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Wellington 2013 – Ippolita rinascimentale: le Amazzoni americane nell’epica italiana

Carla Aloé
This paper analyses the mythography of ‘New World Amazons’ as it appears in Renaissance Italian epic poems, tracing perceptions of the myth from the discovery of America to the first half of the seventeenth century. The first part of the article documents the literary history of such legends, focusing in particular on the delayed advent of American Amazons in Italian verse. One reason for this, I argue, is that poets were unable to distance themselves...

Salve Domina. Hinweise auf lesende und schreibende Frauen im Römischen Reich

Josy Luginbühl
Während Darstellungen von lesenden und schreibenden Frauen in der römischen Antike nicht selten sind und auch in der Forschung schon mehrfach behandelt wurden, können sie nur sehr eingeschränkte Erkenntnisse über die effektive Fähigkeit zu lesen und zu schreiben liefern. Persönliche Gegenstände aus dem Fundmaterial wie Schreibgeräte oder beschriftete Gegenstände besitzen dagegen einen direkten Bezug zu ihren Besitzerinnen und erlauben so eine ganz andere Perspektive. Hinweise auf lesende und schreibende Frauen geben beispielsweise Grabbeigaben in Form...

In life observations and body scoring for health monitoring during rodent studies (PMI)

S.K.C. Wong & Blaine Phillips
The protocol describes procedure for the in life observation of animals and body scoring, as part of the health monitoring program during whole body aerosol/smoke exposure rodent studies.

The representation of modal meaning of French sentence adverbs in a qualitative and quantitative approach

Corinne Rossari
Our aim is to give a representation of the modal contribution of sentence adverbs in comparison to other forms conveying modal meaning, such as tenses and modal verbs. Our analysis will focus on modal sentence adverbs conveying epistemic meaning. These will be compared with the modal verbs pouvoir (can) and devoir (must) as well as with some uses of the future tense (called epistemic uses), with the purpose to present a model allowing to apprehend...

Effects of an active visuomotor steering task on covert attention

Samuel Tuhkanen, Jami Pekkanen, Esko Lehtonen & Otto Lappi
In complex dynamic tasks such as driving it is essential to be aware of potentially important targets in peripheral vision. While eye tracking methods in various driving tasks have provided much information about drivers’ gaze strategies, these methods only inform about overt attention and provide limited grounds to assess hypotheses concerning covert attention. We adapted the Posner cue paradigm to a dynamic steering task in a driving simulator. The participants were instructed to report the...

Quelques clés pour comprendre la science de l’occupation et son intérêt pour l’ergothérapie

Sylvie Meyer
La science de l'occupation est née il y a une trentaine d'années des efforts de Yerxa à l'Université de Californie du Sud (USC) aux États-Unis pour créer une discipline fondamentale dont l'objet d'étude est l'occupation et offrir un troisième cycle visant à former des chercheurs·euses dans cette nouvelle science. La finalité de la science de l'occupation est de produire des savoirs disciplinaires ou interdisciplinaires pour soutenir l'exercice de l'ergothérapie. Ses méthodes sont autant qualitatives que...

Visionieren, Kuratieren, Kanonisieren

Beate Hochholdinger-Reiterer & Géraldine Boesch
Podiumsdiskussion mit Barbara Gronau (Universität der Künste Berlin), Johanna-Yasirra Kluhs & Felizitas Kleine (Theaterfestival FAVORITEN), Giovanni Netzer (Origen Festival Cultural), Jasper Walgrave (Pro Helvetia) und Dagmar Walser (Moderation)

The effects of public diplomacy on country identity in countries with different language regions and cultures: The case of Switzerland

Diana Ingenhoff & Dominique Richner
The aim of this study is to explore the existing differences in (regional) country identity between the two biggest language regions of Switzerland, and the effects that differently-framed public diplomacy messages have on these country identities. To analyze the heterogeneous dimensions of regional country identity in the two language regions and the effects of public diplomacy messages, an experimental study with four different groups was conducted. The results show that a) even within one country,...

Pilot Study of a Radiation Oncology Telemedicine Platform

Ceferino Obcemea, Ceferino Obcemea, Sang Sim, Boris A. Mueller & James Lee
Purpose: A pilot study was undertaken to develop an integrated telemedicine platform for radiation oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) and its regional sites. The platform consisted of a computer system with simultaneous display of multiple live data portals including 1) video-conferencing between physicians, 2) radiology, and 3) radiation treatment-planning system (RTPS). Methods and Materials: Two MSKCC regional centers were set up with a widescreen monitor, a dedicated computer, and a web camera with...

Deutsch als "leicht zu erlernende Fremdsprache"

Gunde Kurtz
The goal of this paper is to encourage the search for accessible language features and teaching and learning facilitators which can ease the way into German as a Foreign Language (DaF). The paper begins with a terminological discussion, followed by a first model of the most important factors concerning the initial entry into FL territory. After a short review on previous work in this area, I consider methods for utilising knowledge of accessible language features...

Systematic diagonal and vertical errors in antisaccades and memory-guided saccades

Lee, Hyung; Keimyung University, Barton, Jason J. S.; University Of British Columbia & Abegg, Mathias; University Of Bern
Studies of memory-guided saccades in monkeys show an upward bias, while studies of antisaccades in humans show a diagonal effect, a deviation of endpoints toward the 45° diagonal. To determine if these two different spatial biases are specific to different types of saccades, we studied prosaccades, antisaccades and memory-guided saccades in humans. The diagonal effect occurred not with prosaccades but with antisaccades and memory-guided saccades with long intervals, consistent with hypotheses that it originates in...

Y-cidad: los múltiples sentidos de «y»

Mieke Bal
Las refl exiones sobre el arte político deben tener en cuenta las dos partes del sintagma –no solo político, sino también arte–. Mediante ejemplos de un poderoso arte contemporáneo políticamente comprometido, el artículo concluye que el arte político no es tanto activista como activador. En lugar de buscar la participación en asuntos políticos, tal arte busca afectar a los observadores y así hacerlos sensibles a lo que el arte puede hacer por la vida social.

Ein Ausweg aus der ›weißen Komplizenschaft‹? Zur Performance #6 – Queer Sells von White on White

Hanna Voss
Der Terminus ›White on White‹, welcher dem Titel des bekannten Gemäldes von Kasimir Malewitsch (1918) entlehnt ist, bezeichnet hier sowohl die künstlerische Beziehung der beiden Performer Iggy Malmborg aus Malmö und Johannes Schmit aus Berlin als auch deren Performanceserie (vgl. White on White 2015). Während die Radikalität von Malewitschs Gemälde für die Zeitgenossen in der geometrischen Abstraktion ohne Referenz auf eine äußere Wirklichkeit bestand (vgl. anonym 2003:85) – auf der quadratischen Leinwand ist lediglich ein...

Saying “story” in the newsroom. Towards a linguistic ethnography of narrative lexicon in broadcast news

Gilles Merminod
Despite a general agreement on the narrative nature of news, the question of what it means for the journalists to tell a story is usually taken for granted, while the analysis of the actual narrative practices in the newsrooms often remains shallow. A way of overcoming this state of affairs is to have a look at the narrative practices and norms in the newsroom. On the one hand, one can track the sites of narrative...

Casting Sound: Modality and Poetics in Gabriella Ghermandi's "Regina di fiori e di perle"

Laura Dolp & Eveljn Ferraro
This article investigates Gabriella Ghermandi’s novel Regina di fiori e di perle (2007) through two disciplinary perspectives: the first investigates music as a historical and social practice through historical observation of Ghermandi’s characters who reference Ethiopian oral traditions; and the second explores the contemporary dynamics of migration and transnational identity through textual analysis that critiques how storytelling practices are carried into an Italian context. We argue that the novel reflects a dissemination of oral memory...

The Informatics of the Planning Target Volume -- why it cannot and should not be changed

Scott Turner & Alexis Andrew Miller
The ICRU defined the Planning Target Volume (PTV) as a static and geometrical volume in 1993. Radiation oncologists continue to manually alter PTVs in their daily practice when critical organs at risk (OAR) are too close to high dose PTVs. This practice is examined and shown to be non-standard (defies the ICRU definitions), inaccurate (all DVHs look perfect when the plan is manifestly NOT perfect), and useless for outcomes research (automatically analysed DVHs will find...

Operations Research Methods for Optimization in Radiation Oncology

Matthias Ehrgott & Allen Holder
Operations Research has a successful tradition of applying mathematical analysis to a wide range of applications, and problems in Medical Physics have been popular over the last couple of decades. The original application was in the optimal design of the uence map for a radiotherapy treatment, a problem that has continued to receive attention. However, Operations Research has been applied to other clinical problems like patient scheduling, vault design, and image alignment. The overriding theme...

Zürich, Braginsky Collection, K96 : Ketubah (כתובה), Alessandria, 1. Elul 5519 (24 August 1759)

Like the 1753 ketubah from Padua (K76), this contract makes use of an older frame. The family emblems therefore have no relation to the bridal couple, Nathan Solomon, son of Jacob Samuel le-Veit Montel, and Bella Rosa, daughter of Moses le-Veit Barukh (De Benedetti). It is even possible that the original ketubah is not from Alessandria, but from further away, possibly Lugo or Ancona. The inner decorative frame contains a ribbon of cutout designs glued...

Examining the validity of the total dwell time of eye fixations to identify landmarks in a building

Alain De Wulf, Viaene, Pepijn; Ghent University-Geography Department, Lenoir, Matthieu; Ghent University, Vansteenkiste, Pieter; Ghent University & Philippe De Maeyer
It is uncertain to what extent the duration of eye fixations reflects the use of landmarks during navigation. Therefore, a study was conducted in which eye tracking data and route descriptions were collected of 23 participants who were highly familiar with the indoor test environment. Based on the total fixation time on different landmark categories, two measures were calculated, namely the calculated landmark category use and the probable landmark category use. Based on the ratio...

Bayesian Phylogenetic Infererence: Evaluate MrBayes Run

Saverio Vicario, Giacinto Donvito & Bachir Balech
BioVeL – Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory Workflow Documentation Name:Perform Short Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference Capacities Programme of Framework 7: EC e-Infrastructure Programme – e-Science Environments - INFRA-2011-1.2.1 Grant Agreement No: 283359 Project Co-ordinator: Mr Alex Hardisty Project Homepage: [http://www.biovel.eu][1] [1]: http://www.biovel.eu ## 1 Description The Pack contain 3 workflows that perform and validate bayesian phylogenetic inference that differ from the kind of input. The pack is called short because the worlflow require that the user need to...

Refl exiones sobre el canon de la poesía española femenina a partir del 2000. Tres paradas en el camino: Raquel Lanseros, Ana Merino y Yolanda Castaño

Remedios Sánchez García
En el presente artículo se realiza un estudio sobre las poéticas femeninasdel siglo xxi, centrado en las tres autoras más signifi cativas nacidas en losaños setenta en España según El canon abierto. Última poesía en español; en concretoRaquel Lanseros, Ana Merino y Yolanda Castaño. Cada una de ellas, desdesu personal identidad literaria, responde a unas prioridades éticas y estéticas,utilizando una perspectiva más narrativa que en generaciones anteriores, en lasque la infancia, el inexorable paso del...

Synchronous and time-lagged effects between occupational self-efficacy and objective and subjective career success: Findings from a four-wave and 9-year longitudinal study

Andrea E. Abele & Daniel Spurk
We integrated research on the dimensionality of career success into social-cognitive career theory and explored the positive feedback loop between occupational self-efficacy and objective and subjective career success over time (self-efficacy → objective success → subjective success → self-efficacy). Furthermore, we theoretically accounted for synchronous and time-lagged effects, as well as indirect reciprocity between the variables. We tested the proposed model by means of longitudinal structural equation modeling in a 9-year four-wave panel design, by...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 435 : Expositio libri comitis

Aurelius Augustinus, Papa Gregorius I, Sophronius Eusebius Hieronymus & Venerabilis Beda
An incomplete copy of the Expositio libri comitis, a selection of Epistle and Gospel readings organized according to the Church year, composed by the Benedictine monk Smaragdus of St. Mihiel (near Verdun; † ca. 840). This copy produced at the women's cloister of Chelles Abbey near Paris was produced in about 810 and is the oldest known surviving copy.

On Sexism in Language and Language Change – The Case of Peninsular Spanish

Benedicta Adokarley Lomotey
The Spanish language has been described as a sexist language due to the peculiar characteris-tics of its gender morphology. It is indicated by the o ('masculine') and a ('feminine') gender morphemes which generally represent male and female respectively. This has led to an appar-ent confusion between grammatical gender and biological sex. Against this background, this paper attempts to discover the impact of anti-sexist language proposals on the Spanish language by analyzing sample Spanish newspapers. Of...

Estimation of a focused object using a corneal surface image for eye-based interaction

Ogasawara, Tsukasa; Nara Institute Of Science And Technology, Japan, Yamakawa, Tomohisa; Nara Institute Of Science And Technology, Japan, Takemura, Kentaro; Tokai University, Japan & Takamatsu, Jun; Nara Institute Of Science And Technology, Japan
Researchers are considering the use of eye tracking in head-mounted camera systems, such as Google’s Project Glass. Typical methods require detailed calibration in advance, but long periods of use disrupt the calibration record between the eye and the scene camera. In addition, the focused object might not be estimated even if the point-of-regard is estimated using a portable eye-tracker. Therefore, we propose a novel method for estimating the object that a user is focused upon,...

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