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Salinomycin as a potential chemotherapeutic compound in cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer, effects and mechanisms

Bei Zhang, Xiao Yan Zhong & Raija L. P. Lindberg Gasser
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2013. - Ref.: Xiao Yan Zhong ; Korref.: Raija L.P. Lindberg

Structure and thermomechanics of selective laser melted nickel-titanium

Anna Therese Bormann, Bert Müller, Thomas Jung & Martin Bram
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2013. - Ref.: Bert Müller ; Korref.: Thomas Jung, Martin Bram

Self-assembled quantum dots in a fully tunable microcavity

Richard Warburton, Peter Lodahl & Lukas Greuter
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2015. - Ref.: Richard J. Warburton, Peter Lodahl

Engineered three-dimensional microenvironments as functional in vitro models of stromal tissues

Antoine Hendrik Felix Marie Peters, Ivan Martin & Elia Piccinini
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Ivan Martin, Antoine H.F.M. Peters

Ethnomedicine-based discovery and characterization of plant-derived GABAΑ receptor modulators with new scaffolds

Matthias Hamburger, Anna Rita Bilia & Diana Carolina Rueda
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014 .- Ref.: Matthias Hamburger, Anna Rita Bilia

<> epigenomic approach to understanding the mechanism of nucleosome retention in mouse spermatozoa

Serap Erkek, Antoine Hendrik Felix Marie Peters & Gernot Längst
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2013. - Ref.: Antoine Peters ; Koref.: Gernot Längst

Angiogenesis \"in vitro\" of the healthy mouse heart under hypoxia, the role of Angiotensin II and Nitric Oxide

Marijke Brink, Matthias Hamburger, Karl G. Hofbauer, Veronica Cecilia Munk & Edouard Battegay
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2005. - Ref.: Karl Hofbauer, Marijke Brink, Matthias Hamburger, Edouard Battegay

Epigenetic programming of mouse pre-implantation development

Renato Paro, Mareike Puschendorf & Antoine Hendrik Felix Marie Peters
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2008. - Ref.: Antoine Peters ; Korref.: Renato Paro

<> Optimierung von Schul- und Hausatlanten, Analysen und Empfehlungen

Rita Schneider-Sliwa, Rudolf L. Marr & Konrad Weber
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2012. - Ref.: Rudolf L. Marr, Rita Schneider-Sliwa

Population-based studies on COPD, from a gender perspective

Cornelia Schneider, Kurt E. Hersberger & Christoph Meier
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2010. - Ref.: Christoph meier, Kurt Hersberger

Natural products AKTing on signal transduction pathways-molecules and methods

Matthias Hamburger, Jürg Gertsch & Sabine Kiefer
Diss. phil.-nat. Univ. Basel, 2009. - Ref.: M. Hamburger, J. Gertsch

Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell niches and regenerative medicine

Antonius G. Rolink, Aleksandra Filipowicz-Wodnar, Nunzia Di Maggio & Ivan Martin
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2010. - Ref.: Ivan Martin, Antonius Rolink ; Korref.: Aleksandra Wodnar-Filipowicz

Drug discovery for age-related diseases and their targets

Curzio Rüegg, Anna Koryakina & Matthias Hamburger
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2010. - Ref.: Matthias Hamburger, Curzio Rüegg

Klinische Wirksamkeit, Pharmakologie und Analytik von Bryophyllum pinnatum

Kurt E. Hersberger, Matthias Hamburger, Ursula Von Mandach & Regula Wächter
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2011. - Ref.: Matthias Hamburger, Kurt Hersberger, Ursula von Mandach, Rudolf Brenneisen

Epigenetic regulation of germ cell and early embryonic development by Polycomb group proteins

Miguel Vidal, Eszter Pósfai, Susan M. Gasser & Antoine Hendrik Felix Marie Peters
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2010. - Ref.: Susan M. Gasser, Antoine H.F.M. Peters, Miguel Vidal

Regulation of expression of ULBP1, a ligand for the activating immunoreceptor NKG2D, and its influence on the cytotoxic function of natural killer cells against human leukemia

Helge Grosshans, Ed Palmer, Heike Himmelreich & Aleksandra Filipowicz-Wodnar
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2010. - Ref.: Ed Palmer, Aleksandra Wodnar-Filipowicz, Helge Grosshans

Analysis, design and \"in silico\" evaluation of e-selectin antagonists

Angelo Vedani, Matthias Hamburger, Michele Giovanni Antonio Porro & Beat Ernst
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2006. - Ref.: B. Ernst, A. Vedani, M. Hamburger

Adsorption and self-organization of CuOEP on heterogeneous surfaces, tuning the molecule-substrate interaction

Ernst Meyer, Thomas Jung, Luca Ramoino & Hans-Joachim Güntherodt
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2005 .- Ref.: H.-J. Güntherodt, T.A. Jung, E. Meyer

Urban agriculture and operational mosquito larvae control, mitigating malaria risk in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Brigit Obrist, Stefan Dongus, Axel Drescher & Marcel Tanner
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2009. - Ref.: Marcel Tanner, Brigit Obrist, Axel Drescher

Drug-related problems and dosage adjustment in patients with liver disease

Carmen Carina Franz, Christoph Meier & Stephan Krähenbühl
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2012. - Ref.: Stephan Krähenbühl, Christoph Meier

<> descriptive epidemiological study of interstitial lung disease in the United Kingdom general population

Raymond Schlienger, Rajeev K. Amar & Christoph Meier
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2012 .- Ref.: Christoph R. Meier, Raymond Schlienger

Chromatic Divide: von der Farbigwerdung medialer Repräsentation am Beispiel der Fotografie

Rudolf Gschwind, Elias Kreyenbühl &

Molecular interpretation of the structure, dynamics and reactivity of metal complexes and enzymes

Ursula Röthlisberger, Markus Meuwly & Akshaya Kumar Das

Visuomotor coupling shapes a sensorimotor circuit in mouse Cortex for visual flow predictions

Rainer W. Friedrich, Georg Keller & Alexander Attinger

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