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Sprachliche und politische Grenzen im (ehemaligen) Dialektkontinuum des Alemannischen am Beispiel der trinationalen Region Basel (Schweiz) in Karten von SprecherInnen

Lorenz Hofer
A group of Swiss informants of the trinational Basel region were asked to draw maps of the regional language borders. Thus, the subjective assessment of language borders could be visualized. By means of these maps, changes in the former Alemannic dialect continuum in the Upper Rhine Area become transparent, which have developed by nation building, standardizing processes and diglossia. The experiment demonstrates in what way linguistic landscapes are perceived and what means informants use to...

Die Vorlesung - eine fachsprachliche Textsorte am Beispielder Fachkommunikation Wirtschaft. Eine textlinguistische Analyse mit didaktischen Anmerkungen fürden Fachsprachenunterricht Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

Doris Grütz
Ein Korpus an Vorlesungstexten aus den Wirtschaftswissenschaften wird daraufhin untersucht, welche sprachlichen Mittel seitens des Textproduzenten eingesetzt werden, um die Rede für die Rezipienten verständlich zu gestalten. Die Untersuchung ist mit dem Ziel entstanden, ausländischen Studierenden, die ein Studium an deutschsprachigen Universitäten und Fachhochschulen aufnehmen wollen, Mittel an die Hand zu geben, Texte, mit denen sie häufig konfrontiert werden, möglichst gut zu verstehen. Um einer Vorlesung bewusst und effektiv folgen zu können, bietet das Wissen...

Operations Research Methods for Optimization in Radiation Oncology

Matthias Ehrgott & Allen Holder
Operations Research has a successful tradition of applying mathematical analysis to a wide range of applications, and problems in Medical Physics have been popular over the last couple of decades. The original application was in the optimal design of the uence map for a radiotherapy treatment, a problem that has continued to receive attention. However, Operations Research has been applied to other clinical problems like patient scheduling, vault design, and image alignment. The overriding theme...

Das Dekodieren der Intonation von andauernden Intonationsphrasen

Dario Maric
This article re-examines models of phonetic realization of tones offered by certain autosegmental-metrical models of intonation, taking into consideration knowledge of conversation analysis and approaches derived from conversation analysis applied on phonetic and phonological researches. These autosegmental-metric models of intonation record H and L tones usually according to its position within pitch range of individual speaker in an intonational phrase. According to this, listener's decoding of intonational realization is possible only in fully realized intonational...

Saffo tra poesia e leggenda. Fortuna di un personaggio nei secoli XVIII e XIX, a cura di Adriana Chemello, Padova, Il Poligrafo, 2012, pp. 353

Luca Piantoni
The review discusses "Saffo tra poesia e leggenda. Fortuna di un personaggio nei secoli XVIII-XIX", edited by Adriana Chemello (Padova, Il Poligrafo, 2012, pp. 353). The volume is an anthology of texts that are accompanied by critical commentaries and a historical, critical and philological introduction. The anthologised texts are "Saffo" by Maria Fortuna (1776, with commentary by Salvatore Puggioni), "Faoniade" by Vincenzo Maria Imperiale (1780, with commentary by Francesca Favaro), "Vita di Saffo" by Bianca...

Die Prosodie des Schweizerdeutschen - Erkenntnisse aus der sprachsynthetischen Modellierung von Dialekten

Ingrid Hove, Beat Siebenhaar & Katrin Häsler
After a focus on dialectal syntax in the 1990s, an increasing interest in dialectal prosody can be noted at the beginning of the new millennium. The following findings on Swiss German prosody are based on models for a speech synthesis for the dialects of Berne and Zurich. The differences between the dialects appear not only in the phonology of intonation but - analogously to segmental phonetics - also in suprasegmental phonetics. Thus, the focus of...

Merging Territories: (Anti)Feminism in Neera’s "Una giovinezza del secolo XIX"

Ioana Raluca Larco
This article reflects on the ideological ambivalence of Neera’s autobiographical work, "Una giovinezza del secolo XIX" (1919): on the one hand, the narrator openly disapproves, in the name of moral values and tradition, of those trends meant to expand women’s domain beyond the domestic space through education and paid labor; on the other, the «narrated I» is insistently depicted as victim of her limiting domestic space. Such duality brings to mind the notion of ‘contradictory...

L’‘espace’ letterario in "Stella mattutina" di Ada Negri

Lucia Vedovi
In 1920, Ada Negri announced the publication of her Buildungsroman "Stella mattutina" with the following words: «"Stella mattutina" è la storia interiore della mia vita dai sette ai diciassette anni, in terza persona. Vi ho scolpito la figura di mia madre». By combining Julia Kristeva’s theoretical conclusions on semiotic, as expressed in "Revolution in Poetic Language" (1984) and "Language – the Unknown: an Initiation into Linguistics" (1989), and Johanna Drucker’s concept of 'espace', as formulated...

Identità e alterità nel romanzo "Amiche per la pelle" di Laila Wadia

Laura Lazzari
L’articolo si concentra sugli aspetti identitari e sulla rappresentazione dell’alterità nel romanzo di Laila Wadia, "Amiche per la pelle". Nell’immaginario edificio di Via Ungaretti a Trieste, dove è ambientata la vicenda, convivono diverse tipologie di personaggi appartenenti a varie nazionalità: italiana, albanese, bosniaca, cinese e indiana. Il pluralismo e la diversità che caratterizzano i protagonisti offrono una descrizione complessa degli stranieri che non sono definiti in modo fisso e stereotipato, bensì come personalità ibride, multiculturali...

Vorwort der Herausgeber

Rolf Duffner & Anton Näf

Developing a tool for crowd-sourcing to Verify a Radiation Oncology Ontology: a Summer Project

Joshua Pratt, Evan Morrison, Vishal Pandian & Alexis Andrew Miller
We have been unable to find a verified, published Radiation Oncology Ontology. We undertook the process of verifying a Radiation Oncology Ontology with a mixture of crowd-sourcing and expert-based approaches to verify relationships in the ontology. We used a natural language based approach to portray concepts and relationships, surveying users to assess the relationships between concepts in the Radiation Oncology ontology. The work used a description of a patient's history expressed in XML. The natural...

Hochdeutsch im Kindergarten

Mathilde Gyger
According to the results of the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) the linguistic competencies of Swiss students need to be improved. Currently, there is a strong tendency to ban local Swiss-German dialects from Swiss schools, including nursery-schools, and to replace them by Standard High-German more or less completely. Since parts of the Swiss-German speaking population have strong reservations about High-German or at least the use of High-German in nursery-schools, school authorities look for scientific...

Auf der Suche nach historischen Phrasemen – oder: Wörterbücher als Korpora

Marcel Dräger
The treatment of phrasemes is problematic both in a lexicographic view and a corpus analytic view, even though the efforts of the collocation research provide enormous amounts of output. Finding and automatically extracting phrasemes, that are longer than two or three word collocations, is still not satisfactorily possible, because there are no markers in the text, that indicate the borders of the expressions. If in addition the perspective is an historical one, the problems arise...

Ein übereinzelsprachliches kontrastives Beschreibungsmodell für Partikelbedeutungen

Gabriele Diewald & Marijana Kresić
In this paper, a method for the semantic description of modal particles is presented. The method takes into account the context-sensitive meaning of this word class and offers an adequate basis for the purpose of language learning. Modal particles are analysed as grammatical markers of spoken dialogical language use. The model developed here can serve to describe the meaning of German modal particles as well as for contrastive semantic descriptions of particles. The contrastive application...

PROsaiq: A Smart Device-Based and EMR-Integrated System for Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement in Routine Cancer Care

Alexis Andrew Miller & Thilo Schuler
The PROsaiq prototype, which is based on the use of smart devices, was developed to show the technical feasibility of a lean, low-cost ePRO system that integrated with the oncology information system MOSAIQ to provide the potential for benefits in routine patient care, and improved data for clinical research. The system was built with Free & Open Source Software and trialled for a limited number of assessments. The report describes the components used, the decisions...

Relativsätze in den Dialekten des Deutschen: Vergleich und Typologie

Jürg Fleischer
This paper establishes a cross-dialectal typology of relative clauses in various German dialects and Yiddish according to their form and function. A great variety of different types of relativizers and relative clauses can be observed, including various pronouns, particles, and zero relatives. Combinations of these types occur, one of the most typical involving a resumptive element in a clause introduced by a particle. The Accessibility Hierarchy, a concept developed in typology, is used with great...


Michael Märlein

A Rational Informatics-enabled approach to Standardised Nomenclature of Contours and Volumes in Radiation Oncology Planning

Alexis Andrew Miller
The standardising of nomenclature in the radiotherapy planning process has deep implications for the abilityof the profession to examine the adequacy of construction of radiotherapy plans in outcomes research, particularly in relation to disease control and toxicity generation. This paper proposes an interim standardisednomenclature which can be used by any institution as a template for a mappable local standard.The nomenclature is systematically constructed using the Foundational Model of Anatomy, ICRU Report 50 and ICRU report...

Early diagenetic processes generate iron and manganese oxide layers in the sediments of Lake Baikal, Siberia

Helmut Bürgmann, Elena Vologina, Beat Müller, Gerhard Furrer, Michael Sturm, Peter C Hauser, Helmut Brandl, Lawrence M Och & Natascha T Torres

RadOnc: An R Package for Analysis of Dose-Volume Histogram and Three-Dimensional Structural Data

Reid F. Thompson
Purpose/Objectives: Dose volume histogram (DVH) data are generally analyzed within the context of a treatment planning system (TPS) on a per-patient basis, with evaluation of single-plan or comparative dose distributions. However, TPS software generally cannot perform simultaneous comparative dosimetry among a cohort of patients. The same limitations apply to parallel analyses of three-dimensional structures and other clinical data. Materials/Methods: We developed a suite of tools ("RadOnc" package) using R statistical software to better compare pooled...

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