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St. Gallen, Kantonsbibliothek, Vadianische Sammlung, VadSlg Ms. 1000 : Iohannes de Utino, Compilatio nova super tota biblia

De Utino Johannes
This 6,5 meter long parchment scroll depicts the history of the world, from Adam and Eve up to Christ, as a “Heilsgeschichte” (history of salvation); central events are illustrated with multicolored pen and ink drawings. Representing later epochs up to the middle of the 14th century, tables list the popes up to Innocent IV (elected in 1352) as well as the kings and emperors up to Charles IV.

Il chiarore che deforma – Processi deformanti nella poetica di Amelia Rosselli

Elena Carletti
The poetry of Amelia Rosselli is deeply phenomenological and stems from a tumultuous reality, a state in constant becoming. The chaos of the external reality is interiorized, and subsequently possessed, through a process of deforming filtration. This paper begins by investigating phenomenological implications in the poetics of Amelia Rosselli, which developed in line with similar approaches both in Italy, in the theories of the Gruppo ‘63, and abroad, in an essay written by Charles Olson....

Validation of multiple-breath washout equipment for infants and young children.

Philipp Latzin, Anne Schmidt, Florian Singer, Urs Frey, Thomas Riedel, Sophie Yammine & Elena Proietti

Comparison of Outcomes of Percutaneous MitraClip Versus Surgical Repair or Replacement for Degenerative Mitral Regurgitation in Octogenarians

Nicola Buzzatti, Francesco Maisano, Ottavio Alfieri, Azeem Latib, Giovanni La Canna, Maurizio Taramasso, Paolo Denti & Antonio Colombo

Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Suggests Altered Brain Iron in Premanifest Huntington Disease

J M G Van Bergen, P C M Van Zijl, J Hua, R L Margolis, C A Ross, I A L Lim, C K Jones, P G Unschuld & X Li

Occurrence of Coxiella burnetii and Chlamydiales species in abortions of domestic ruminants and in wild ruminants in Hungary, Central Europe

Arpad Bacsadi, Miklós Gyuranecz, Levente Szeredi, Kinga M Sulyok, Tamás Varga, Alexandra Szigeti, Zsuzsa Kreizinger, Kornel Acs, Csaba Nemes, Lazlo Sugár, Nicole Borel & Eniko Tobias

Unresolved Problems with the "I", the "A" and the "T": Logical and Psychometric Critique of the Implicit Association Test (IAT)

Matthias Blümke, Klaus Fiedler & Claude Messner
The Implicit Association Test (IAT) had already gained the status of a prominent assessment procedure before its psychometric properties and underlying task structure were understood. The present critique addresses five major problems that arise when the IAT is used for diagnostic inferences: (1) the asymmetry of causal and diagnostic inferences; (2) the viability of the underlying association model; (3) the lack of a testable model underlying IAT-based inferences; (4) the difficulties of interpreting difference scores;...

Embedding additive particles in the sentence information structure: How L2 learners find their way through positional and prosodic patterns

Giuseppina Turco & Cecilia Maria Andorno
Since 1986, Klein pinpointed the 'embedding problem' among the main tasks L2 learners have to cope with in L2 speaking, the term referring to the need of linking the semantic content of a sentence to the information already available in the ongoing discourse. Research in L2 acquisition has shown that, even when the lexical and morphosyntactic structures needed to express specific information configurations are in place, learners can still lack the ability to use them...

Drought-induced changes in the phenology, productivity and diversity of Spanish fungi

J. Diego Galván, Jeffrey M. Diez, Fernando Martínez-Peña, Jorge Aldea, Simon Egli, Joaquin Latorre & Ulf Büntgen

Abgedreht! : China töpfert bodennah

Anette Mertens, Kathrin Leuenberger, Christof Thurnherr & Mareile Flitsch

"Zeltdörfer im Burgenland" – Zur Relevanz materieller und sprachlicher Bilder im politischen Diskurs. Eine exemplarische Analyse

Dorothee Meer
This paper analyses the use of figures of speech as well as of material images from a discourse semiotic point of view. The empirical basis comprises the news coverage of the FAZ and of the SZ concerning the hunger strike of refugees on the Munich Rindermarkt during the summer of 2013. Based on this specific empirical data, this paper initially illustrates basic assumptions with regard to the specific semiotic resources of figures of speech and...

Activité physique chez les adultes ayant subi un traumatisme craniocérébral présentant des symptômes dépressifs : recension des écrits et vision de professionnels

Julien Voisin & Thierry Jacob-Magnan
Le traumatisme craniocérébral (TCC) constitue une préoccupation importante pour le système de santé étant donné les nombreuses difficultés fonctionnelles associées, telles que des difficultés physiques et cognitives, mais aussi des symptômes dépressifs et des troubles de l’humeur. Pour un ergothérapeute travaillant avec une clientèle TCC, le lien entre ces dimensions physiques et affectives est particulièrement intrigant. Dans le présent article, nous documenterons tout d’abord, par une recension des écrits, l’effet de l’activité physique sur les...

Fully Automatic Danger Zone Determination for SBRT in NSCLC

Michael Mix, Jose Dolz, Sonja Adebahr, Alin Chirindel, Montserrat Carles, Ursula Nestle, Tobias Fechter & Matthias Schlachter
Lung cancer is the major cause of cancer death worldwide. The most common form of lung cancer is non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC). Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) has emerged as a good alternative to surgery in patients with peripheralstage I NSCLC, demonstrating favorable tumor control and low toxicity. Due to spatial relationship to several critical organs atrisk, SBRT of centrally located lesions is associated with more severe toxicity and requires modification in dose application andfractionation,...

Phraseologismen in deutschen und polnischen Pressetexten, dargestellt aus pragmalinguistischer Perspektive

Janusz Pociask
The aim of this article is to present selected aspects of using some various idioms in texts of Polish and German press. Within the theoretical framework the following aspects are discussed: the constitutive features of idioms, their potential to build some texts, as well as appearing in particular texts. The analysis of press texts in both languages showed that idioms are a common link of expression and their adaptation and implementation are varied. Besides using...


Nicolas Kühne, Anne Ledoux, Cynthia Engels & Sylvie Tetreault
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