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Hub of medical expertise or medicalised conveyor-belt? Sharing meanings online on the hospital birth setting

Antoinette Fage-Butler
In 2014, the official risk advice in the UK regarding birth setting was altered given scientific evidence that for low-risk groups, home births are safer than hospital births. As hospital births were previously the de facto recommendation, and pregnant women in the UK now need to consider their birth setting options carefully, many go online, seeking advice about birth setting options from their peers. In this paper, I investigate how the hospital birth setting is...

The Use of a Single Budget or Separate Budgets for Planning and Performance Evaluation

Markus Christopher Arnold & Martin Artz
Budgeting has different functions in the firm that are not necessarily congruent with each other but conflict. Specifically, in many firms, budgets are simultaneously set and used for both operative planning and performance evaluation. Although prior literature recommends using different budget levels for different purposes to resolve potential conflicts between these functions, empirical evidence indicates that the majority of firms use a single budget level for planning and performance evaluation. To examine the questions of...

Probabilistic approach to robust wearable gaze tracking

Kristian Lukander, & Kai Puolamäki
This paper presents a method for computing the gaze point using camera data captured with a wearable gaze tracking device. The method utilizes a physical model of the human eye, advanced Bayesian computer vision algorithms, and Kalman filtering, resulting in high accuracy and low noise. Our C++ implementation can process camera streams with 30 frames per second in realtime. The performance of the system is validated in an exhaustive experimental setup with 19 participants, using...

Workshop on \"Kiranti Culture in Contemporary Nepal\", Vienna, 4-5 April 2014

Marion Wettstein
Workshop Report

Untersuchungen über den Photosynthesestoffwechsel der Rotalge Porphyridium cruentum in verschiedenen Spektralbereichen

P. Eggenberg & Karl Hans Erismann
Die Fähigkeit einer Pflanze, in farbigem Licht zu assimilieren, ist im wesentlichen davon abhängig, ob die Pflanze das gebotene Licht absorbieren kann und ob die absorbierte Energie für die photochemische Energieumwandlung verwertet werden kann. Die photosynthetische Wirksamkeit der Phycobiline ist schon lange bekannt, und die Energieübertragung von diesen akzessorischen Pigmenten auf das aus Chlorophyll a bestehende Reaktionszentrum, welches die Energieumwandlungs- prozesse antreibt, erfolgt mit grosser Ausbeute. Nicht beide Pigmentsysteme enthalten den gleichen Anteil an Phycobilinen,...

Optical In-Situ Monitor – A Step towards European Space-Based Debris Observations

T. Flohrer, Lionel Séraphin Charles Métrailler, N. Lievre, L. Ferreira, J. Utzmann & G. Vives

Requirements for observation scenarios to maintain a catalogue of space debris objects in geosynchronous region

Thomas Schildknecht, A. Hinze & H. Fiedler
Optical observations for space debris in the geosynchronous region have been performed for many years. During this time, observation strategies, processing tech- niques and cataloguing approaches were successfully developed. The importance of protecting this orbital region from space debris requires continuous surveying and monitoring in order to support collision avoidance operations. Further observations of the objects, providing information for orbit improvement calculations, are helping to maintain high accuracy ephemeris of the catalogued objects. This paper...

Rapid Characterization of Geosynchronous Space Debris with 5-color Near-IR Photometry

A.D. Block, Thomas Schildknecht, K. Rockowitz, H. Alyson Ford, V. Reddy & E. Pearce
The characterization of deep space debris has posed a significant challenge in SSA. To be most operationally effective, characterization must be performed quickly and under non-ideal operational conditions, generally using non-resolved techniques. The use of multi-color photometry and the resultant color indices in the near and short- wave IR offer the potential to rapidly discriminate between debris and intact space objects such as rocket bodies and satellites. Specifically, the color indices surrounding the near-IR Z...

Distinguishing Active Box-Wing and Cylindrical Geostationary Satellites using IR Photometry with NASA’s WISE Spacecraft

J.J. Murray-Krezan, D. Bedard, C.J. Grillmair, C.H. Lee, Thomas Schildknecht, R.M. Cutri & P. Seitzer
Over 860 observations of 245 box-wing (BW) and 18 cylindrical (C) active geostationary satellites (GEOsats) have been extracted from the thousands of resident space objects (RSOs) serendipitously detected by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). In 2010, WISE performed an all-sky infrared (IR) survey at 3.4, 4.6, 12, and 22 microns simultaneously from low Earth orbit (LEO). For GEOsats, these wavelengths are in the reflective and thermal IR regimes, and all observations were obtained near...

Measurement of sin$^2 \theta_{\mathrm{eff}}^{\mathrm{lept}}$ using $e^+e^-$ pairs from $\gamma^*/Z$ bosons produced in $p\overline{p}$ collisions at a center-of-momentum energy of 1.96 TeV

W Ashmanskas, J Asaadi, A Barbaro-Galtieri, A Annovi, S Amerio, F Bedeschi, G Apollinari, B A Barnett, J Bellinger, , W Badgett, B Kilminster, F Azfar, G Bellettini, F Canelli, A Anastassov, T Arisawa, D Amidei, P Bartos, S Behari, B Auerbach, J A Appel, A Artikov, T Bae, M Bauce … & T Aaltonen

La réadaptation en ergothérapie à la suite de l’injection de toxine botulique chez les personnes présentant de la spasticité à un membre supérieur : revue de portée

Johanne Higgins & Justine Aspireault-Massé
Introduction. La spasticité du membre supérieur liée à un accident vasculaire cérébral (AVC) ou à l’infirmité motrice cérébrale (IMC) limite l’exécution des habitudes de vie. Un traitement efficace pour limiter cette spasticité est l’injection de toxine botulique dans les muscles atteints. Cependant, l’effet de la toxine ne dure généralement qu’entre deux et quatre mois. D’autres modalités thérapeutiques sont alors nécessaires pour maximiser le traitement.Objectif. L’objectif de cette revue de portée est de déterminer les interventions...

S’allier en recherche, pour y trouver un sens

Élise Milot & Marie Grandisson
Sans résumé.

Issue information

SComS is an international open access journal of communication research that is jointly edited by the Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research (SACMR) and the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI Lugano). It is published twice a year with the support of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS).SComS aims to build bridges between different research cultures, and publishes high-quality original articles in English, German, French, and...

Französisches Briefkopier-Buch (Zürcher, Cernay)


Zur idiomatischen Komponente auffälliger kausativer Konstruktionen im Deutschen

Martine Dalmas & Laurent Gautier
This paper aims to analyze German caused-motion constructions such as jn aus dem Bett klingeln from both a phraseological and constructional perspective. Section 1 shows how the traditional definition of phraseologisms is nowadays challenged by new developments in construction grammar, especially within Goldberg’s framework. Section 2 focuses on the various possibilities existing in German to express causativity and proposes a continuum from mere morphological signs to the constructions under consideration here. Section 3 exemplifies the...

Kausalkonstruktionen mit Adjektiv im freien und fixierten Gebrauch

Sabine De Knop & Fabio Mollica
The study describes the semantic and conceptual variation of causal constructions with an adjective as they are realized in German, French and Italian. In the framework of Goldberg’s (cf. 1995 and 2006) Construction Grammar, it discusses some defining properties of the analyzed constructions, like the formal and semantic (non-)predictability and their possible phraseological status based on metonymy or metaphor. Several constructions can be identified which convey different meanings, i. e. causality and/or excessiveness. The instantiations...

Construction Grammar meets Phraseology: eine Standortbestimmung

Alexander Ziem

[Panorama von der Pfalz aus]

Zur Datierung: auf der rechten Seite ist die 1854 eingerichtete Harzgrabenfähre zu erkennen, die bis zum Bau der Wettsteinbrücke 1880 die beiden Stadtseiten verband

[Kloster Töss: Kreuzgang]

Ludwig Schulthess
Aufriss der westlichen und nördlichen Fensterfront des Kreuzganges

[Birsigeinfluss, Steinentor und Elisabethenschanze zu Basel]

Johann Jakob Schneider
[Johann Jakob Schneider zugeschrieben]

Der Weg ist das Ziel. Zur Theorie und Metatheorie der psychoanalytischen Technik

Arno Von Blarer & Irene Brogle
Ausgangspunkt ist die in den psychoanalytischen Veröffentlichungen immer breiter vertretene »basic model technique«; diese entspricht einer normativen Kodifizierung des Verhaltens des Psychoanalytikers sowie der gesamten »psychoanalytischen Situation«.Diesem Modell der normativen Kodifizierung und der von ihr abweichenden »Parameter« wird ein psychodynamisches Konzept gegenübergestellt, welches der tatsächlichen Praxis besser gerecht zu werden verspricht. Es orientiert sich am psychoanalytischen Prozess und soll nicht normativ, sondern psychodynamisch aufgeschlüsselt werden.In einem weiteren Denkschritt, zu welchem wir uns auf das Gebiet...

Mutual Monitoring and Team Member Communication in Teams

Markus Christopher Arnold, R.Lynn Hannan & Ivo D. Tafkov
Prior research suggests that team member communication based on mutual monitoring can improve team performance by enabling the manager to more closely relate individual team members’ contributions to their rewards. Given that diverse work settings affect the ability of team members to observe each other, this study investigates whether the benefit firms can extract from such communication is affected by differences in the type of information available to team members. Specifically, we investigate whether team...

Französisches Briefkopier-Buch


Forms of address and language ideologies: The case of a southwestern Nigerian university

Foluke O. Unuabonah
This paper examines the forms and functions of address terms employed among staff members and the language ideologies that inform the use of these address forms in a southwestern Nigerian university. The study is guided by Anchimbe’s (2011a) categorisation of address forms, and theories on language ideologies. The data are collected through participant-observation, oral and written interviews, and these are analysed qualitatively. The analysis reveals that forms of address used in the university include academic...

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