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Proteins mediating the Neospora caninum-host cell interaction as targets for vaccination

Michelle Schorer, Thierry Monney, Andrew Hemphill, Ferial Alaeddine, Christophe Gouinaud, Norbert Müller, Joachim Müller & Karim Debache
Neospora caninum is an apicomplexan parasite that is capable of infecting, a wide range of tissues. The fact that Neospora represents an important abortion-causing parasite in cattle has transformed neosporosis research from an earlier, rather esoteric field, to a significant research topic, and considerable investments have been made in the last years to develop an efficacious vaccine or other means of intervention that would prevent infection and abortion due to N. caninum infection in cattle....

The Relationship of Nitrate Reductase Activity to Uptake and Assimilation of Atmospheric 15NO2 -Nitrogen in Needles of Norway Spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.)

Christian Brunold, Peter Von Ballmoos & Stefan Nussbaum
Using NO2, relations between nitrate reductase activity and stomatal conductance, N-uptake and N-glutamate were studied in the two youngest needles flushes of potted Norway spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.). There were linear correlations between the stomatal conductance and the N-uptake and between the N-uptake and nitrate reductase (E.C. activity. The N labelling of free glutamate shows the assimilation of NO2 from the atmosphere in addition to the nitrogen from the soil. The portion of...

Conducting commissioned research in neoliberal academia: The conditions evaluations impose on research practice

Ueli Hostettler & M. Richter
The article deals with the unease we experience during various commissioned research projects. On the one hand, as social scientists, we feel committed to conducting ‘good research’ that acknowledges quality criteria such as flexibility and transparency and in particular allows for musing and reflexivity to ‘discover’ new aspects of our research topic. On the other hand, we are situated in the context of present-day neoliberal academia. This means that our work is assessed according to...

Mobilities, Entanglements, Transformations. Outline of a Research Project on Pottery Practices in Neolithic Wetland Sites of the Swiss Plateau

Caroline Heitz, Albert Hafner & Regine Barbara Stapfer
A large number of later Neolithic sites (3900–3500BC) in Switzerland, Southern Germany and Eastern France offer outstandingly well preserved archaeological materials from cultural layers. Due to the wide use of dendrochronology, settlement remains and artefact assemblages can now be placed into a precise and fixed chronological framework, thus presenting a unique case within prehistoric archaeology. In earlier research, chronological and regional units were constructed on the basis of pottery. These spacial and temporal units of...

Telomerase Inhibitor Imetelstat in Patients with Essential Thrombocythemia.

Elisabeth Oppliger Leibundgut, Michael A McDevitt, Gary Spitzer, Michael Daskalakis, Bart Burington, David S Snyder, Oliver G Ottmann, Gabriela M. Baerlocher, Monic Stuart, Alexander Röth & Olatoyosi Odenike
BACKGROUND Imetelstat, a 13-mer oligonucleotide that is covalently modified with lipid extensions, competitively inhibits telomerase enzymatic activity. It has been shown to inhibit megakaryocytic proliferation in vitro in cells obtained from patients with essential thrombocythemia. In this phase 2 study, we investigated whether imetelstat could elicit hematologic and molecular responses in patients with essential thrombocythemia who had not had a response to or who had had unacceptable side effects from prior therapies. METHODS A total...

Caregiver Responses to the Language Mixing of a Young Trilingual

Sarah Louise Chevalier
The situation once described by Hoffmann (1985), in which children grow up exposed to three languages from an early age, is a reality for an increasing number of families. In Europe – as elsewhere – greater mobility is leading to greater numbers of mixed-language couples (Piller 2002), and, by extension, multilingual families. For such families, questions concerning the acquisition and maintenance of three or more languages in a natural environment are of direct relevance. Researchers...

An (un) healthy poster: When environmental cues affect consumers’ food choices at vending machines

Claude Messner, Aline Stämpfli, Thomas A. Brunner & Sabrina Stöckli
Environmental cues can affect food decisions. There is growing evidence that environmental cues influence how much one consumes. This article demonstrates that environmental cues can similarly impact the healthiness of consumers’ food choices. Two field studies examined this effect with consumers of vending machine foods who were exposed to different posters. In field study 1, consumers with a health-evoking nature poster compared to a pleasure-evoking fun fair poster or no poster in their visual sight...

Association between hepatitis B infection and elevated liver stiffness among HIV-infected adults in Lusaka, Zambia

Benjamin H Chi, Lloyd Mulenga, Roma Chilengi, Kalo Musukuma, Michael J Vinikoor, Gilles Wandeler, Mary-Ann Davies, Carolyn Bolton Moore, Matthias Egger & Alice Siyunda
OBJECTIVE To describe the liver disease epidemiology among HIV-infected individuals in Zambia. METHODS We recruited HIV-infected adults (≥18 years) at antiretroviral therapy initiation at two facilities in Lusaka. Using vibration controlled transient elastography we assessed liver stiffness, a surrogate for fibrosis/cirrhosis, and analyzed liver stiffness measurements (LSM) according to established thresholds (>7.0 kPa for significant fibrosis and >11.0 kPa for cirrhosis). All participants underwent standardized screening for potential causes of liver disease including chronic hepatitis...

Das Gefängnis als Forschungsfeld

Marina Richter, Ueli Hostettler & Roger Kirchhofer

Integration of space-borne DInSAR data in a multi-method monitoring concept for alpine mass movements

Elisa Benedetti, David Mosna, Christian Iasio, Robert Kenner, Benni Thiebes, Marcia Phillips, Giovanni Cuozzo, Michele Manunta, Giulia Chinellato, Volkmar Mair, Maria Grazia Visconti, Claudia Strada & Andreas Paul Zischg

Interhemispheric Linkage of Paleoclimate During the Last Glaciation

C. J. Heusser, B.G. Andersen, T.V. Lowel, Linda E. Heusser, G.H. Denton, P.I. Moreno, Christian Schlüchter & D.R. Marchant

Association between thyroid dysfunction and venous thromboembolism in the elderly: a prospective cohort study.

Christine Baumgartner, Nicolas Rodondi, Daniel Segna, Marc Husmann, Daniel Staub, Marie Méan, Jacques Cornuz, Christian M Matter, Nils Kucher, Jürg-Hans Beer, Anne Angelillo, Martin Banyai, Andreas Limacher, Marc Righini, Manuel R Blum, Bernhard Lämmle, Markus Aschwanden, Joseph Osterwalder, Beat Frauchiger, Drahomir Aujesky & Michael Egloff
BACKGROUND Venous thromboembolism (VTE) and subclinical thyroid dysfunction (SCTD) are both common in elderly patients. SCTD has been related to a hypercoagulable state and increased thromboembolic risk. However, prospective data on the relationship between SCTD and VTE are lacking. OBJECTIVES To investigate the relationship between SCTD and recurrent VTE (rVTE), all-cause mortality, and thrombophilic biomarkers. PATIENTS Elderly participants with VTE. METHODS In a prospective multicenter cohort, thyroid hormones and thrombophilic biomarkers were measured 1 year...

RETRACTED: Effectiveness of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of pain in knee and hip osteoarthritis: a network meta-analysis.

Linda Nartey, Simon Wandel, Sven Trelle, Bruno R Da Costa, Peter Jüni, Noah Keller & Stephan Reichenbach
BACKGROUND Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the backbone of osteoarthritis pain management. We aimed to assess the effectiveness of different preparations and doses of NSAIDs on osteoarthritis pain in a network meta-analysis. METHODS For this network meta-analysis, we considered randomised trials comparing any of the following interventions: NSAIDs, paracetamol, or placebo, for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain. We searched the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) and the reference lists of relevant articles for...

Individual and contextual determinants of stable volunteering in sport clubs

Siegfried Nagel & Torsten Schlesinger
This article addresses factors that influence voluntary sport club (VSC) members’ loyalty to voluntary engagement. The question asked is an issue of VSC volunteers’ commitment whether they decide to quit or continue their engagement. A multilevel approach was used that considered both individual characteristics of volunteers and corresponding contextual features of VSCs to analyse members’ voluntary commitment. Different multilevel models were estimated in a sample of 477 volunteers in 26 Swiss and German VSCs. Results...

Gas-Phase Cytosine and Cytosine-N 1 -Derivatives Have 0.1–1 ns Lifetimes Near the S 1 State Minimum

Susan Blaser, Timo Wiedmer, Maria Angela Trachsel, Samuel Leutwyler, Simon Lobsiger & Hans-Martin Frey
Ultraviolet radiative damage to DNA is inefficient because of the ultrafast S1 ⇝ S0 internal conversion of its nucleobases. Using picosecond pump–ionization delay measurements, we find that the S1(1ππ*) state vibrationless lifetime of gas-phase keto-amino cytosine (Cyt) is τ = 730 ps or ∼700 times longer than that measured by femtosecond pump–probe ionization at higher vibrational excess energy, Eexc. N1-Alkylation increases the S1 lifetime up to τ = 1030 ps for N1-ethyl-Cyt but decreases it...

MIP formulations for an application of project scheduling in human resource management

Tom Rihm, Adrian Zimmermann & Norbert Trautmann
In the literature, various discrete-time and continuous-time mixed-integer linear programming (MIP) formulations for project scheduling problems have been proposed. The performance of these formulations has been analyzed based on generic test instances. The objective of this study is to analyze the performance of discrete-time and continuous-time MIP formulations for a real-life application of project scheduling in human resource management. We consider the problem of scheduling assessment centers. In an assessment center, candidates for job positions...

Capillary ultrastructure and mitochondrial volume density in skeletal muscle in relation to reduced exercise capacity of patients with intermittent claudication.

Corinna Malik, Adolfo Odriozola Quesada, Jens Bangsbo, Oliver Baum, Ylva Hellsten, Philip J Walker, Stefan A. Tschanz, Meegan Walker, Eleonora Torchetti, Franziska Graber, Christopher D Askew, Hans-Heinrich Hoppeler & Birgitte Hoier
Intermittent claudication (IC) is the most commonly reported symptom of peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Impaired limb blood flow is a major casual factor of lower exercise tolerance in PAD but cannot entirely explain it. We hypothesized that IC is associated with structural changes of the capillary-mitochondria interface that could contribute to the reduction of exercise tolerance in IC patients. Capillary and mitochondrial morphometry were performed after light and transmission electron microscopy using vastus lateralis muscle...

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