containing books of the Old and New Testament.

Textwahrheit und Übersetzen. Beobachtungen an neueren Bibelübersetzungen

Radegundis Stolze
Recently many new German bible translations have appeared. The article first presents a comparison of paragraphs from ten different translations, with examples taken from the New Testament. This shows some basic trends. On the one hand, the objective of bible translation is Christian education, edification and worship usage. On the other hand, some translations focus on the cultural information, easy readability and inclusive language. Such orientation accepts purposeful adaptation and thus modifies the original text....

Eye tracking study of attention to print advertisements: Effects of typeface figuration

Možina, Klementina; University Of Ljubljana, Faculty Of Natural Sciences And Engineering, Department Of Textiles, Graphic Arts And Design, Nedeljković, Uroš; University Of Novi Sad, Faculty Of Technical Sciences, Department Of Graphic Engineering And Design, Puškarević, Irma; University Of Novi Sad, Faculty Of Technical Sciences, Department Of Graphic Engineering And Design & Dimovski, Vladimir; University Of Novi Sad, Faculty Of Technical Sciences, Department Of Graphic Engineering And Design
The use of rhetorical figures has become a widely–accepted method for capturing attention and positively increasing cognitive effort in print advertisements. So far research studies mostly analyzed the effect of rhetorical figures in the written as well as pictorial elements of an ad. However, there have been few studies addressing the effect of rhetorical figuration in the specific area of typeface design. This study analyzes the effects of typeface figuration (i.e., regular vs. irregular stylization...

Salvatorische Klauseln in AGB

Arnold F. Rusch
Das gesamte AGB-Korrektiv steht auf dem wichtigen Pfeiler des Verbots der geltungserhaltenden Reduktion. Dieses Verbot lässt sich nicht dadurch umgehen, dass man in den AGB nichtige Klauseln mit Ersatzklauseln zu heilen versucht. Die salvatorische Klausel hat deshalb in AGB nichts verloren.

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