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Exzerpieren. Eine empirische Studie an Exzerpten von GymnasialschülerInnen der Oberstufe

Jürgen Dittmann Rouhani & Gefion Fix
Taking into account that excerpting texts is a major task for university students of all disciplines, in this study we will investigate pupils' abilities to excerpt texts at the end of their schooling. For that purpose we have analyzed 31 excerpts made by pupils who were currently in their last two years of secondary school. Furthermore we analyzed 33 questionnaires which allowed us to assess pupils' subjective appraisal of the specific excerpting task given to...

Does color influence eye movements while exploring videos?

Hamel, Shahrbanoo; Gipsa-Lab, CNRS Grenoble-Alpes University, France, Guyader, Nathalie; Gipsa-Lab, CNRS Grenoble-Alpes University, France, Pellerin, Denis; Gipsa-Lab, CNRS Grenoble-Alpes University, France & Houzet, Dominique; Gipsa-Lab, CNRS Grenoble-Alpes University, France
Although visual attention studies consider color as one of the most important features in guiding visual attention, few studies have investigated how color influences eye movements while viewing natural scenes without any particular task. To better understand the visual features that drive attention, the aim of this paper was to quantify the influence of color on eye movements when viewing dynamic natural scenes. The influence of color was investigated by comparing the eye positions of...

MsaPAD: Multiple Sequence Alignment - Input Submission and email notification

Bachir Balech, Giacinto Donvito, Pasquale Notarangelo, Saverio Vicario & Graziano Pesole
BioVeL – Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory Workflow Documentation Name:Perform a Multiple DNA sequence alignment coding for multiple/single protein domains Capacities Programme of Framework 7: EC e-Infrastructure Programme – e-Science Environments - INFRA-2011-1.2.1 Grant Agreement No: 283359 Project Co-ordinator: Mr Alex Hardisty Project Homepage: [http://www.biovel.eu][1] [1]: http://www.biovel.eu ## 1 Description This workflow is used to submit the multiple alignment job. Once the computation is finished the user will receive an email notification indicating the obtained output address....

Key challenges for the fashion industry in tackling climate change

Matthew Hibberd
The global rise in the earth’s surface temperature in coming decades will bring with it increased instances of flooding, drought and volatile weather patterns. One of the main industries affected is fashion, which is responsible for some 5% of current global carbon emissions (Bauck, 2017). There is common acknowledgement that every stage in the production of garments for the fashion world creates pollution and emission problems: from sourcing and use of scarce water resources in...

L’‘espace’ letterario in "Stella mattutina" di Ada Negri

Lucia Vedovi
In 1920, Ada Negri announced the publication of her Buildungsroman "Stella mattutina" with the following words: «"Stella mattutina" è la storia interiore della mia vita dai sette ai diciassette anni, in terza persona. Vi ho scolpito la figura di mia madre». By combining Julia Kristeva’s theoretical conclusions on semiotic, as expressed in "Revolution in Poetic Language" (1984) and "Language – the Unknown: an Initiation into Linguistics" (1989), and Johanna Drucker’s concept of 'espace', as formulated...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 382 : Tropary, Versicularium, Sequentiary

Sangallensis Monachus Hartmannus & Balbulus Notker
An incompletely preserved musical manuscript from the 11th century, written in the monastery of St. Gall, with added supplementary leaves up to around 1400. Contains a Tropary, a Versiculary and a Sequentiary.

Sprachliche und politische Grenzen im (ehemaligen) Dialektkontinuum des Alemannischen am Beispiel der trinationalen Region Basel (Schweiz) in Karten von SprecherInnen

Lorenz Hofer
A group of Swiss informants of the trinational Basel region were asked to draw maps of the regional language borders. Thus, the subjective assessment of language borders could be visualized. By means of these maps, changes in the former Alemannic dialect continuum in the Upper Rhine Area become transparent, which have developed by nation building, standardizing processes and diglossia. The experiment demonstrates in what way linguistic landscapes are perceived and what means informants use to...

Effect of memory load on eye movement control: A study using the reading span test

Osaka, Mariko; Osaka University, Minamoto, Takehiro; Osaka University, Osaka, Naoyuki; Kyoto University, Yaoi, Ken; Kyoto University & Azuma, Miyuki; Osaka University
We investigated the effect of memory load on attentional control using the Reading Span Test (RST), a task that requires working memory capacity. Previous studies have shown that a shortage of working memory resources leads to a deficit of inhibition of taskirrelevant information and that memory load affects eye movement control. Here, we recorded eye movement and integrated it with RST performance. Total fixation time and the number of regressions showed a memory load effect...

l'apport de l'orientalisme à l'enseignement de la littérature française: le point de vue d'un chercheur au CNRS

Sarga Moussa
Parler d’orientalisme littéraire dans un contexte académique plus ouvert, c’est aussi, en reliant le passé (des textes) au présent (de la lecture), une manière d’éclairer différemment notre propre rapport à l’Orient.

Sagyouryouhou ! Un regard d’étudiant sur le 16ème congrès de la WFOT

Garry Lessard
Sans résumé.

Freie Republik HORA – Regie und Schauspiel als fortwährender Aushandlungsprozess

Sarah Marinucci & Marie Urban
Ein Gespräch mit Gianni Blumer (Schauspieler Theater HORA) und Nele Jahnke (Stv. künstlerische Leiterin Theater HORA)

Technisch generalisierte Kommunikationsmedien. Kommunikation im Medium der Adresslisten

Jörg Räwel
Aus systemtheoretischer Perspektive wird die Form adresslistenbasierter Kommunikation, wie sie das Internet ermöglicht – oft unter «soziale Medien» bzw. «soziale Netzwerke» kategorisiert –, untersucht. Kommunikation also etwa in Singlebörsen, sozialen Medien wie Facebook, Netzwerken beruflicher Ausrichtung, Reisekontaktbörsen, usw. Es wird gezeigt, wie Adresslisten als Medien eine technisch unterstützte Möglichkeit darstellen, das Problem doppelter Kontingenz, im Sinne von Initiative und Stabilisierung von Interaktionssystemen, zu bewältigen. Am Fallbeispiel der Anbahnung von (romantischer) Liebe, also in Bezug auf...

Il chiarore che deforma – Processi deformanti nella poetica di Amelia Rosselli

Elena Carletti
The poetry of Amelia Rosselli is deeply phenomenological and stems from a tumultuous reality, a state in constant becoming. The chaos of the external reality is interiorized, and subsequently possessed, through a process of deforming filtration. This paper begins by investigating phenomenological implications in the poetics of Amelia Rosselli, which developed in line with similar approaches both in Italy, in the theories of the Gruppo ‘63, and abroad, in an essay written by Charles Olson....

Relational database of treatment planning system information

Michael Eugene Kantor, Peter Balter & George Starkschall
The purpose of the present work was to develop a relational database and associated applications to facilitate retrospective review of data present in radiation treatment plans. The data source was a commercial radiation treatment planning system (Pinnacle3, Philips Medical Systems, Milpitas CA), which is specifically characterized by an open data storage format and internal scripting capability. The database is an open-source, relational database (PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL Global Development Group, http://www.postgresql.org). The data is presented through a...

Eugen Lerchs "Wissenschaftsdiplomatie" - Eine Fallstudie zur frühen Rezeption des Strukturalismus in Deutschland. Einige Verdachtsmomente zur Ableitung pejorativer Nomina im Deutschen

Klaas-Hinrich Ehlers
Still today, received wisdom has it that (with rare exceptions) structuralism underwent no reception in Germany before the Second World War and especially not during the period of Nazi rule. In contrast, the present study on Eugen Lerch, a scholar of Romance languages, shows that even among German linguists who today would be considered as far removed from structuralist concerns, structuralism was on the contrary anything but unknown. In 1934, Lerch, a Vossler student, pointed...

Clinical Chemistry (rodents, PMI)

Blaine Phillips & Ee Tsin Wong
Assessment of clinical chemistry parameters in blood.

On-line syntactic and semantic influences in reading revisited

New, Boris; Université Paris-Descartes, CNRS, Pynte, Joel; Université Paris-Descartes, CNRS & Kennedy, Alan; Université Paris-Descartes, CNRS, University Of Dundee
This study is a follow-up to Pynte, New and Kennedy (2008), Journal of Eye Movement Research . 2(1):4, 1-11. A new series of multiple regression analyses were conducted on the French part of the Dundee corpus, using a new set of syntactic and semantic predictors. In line with our prior study, quite different patterns of results were obtained for function and content words. We conclude that syntactic processing operations during reading mainly concern function words...

Análisis del dossier genético de "La muerte bailando", un relato recuperado de Ramón del Valle-Inclán

Adriana Abalo Gómez
«La muerte bailando», uno de los relatos recuperados de Ramón del Valle-Inclán y publicado en el volumen Valle-Inclán inédito (2008) por Joaquín del Valle-Inclán, está estrechamente vinculado al proceso de escritura de la última serie de su autor: El Ruedo Ibérico. Esta obra quedó inacabada por motivos todavía desconocidos y la recuperación del texto aquí objeto de estudio podría estar apuntando a su continuidad. Se ha realizado un primer acercamiento crítico a los materiales de...

The Illusion of Being Located in Dynamic Virtual Environments. Can Eye Movement Parameters Predict Spatial Presence?

Weibel, David; University Of Bern, Switzerland, Mast, Fred W.; University Of Bern, Switzerland, Stricker, Daniel; University Of Bern, Switzerland, Siegenthaler, Eva; Distance Learning University Switzerland & Wissmath, Bartholomäus; University Of Bern, Switzerland
Attention allocation towards the mediated environment is assumed to be a necessary precondition to feel localized in a virtual world. In presence research, however, the potential of eye movement research has not been fully exploited so far. In this study, participants (N=44) rode on a virtual roller coaster simulation. We compare participants scoring high versus low on presence. During the ride, the eye movements and subjective ex post presence judgments were assessed. We found high...

Techniques and software tool for 3D multimodality medical image segmentation

Issam M. El Naqa, Joseph Deasy, Jie Zheng, Deshan Yang & Ahmad Nofal
The era of noninvasive diagnostic radiology and image-guided radiotherapy has witnessed burgeoning interest in applying different imaging modalities to stage and localize complex diseases such as atherosclerosis or cancer. It has been observed that using complementary information from multimodality images often significantly improves the robustness and accuracy of target volume definitions in radiotherapy treatment of cancer. In this work, we present techniques and an interactive software tool to support this new framework for 3D multimodality...

Human-Robot Interaction Based on Gaze Gestures for the Drone Teleoperation

Yu, Mingxin; Beijing Institute Of Technology, China, And Northeastern University, USA, Schmidt, David; Northeastern University, USA, Wang, Xiangzhou; Beijing Institute Of Technology, China, Lin, Yingzi; Northeastern University, USA & Wang, Yu; Beijing Institute Of Technology, China
Teleoperation has been widely used to perform tasks in dangerous and unreachable environments by replacing humans with controlled agents. The idea of human-robot interaction (HRI) is very important in teleoperation. Conventional HRI input devices include keyboard, mouse and joystick, etc. However, they are not suitable for handicapped users or people with disabilities. These devices also increase the mental workload of normal users due to simultaneous operation of multiple HRI input devices by hand. Hence, HRI...

Dictionnaires et régimes de réputation autour de 1750

Jean-Luc Chappey
Le dictionnaire historique est un genre littéraire à part entière, inauguré par le Grand dictionnaire historique de Louis Moréri, paru pour la première fois en 1674. Largement marqué par les origines religieuses de son auteur, le dictionnaire s’émancipe pourtant, au fi l de ses rééditions successives, de sa composante biblique, pour off rir une place de plus en plus importante aux hommes de mérite, et notamment aux Hommes de lettres. Bientôt concurrencé par des projets...

L'enseignement formel de la science de l'occupation en ergothérapie : un vecteur de changement et de développement pour la profession

Catherine Vallée
Introduction. L’enseignement des sciences de l’occupation s’inscrit souvent dans des cours portant sur les fondements de l’ergothérapie ou sur les interventions fondées sur l’occupation. Rares sont les programmes où ce contenu fait l’objet du cours en soi. S’attarder de manière formelle aux avancées dans ce domaine pose des défis, qui valent la peine d’être relevés, tant sur le plan de l’enseignement, du programme que de la profession.Objectif. Cet article fait état de l’expérience d’un programme...

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