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Zwischen Abgrenzung und Faszination. Das nationalsozialistische Deutschland in populärkulturellen dänischen Darstellungen des Zweiten Weltkriegs

Katja Gorbahn
The paper discusses the presentation of Nazi Germany in products of current Danish popular culture. It analyzes and compares two different, but closely connected types of media: movies and popular history magazines. It is informed by a social identity approach and demonstrates that stereotypes with respect to Nazi Germany – such as technology and masculinity – are characterized by a specific tension between otherness and fascination. It argues that memory studies have to cope with...

Mehrsprachigkeit. Defizit oder Potenzial? Nationalideologische Hindernisse im Sprachlernumfeld der dänischen Minderheit in Südschleswig

Daniel Frebel & Rune Steenberg Reyhé
This paper examines language learning in the schools of the Danish minority in northern Germany. The paper shows that the pedagogic approach shaped along a historical narrative of Danish national ideology reflected both in the curriculum and the actual teaching practice, negatively influences the students’ language learning. Based on 14 in-depth interviews, participant observation and a deep cultural knowledge of the region and the institutions examined, we develop the following hypothesis. The ideological constraints connected...

[Calf health and antimicrobial use in Swiss dairy herds: Management, prevalence and treatment of calf diseases].

Florence Pipoz & Mireille Meylan
Fifty-two dairy herds in the canton Fribourg were included during one winter in a study on calf management, prevalence and treatments of calf diseases. Colostrum management was optimal in 46.2% of the herds only, and 51.3% of the calves had been sick at least once during the observation period. The most commonly observed diseases included respiratory disease (57.5%), diarrhea (32.8%) and umbilical disease (5.7%). Cases of pneumonia were treated with antimicrobials first by the farmers...

Interhemispheric Linkage of Paleoclimate During the Last Glaciation

C. J. Heusser, B.G. Andersen, T.V. Lowel, Linda E. Heusser, G.H. Denton, P.I. Moreno, Christian Schlüchter & D.R. Marchant

Correction: TAC102 Is a Novel Component of the Mitochondrial Genome Segregation Machinery in Trypanosomes.

Bernd Schimanski, Roman Trikin, Beat Haenni, Martin Jakob, Anneliese Hoffmann, Achim Schnaufer, Nicholas Doiron, Benoît Zuber & Torsten Ochsenreiter
[This corrects the article DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005586.].

Towards Structural Analysis of Polymeric Contaminants in Electrodeposited Cu films

Peter Wurz, Maike Brigitte Neuland, Pavel Moreno-García, Andreas Riedo, Valentine Grimaudo, Peter Broekmann & Marek Tulej

L’apport des corpus échantillonnés aux descriptions grammaticales. L’exemple des formes contre et entre

Mireille Bilger & Paul Cappeau
The following article sets out to show how different kinds of sampled corpus data can be used to provide a critical view of certain descriptions given in reference works (grammars and dictionaries) which, for French, tend to concentrate on literary usage. We show how quantitative and qualitative methods can be proposed to nuance the descriptions, using the example of the forms contre and entre in four different corpora: private speech, public speech, literature, press.

Climate impacts on fungal community and trait dynamics

Lynne Boddy, Claus Bässler, Jorge Aldea, Carrie Andrew, Ulf Büntgen, Klaus Høiland, Simon Egli, Rune Halvorsen, Håvard Kauserud, Einar Heegaard, Paul M. Kirk & Fernando Martinez-Peña

Voci di donne per una Italia Unita: «La donna Italiana: giornale politico-letterario»

Chiara Licameli
This contribution proposes an analysis of «La donna italiana: giornale politico-letterario», journal published in Rome in 1848 by Cesare Bordiga. The newspaper - issued for only 24 numbers, from April 22 to November 11 of the same year – is founded with the aim of emphasizing the importance of women in the Italian Risorgimento and it moves onto a double line, one political and one literary: alongside the chronicle of the present upheavals are poems,...

Das Prinzip Nachhaltigkeit im Personalmanagement: ausgewählte Ergebnisse einer Befragung in europäischen Unternehmen und Institutionen

Norbert Thom, Adrian Blum & Robert J. Zaugg

Arbeitszeitmanagement: zur Verbreitung und Implementierung von flexiblen Arbeitszeitsystemen in schweizerischen Unternehmen und Institutionen

Adrian Blum, Robert J. Zaugg & Norbert Thom
Die Autoren stellen in diesem Beitrag einen Ansatz für ein integriertes Arbeitszeitmanagement vor. Der Ansatz analysiert zentrale arbeitszeitrelevante Rahmenbedingungen und leitet daraus geeignete Arbeitszeitsysteme ab. Zusätzlich werden Begleitmaßnahmen vorgestellt, welche die Wirksamkeit der Arbeitszeitsysteme erhöhen. Ein Konzept zur Beurteilung der Effektivität und Effizienz der eingesetzten Arbeitszeitsysteme schließt den Beitrag ab. Die konzeptionellen Ausführungen werden durch Ergebnisse aus zwei empirischen Breitenbefragungen in der Schweiz ergänzt.

Protokollbuch der Sitzungen der Kommission bzw. des Verwaltungsrates, sowie der Generalversammlungen

Darin: diverse eingeklebte Einlagen wie Briefe, Zirkulare usw.

Essays on optimal Investments in the mitigation of global warming

Bruno Troja

La revue systématique d'études quantitatives

Eve-Line Bussières
Sans résumé.

Validation des connaissances et des compétences avancées des ergothérapeutes en thérapie de la main : une étude exploratoire

Valérie Poulin, Mélissa Laliberté, Georges-Emmanuel Salib & Martine Brousseau
Introduction. Les lésions musculo-squelettiques à la main et au poignet représentent des défis majeurs pour l’organisation des services de thérapie de la main. L’un d’entre eux concerne les importants délais d’attente pour obtenir une première consultation par des médecins spécialistes. Une solution à ces défis passe par le développement des connaissances et des compétences avancées des professionnels, dans le but d’organiser différemment les services de thérapie de la main. Ces connaissances et habiletés dépassent les...

[Kloster Töss, Kreuzgang] : [Zwei Heilige (Maria und der Evangelist Johannes)]

Johann Konrad Werdmüller
[Johann Konrad Werdmüller]

GMBA mountain inventory_V1.2

Mark Alexander Snethlage & Davnah Ruth Payne
The GMBA mountain inventory is an inventory of the world’s mountains based on the GMBA mountain definition. Each of the 1048 entries corresponds to a polygon drawn around a mountain or a mountain range and includes the name of the delineated object.

What Is the Incidence of Implant Malpositioning and Revision Surgery After Orbital Repair?

Matthias Mottini, Andre Schmidli, Franca Wagner, Olivier Lieger, Fabian Schlittler & Chantal Michel
PURPOSE Postoperative radiographic examinations are the gold standard in maxillofacial surgery, except in orbital reconstruction. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to estimate the frequency of implant malposition and revision operation after orbital repair. MATERIALS AND METHODS This retrospective cohort study was conducted in a level I trauma center at the University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland. To assess the incidence of malpositioning, a qualitative analysis of postoperative computed tomography scans, as well as comparative...

Modal Auxiliaries as Stance-Taking Devices in Linguistics Research Articles: A Functional Contrastive Analysis

Amrollah Talati-Baghsiahi, Nahid Yarahmadzehi & Fatemeh Moafian
The current paper is to report a study on modal auxiliaries as stance-taking devices applied in English linguistics research articles by native and Persian non-native writers. In doing so, 20 (10 in each group) research articles were selected. The corpora were detected for the occurrences of modal auxiliaries both mechanically and functionally. The obtained data was analyzed and the frequency and proportionate distribution of the individual modals with respect to each other were determined. The...

Beeindruckendes Sonogramm einer AppendizitisImpressive sonogram of appendicitis

Alexander Joeris, Enno Stranzinger & Andreas P.W. Jöres

Having faith in the online voice. Exploring contemporary issues of trust, language and advice in the context of e-health

Elizabeth Sillence
The increasing volume of Internet based health resources means that decisions about how to trust information and advice encountered online become ever more complicated. As peer-to-peer experiences become a source of health information, lay people are required to evaluate the trustworthiness of such online personal accounts. In this paper, we present two contemporary studies of the negotiation of trust in e-health. The first study explores how people come to select a trustworthy voice from a...

The risk of metacommunication to manage interactional trouble in online chat counseling

Wyke Stommel & Margot Jager
The main handbook on online counseling used in the Netherlands recommends counselors to use metacommunication, i. e. to state what happens during the interaction, in case of interactional trouble. The aim of this study was to explore this interactional strategy by describing how counselors may use metacommunication to respond to interactional problems in online counseling of the “helpline” type (single chat sessions). Data were derived from a corpus of 197 sessions of the Dutch information...

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