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L'orrore degli stupri di guerra nelle opere di Annie Vivanti

Nunzia Soglia
This contribution analyzes two works by Annie Vivanti written during World War I: the drama L’invasore, and the novel derived from it, Vae Victis!. The texts were based on sexual violence perpetrated by Germans in Belgium at the beginning of the conflict, historical events that provoked widespread indignation. More specifically, the author considers the choices of women facing pregnancies that resulted from the violence, thereby inserting herself in the extremely delicate and controversial problem of...

Casting Sound: Modality and Poetics in Gabriella Ghermandi's \"Regina di fiori e di perle\"

Laura Dolp & Eveljn Ferraro
This article investigates Gabriella Ghermandi’s novel Regina di fiori e di perle (2007) through two disciplinary perspectives: the first investigates music as a historical and social practice through historical observation of Ghermandi’s characters who reference Ethiopian oral traditions; and the second explores the contemporary dynamics of migration and transnational identity through textual analysis that critiques how storytelling practices are carried into an Italian context. We argue that the novel reflects a dissemination of oral memory...

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