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Sprechaktbedingungen und bedingte Sprechakte: Pragmatische Konditionalsätze im Deutschen

Karin Pittner
This paper deals with conditional sentences which are not related to the propositional content of the sentence but rather to various aspects of the utterance that is performed. The main goal is to develop a typology of the functions of these conditionals. It is shown that in German there are no uniform rules for the positioning of these conditional sentences, but the possible positions vary according to the function of the conditionals. The main types...

Cancer du sein et occupations spirituelles : une étude de la portée qualitative

Joy Volery, Nicolas Kühne & Morgane Uldry
Introduction. L’apparition d’une maladie comme le cancer du sein bouleverse les activités des personnes affectées. Elle modifie en particulier la place accordée aux occupations spirituelles. Toutefois, ces dernières restent encore peu étudiées et peu explorées, malgré leur importance dans le quotidien des personnes concernées.But de l’étude. Analyser les écrits scientifiques qualitatifs en vue d’explorer la dimension spirituelle de l’expérience occupationnelle vécue par les femmes confrontées à un cancer du sein.Méthode. Une étude de la portée...

An Investigation into Emotional Intelligence, Foreign Language Anxiety and Empathy through a Cognitive-Affective Course in an EFL Context

Ali Rouhani
Emotional intelligence, as concerned with how an individual recognizes and regulates his or her emotions, has been in limelight quite recently. The present study seeks to fill a small gap in the literature on emotional intelligence, together with foreign language anxiety and empathy. To this end, short literary readings are used in a cognitive-affective reading-based course to see how emotional intelligence, foreign language anxiety and empathy are affected. Mayer, Salovey and Caruso (2002) Emotional Intelligence...

Konkurrenz, Komplementarität und Kooperation im Bereich der Präpositionen und VerbalpartikelnoderWie lange noch müssen Präpositionen und Verbalpartikeln in Grammatiken ein Schattendasein führen?

Maxi Krause
The large literature on compliments so far reveals that the way these speech acts are uttered depends on languages, countries or cultures. A look at the compliment behaviour of Germans and Americans for instance shows that they are fond of formulaic expressions. The present paper aims at underscoring that most Cameroonians, unlike most Germans, use variable, complex and imaginative structures to express praise or admiration. The study particularly focuses on stylistic and lexical devices.

RNA in situ hybridization on formalin-fixed tissue sections of human 3D organotypic cell cultures with the RNAscope® technology (PMI)

Keyur Trivedi
This protocol describes RNA in situ hybridization using the RNAscope® technique that has been optimized to detect target genes in various human 3D organotypic cell cultures.

Méthode sans questions, questions sans méthods

Laurent Jenny
Dans tous ces cas, l’analyse littéraire joue le rôle d’un indispensable garde-fou épistémologique et on voit bien qu’elle est susceptible de s’appliquer à des corpus de discours qui ne sont pas proprement ‘littéraires’. Déléguer aux experts ‘non-littéraires’ la tâche que ces derniers doivent assumer, ce n’est pas seulement réduire la littérature à des contenus, c’est priver les autres sciences humaines du regard critique que les littéraires pourraient porter sur les discours ‘non littéraires’.

Vergleichende Sprachinselforschung: Sprachwandel in deutschen Sprachinseln in Russland und Brasilien

Peter Rosenberg
Dealing with convergence in German speech islands in Russia, Brazil and the United states the article discusses the linguistic phenomena related to the notion of convergence from different vantage points including intralinguistic convergence (due to dialect-dialect contact), interlinguistic convergence (due to language-language contact), typological "convergence" (or intralinguistic change), pidginization, and cognitive processes of simplification. Most of the German speech islands are considered to be contracting - if not dying - varieties with respect to the...

Learning to search. The importance of eye movements in the decrease of response times during a visual choice reaction time task

Mak, Monika; Independent Clinical Psychology Unit, Department Of Psychiatry, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin, Poland, Kroll, Aleksandra; Independent Clinical Psychology Unit, Department Of Psychiatry, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin, Poland & Samochowiec, Jerzy; Department Of Psychiatry, Pomeranian Medical University, Szczecin, Poland
Reaction times are often used as an indicator of the efficiency of the processes in thecentral nervous system. While extensive research has been conducted on the possibleresponse time correlates, the role of eye movements in visual tasks is yet unclear. Here wereport data to support the role of eye movements during visual choice reaction time training.Participant performance, reaction times, and total session duration improved. Eyemovementsshowed expected changes in saccade amplitude and resulted in improvementin visual...

Schaffhausen, Stadtbibliothek, Ministerialbibliothek, Min. 71 : Bonaventura · Talmud · Gualterus de Brugis · Bertholdus Ratisbonensis

De Brugis Gualterus, Sanctus Bonaventura & Ratisbonensis Bertholdus
This manuscript consists of four parts from different eras. The first part (ff. 1r-59v, 2nd half of the 13th century) contains Bonaventure’s Breviloquium; the second part (ff. 60r-153v, 13th-14th century) contains excerpts from the Talmud; the third part (ff. 154r-239v, 14th century) contains sermons by the Franciscan Gualterus de Brugis as well as the text Pharetra by Pseudo-Bonaventure; finally, the fourth part (240r-268v, first half of the 14th century) contains the collection of sermons Rusticani...

sms4science: Korpusdaten, Literaturüberblick und Forschungsfragen

Christa Dürscheid, Adrian Stähli & Marie-José Béguelin
This paper discusses some methodological issues related to current research on SMS communication in Switzerland, an ambitious research project situated in the context of the international project sms4science. Thus far, the analyses of the Swiss data focus on numerous inner-linguistic features, variational aspects and language contact phenomena; each of which is of the utmost interest for multilingual Switzerland (cf. the five articles contained in this issue). In the following pages we first provide some background...

In Search of the Generic Identity of the Book Review: A Chronological and Pragmatic Study

Leila Tanavar & Alireza Jalilifar
Given the significance of Book Reviews (BRs) and the fact that little has been devoted to the study of this genre, the current study investigated the macrostructure as well as the politeness features of a sample of BRs, representing two periods of time (1980-1990/2000-2010), in applied linguistics. The main purpose of this analysis was to identify the macrostructures and the politeness strategies in the "closing evaluation" section of BRs. The dataset consisted of 80 BRs...

Hub of medical expertise or medicalised conveyor-belt? Sharing meanings online on the hospital birth setting

Antoinette Fage-Butler
In 2014, the official risk advice in the UK regarding birth setting was altered given scientific evidence that for low-risk groups, home births are safer than hospital births. As hospital births were previously the de facto recommendation, and pregnant women in the UK now need to consider their birth setting options carefully, many go online, seeking advice about birth setting options from their peers. In this paper, I investigate how the hospital birth setting is...

"Vordergründig war ich für die gar nicht frau": Zur sprachlichen Repräsentation von Geschlecht

Anita Fetzer
This contribution argues for an investigation of gender in an interactive multicausal framework with multiple social identities. Depending on the participants' communicative goals, these social identities are highlighted or attributed to the background. Part I analyses the linguistic means the German language offers for the linguistic representation of gender and occupation and illustrates how these means are employed to reconstruct the corresponding identities. In German, speakers can represent their gender identity explicitly by (1) gender-specific...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 361 : Gradual

Gradual from St. Gall, dating from the first half of the 12th century. It contains the solo chants of the Mass, with finely executed neumes and some illuminated initials. Preceded by a Calendar with necrological notes from the monastery of St. Gall dating from between the 13th and 15th century and at the lower margins a catalogue of relics from the 14th century.

In-depth peer review by anonymous panels of experts with predefined expertise criteria through an online platform.

Stephanie Boue
This protocol describes the conduct of in-depth peer review of study reports, data, and additional material by panels of experts, which are recruited and managed on an online platform by a third party, independent from the sponsor of the review.

Verdopplung beim Verb afaa im nord-östlichen Aargau

Marie-Christine Andres
The present paper deals with the doubling verb aafaa "begin" in Swiss German. The investigation concentrates on the region Baden-Wettigen in the North of the Canton Aargau. This is a transition zone between doubling and non-doubling. The paper discusses the frequency of the doubling of the verb aafaa "begin" as well as the factors triggering or rather blocking doubling.

Werkstattbericht über das Projekt "Die Südtiroler SchülerInnen und die Zweitsprache: eine linguistische und sozialpsychologische Untersuchung"

Andrea Abel
The aim of the project "South-Tyrolean pupils and their second language: a linguistic and socio-psychological investigation", which was originated in the collaboration between the EURAC and the University of Trento, is to analyze the second language competence of South-Tyrolean pupils and to contextualize the results of such an investigation by commenting on crucial sociolinguistic and psychosocial aspects that influence it. In this paper some preliminary results of the project's preparatory study, i.e. an interview study...

Aftereffects of Saccades Explored in a Dynamic Neural Field Model of the Superior Colliculus

Trappenberg, Thomas P.; Dalhousie University, Satel, Jason; Dalhousie University, Klein, Raymond M.; Dalhousie University & Wang, Zhiguo; Dalhousie University & Chinese Academy Of Sciences
When viewing a scene or searching for a target, an observer usually makes a series of saccades that quickly shift the orientation of the eyes. The present study explored how one saccade affects subsequent saccades within a dynamic neural field model of the superior colliculus (SC). The SC contains an oculocentric motor map that encodes the vector of saccades and remaps to the new fixation location after each saccade. Our simulations demonstrated that the observation...

Del pensamiento a la práctica decolonial

Adriana López-Labourdette & Valerie Wagner
Entre los muchos «giros de las últimas décadas, el denominado «decolonial» es quizás el más abarcador y al mismo tiempo más ambicioso. Abarcador, porque integra y a la vez inflexiona perspectivas y métodos precedentes; ambicioso, porque su objetivo es no solo cambiar las «reglas del juego» del conocimiento, sino también fomentar la recuperación de otras subjetividades, silenciadas bajo el peso de la Modernidad. ¿Qué significa entonces «integrar» las críticas y prácticas decoloniales tanto en la...

Effectiveness of Contour Augmentation with Guided Bone Regeneration: 10-Year Results.

Ramona Buser, Urs Belser, Lira Rahman, Vivianne Chappuis, Daniel Albin Buser & Simone Janner
In aesthetic sites, the integrity of the facial bone wall dimension in the anterior maxilla is jeopardized by physiologic and structural changes postextraction. An effective regenerative protocol is key to reestablish and maintain the hard and soft tissue dimensions over time. The present prospective case series study examined the effectiveness of early implant placement with simultaneous contour augmentation through guided bone regeneration with a 2-layer composite graft in postextraction single-tooth sites over an observation period...

Hochdeutsch im Kindergarten

Mathilde Gyger
According to the results of the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) the linguistic competencies of Swiss students need to be improved. Currently, there is a strong tendency to ban local Swiss-German dialects from Swiss schools, including nursery-schools, and to replace them by Standard High-German more or less completely. Since parts of the Swiss-German speaking population have strong reservations about High-German or at least the use of High-German in nursery-schools, school authorities look for scientific...

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