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Discover and access data, information, and decision tools related to our ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes. The National Ocean Council provides this site to support regional marine planning efforts across the country and to create a convenient place for anyone to find out more about our marine, coastal, and Great Lakes environments.

Petroleum Geochemistry Research Laboratory (PGRL) Method for Determining Saturate, Aromatic, Resin, and Asphaltene Composition of Rock Extracts and Crude Oil

Zachary K Lowry
This method is used to gravimetrically determine the percent composition of saturate, aromatic, resin, and asphaltene compounds (SARA) of rock extracts or crude oil. In this method, rock extracts or extractable organic matter (EOM) may be referred to as bitumen. Bitumen is obtained from ground rocks by Soxhlet extraction with chloroform, and the concentration of bitumen, measured in parts per million (ppm), is determined gravimetrically. Asphaltenes are precipitated and separated from the bitumen or oil...

Software Release Guidelines

Michelle Guy, Eric M. Martinez & Lynda A. Lastowka
In the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) software often supports our science and data. Just as the science and data are reviewed and made publicly available, our software should be as well. In October 2016, the USGS issued an Instructional Memoranda (IM) on Software Releases. While the IM is an interim document and subject to change, it outlines some best practices that can be described in an example workflow of a software release. Software spans a...

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