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Competitive advantage of Rumex obtusifolius L. might increase in intensively managed temperate grasslands under drier climate

Constant Signarbieux, Anna Katarina Gilgen, Urs Feller & Nina Buchmann

CD62L (L-Selectin) Shedding for Assessment of Functional Blockade of TNF-Alpha in Anti-TNF treated Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients: Clinical Feasibility and Perspectives

Kathleen McCoy, James Macpherson, Peter Michael Andrew, Julia Cahenzli, Andrew Macpherson, Pascal Juillerat, Emma Slack & Frank Werner Seibold

Améliorer l’état de préparation au choix de carrière chez de jeunes adolescents: une étude d’évaluation

Andreas Hirschi & Damian Läge
A career workshop that applies models of the Cognitive Information Processing Approach (Sampson, Reardon, Peterson, & Lenz, 2004) and incorporates critical ingredients (Brown and Ryan Krane, 2000) to promote the career choice readiness of young adolescents was developed and evaluated with 334 Swiss students in seventh grade applying a Solomon four group design with a three-month follow-up. Participants significantly increased their performance in terms of career decidedness, career planning, career exploration, and vocational identity. Implications...

In vivo and in vitro characterization of a Plasmodium liver stage-specific promoter.

Volker Heussler, Takeshi Annoura, Hernando A Del Portillo, Shahid M Khan, Mariana De Niz, Sebastian Horstmann & Susanne Helm
Little is known about stage-specific gene regulation in Plasmodium parasites, in particular the liver stage of development. We have previously described in the Plasmodium berghei rodent model, a liver stage-specific (lisp2) gene promoter region, in vitro. Using a dual luminescence system, we now confirm the stage specificity of this promoter region also in vivo. Furthermore, by substitution and deletion analyses we have extended our in vitro characterization of important elements within the promoter region. Importantly,...

Hylan versus hyaluronic acid for osteoarthritis of the knee: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Sven Trelle, Elizabeth A King, Anne W S Rutjes, Aijing Shang, Peter Jüni, Sacha Blank, Paul A Dieppe & Stephan Reichenbach
OBJECTIVE: To compare the effectiveness and safety of intraarticular high-molecular hylan with standard preparations of hyaluronic acids in osteoarthritis of the knee. METHODS: We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials comparing hylan with a hyaluronic acid in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Trials were identified by systematic searches of Central, Medline, EMBase, Cinahl, the Food and Drug Administration, and Science Citation Index supplemented by hand searches of conference proceedings and reference lists...

Vertebral Cancellous Bone Augmented with Stiffness-adapted PMMA Cement does not Show Acute Failure under Dynamic Loading

E. Schneider, A. Boger, Paul F. Heini & M. Bohner

Induction of lucid dreams: A systematic review of evidence

Daniel Erlacher, Melanie Schädlich, Tadas Stumbrys & Michael Schredl
In lucid dreams the dreamer is aware of dreaming and often able to influence the ongoing dream content. Lucid dreaming is a learnable skill and a variety of techniques is suggested for lucid dreaming induction. This systematic review evaluated the evidence for the effectiveness of induction techniques. A comprehensive literature search was carried out in biomedical databases and specific resources. Thirty-five studies were included in the analysis (11 sleep laboratory and 24 field studies), of...

Über die Schwierigkeit, unparteiische Entscheidungen zu fällen: Schiedsrichter bevorzugen Fussballteams ihrer Kultur

Benjamin Schmid & Claude Messner
Von Schiedsrichtern und Schiedsrichterinnen im Fußball wird erwartet, dass ihre Urteile keine Mannschaft übervorteilen. Wegen der Umstände, unter denen sie Entscheidungen treffen müssen, sind unparteiische Urteile jedoch unwahrscheinlich. Eine hinreichende Bedingung für eine Bevorzugung ist Ähnlichkeit. Als Maß der Ähnlichkeit verwendeten wir die Übereinstimmung der kulturellen Herkunft von Mannschaften und des jeweiligen Schiedsrichters. In der Schweiz gibt es eine französischsprachige und eine deutschsprachige Kultur. Wir analysierten 1.033 Spiele der höchsten Schweizer Fußballliga der Männer. Es...

Medien und Gewalt

Claude Messner

Stellenwert der Physiotherapie bei chronischen Schmerzen

Martin Verra & Balz Winteler

Epileptic seizures as condensed sleep: an analysis of network dynamics from electroencephalogram signals

C Roth, Claudio Bassetti, Heidemarie Gast, Christian Rummel, Johannes Mathis, Kaspar Anton Schindler & Markus Müller
Both deepening sleep and evolving epileptic seizures are associated with increasing slow-wave activity. Larger-scale functional networks derived from electroencephalogram indicate that in both transitions dramatic changes of communication between brain areas occur. During seizures these changes seem to be 'condensed', because they evolve more rapidly than during deepening sleep. Here we set out to assess quantitatively functional network dynamics derived from electroencephalogram signals during seizures and normal sleep. Functional networks were derived from electroencephalogram signals...

Changes in cerebral hemodynamics and oxygenation induced by different speech tasks – an assessment by combining functional near‐infrared spectroscopy and capnography

Felix Scholkmann, Ursula Wolf, Ursina Gerber & Sabine D. Klein
Introduction In several studies, we found that during guided rhythmic speech exercises, a decrease in cerebral hemodynamics and oxygenation occurred as the result of a decrease in the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the arterial blood (PaCO2) during speaking. To further explore the effect of PaCO2 variations on cerebral hemodynamics and oxygenation, the aim of the present study was to investigate the impact of spoken, inner and heard speech tasks on these parameters. Material...

Die beste Entwicklungspolitik stärkt die Bauern

Chinwe Ifejika Speranza & Marcus Kaplan

Die nächste Hungersnot kommt bestimmt

Chinwe Ifejika Speranza

Future hunger emergencies likely if business as usual continues

Chinwe Ifejika Speranza

Mit Eco-Drive gegen Strassenlärm. Evaluation eines Interventionsprogramms zur Förderung eines leisen Fahrstils.

Ruth Kaufmann-Hayoz, Elisabeth Lauper, Thomas Hammer, Maja Fischer & Stephanie Moser
Strassenlärm ist diejenige Verkehrslärmquelle, die am meisten Menschen belastet. Veränderungen im Handeln der Lärmverursachenden stellen eine vielversprechende Möglichkeit dar, bisherige Lärmbekämpfungsmassnahmen zu ergänzen. Die vorliegende Studie, welche vom Schweizerischen Bundesamt für Umwelt und dem Ministerium für Umwelt, Landwirtschaft, Ernährung, Weinbau und Forsten Rheinland-Pfalz gefördert wurde, widmete sich der Frage, wie die Förderung eines leisen Fahrstils zur Bekämpfung von Strassenlärm nutzbar gemacht werden kann. Hierzu erarbeiteten wir ein Interventionsprogramm zur Förderung eines leisen Fahrstils, welches in...

A feasibility study for the provision of electronic healthcare tools and services in areas of Greece, Cyprus and Italy

Kostas Perakis, Constantinos Pattichis, Georgios Konnis, Dimitrios Koutsouris, Umberto Bracale, Leandro Pecchia, Stavroula Mougiakakou, Efthyvoulos Kyriacou, Homer Papadopoulos, Aggelos Androulidakis & Riccardo Tranfaglia
Background Through this paper, we present the initial steps for the creation of an integrated platform for the provision of a series of eHealth tools and services to both citizens and travelers in isolated areas of thesoutheast Mediterranean, and on board ships travelling across it. The platform was created through an INTERREG IIIB ARCHIMED project called INTERMED. Methods The support of primary healthcare, home care and the continuous education of physicians are the three major...

Echinococcus multilocularis and its intermediate host: a model of parasite-host interplay

Bruno Gottstein & Dominique Angèle Vuitton
Host-parasite interactions in the E. multilocularis-intermediate host model depend on a subtle balance between cellular immunity, which is responsible for host's resistance towards the metacestode, the larval stage of the parasite, and tolerance induction and maintenance. The pathological features of alveolar echinococcosis. the disease caused by E. multilocularis, are related both to parasitic growth and to host's immune response, leading to fibrosis and necrosis, The disease spectrum is clearly dependent on the genetic background of...

Impaired immune evasion in HIV through intracellular delays and multiple infection of cells

Rob J De Boer & Christian Althaus
With its high mutation rate, HIV is capable of escape from recognition, suppression and/or killing by CD8(+) cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs). The rate at which escape variants replace each other can give insights into the selective pressure imposed by single CTL clones. We investigate the effects of specific characteristics of the HIV life cycle on the dynamics of immune escape. First, it has been found that cells in HIV-infected patients can carry multiple copies of...

Accuracy of the point-of-care coagulometer CoaguChek XS in the hands of patients

P. Schmid, L. M. Bachmann, Michael Nagler, W. A. Wuillemin & P. Raddatz-Müller

Representative Seroprevalences of Brucellosis in Humans and Livestock in Kyrgyzstan

Nurjan Toktobaev, Marcus G. Doherr, Esther Schelling, Jakob Zinsstag, Joldoshbek Kasymbekov, Salome Dürr, Tobias Schueth & Bassirou Bonfoh
Kyrgyzstan reported 77.5 new human brucellosis cases per 100,000 people in 2007, which is one of the highest incidences worldwide. In Kyrgyzstan, the currently used diagnostic tests in humans and animals are the Rose Bengal Test and the Huddleson test. A national representative cross-sectional study using cluster sampling proportional to size in humans, cattle, sheep, and goats was undertaken to assess the apparent seroprevalence in humans and animals. A total of 4,936 livestock sera and...

Correlations between severity of clinical signs and histopathological changes in 60 dogs with spinal cord injury associated with acute thoracolumbar intervertebral disc disease

Marcus Doherr, F. Forterre, M. Vandevelde, D. Henke & Miriam Rosina Stöckli
The outcome of spinal surgery in dogs with absent voluntary motor function and nociception following intervertebral disc (IVD) herniation is highly variable, which likely attests to differences in the severity of spinal cord damage. This retrospective study evaluated the extent to which neurological signs correlated with histologically detected spinal cord damage in 60 dogs that were euthanased because of thoracolumbar IVD herniation. Clinical neurological grades correlated significantly with the extent of white matter damage (P<0.001)....

Zapis windykacyjny – w sprawie nowelizacji Kodeksu cywilnego

Aleksander Grebieniow
Legatum per vindicationem - eine Stellung zur Revision des polnischen Zivilgesetzbuches

Testing the involvement of the prefrontal cortex in lucid dreaming: A tDCS study

Daniel Erlacher, Michael Schredl & Tadas Stumbrys
Recent studies suggest that lucid dreaming (awareness of dreaming while dreaming) might be associated with increased brain activity over frontal regions during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. By applying transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), we aimed to manipulate the activation of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) during REM sleep to induce lucid dreaming. Nineteen participants spent three consecutive nights in a sleep laboratory. On the second and third nights they randomly received either 1 mA...

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