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Kevin Heng, Patrick G. J. Irwin & Jae-Min Lee
Directly imaged exoplanets are unexplored laboratories for the application of the spectral and temperature retrieval method, where the chemistry and composition of their atmospheres are inferred from inverse modeling of the available data. As a pilot study, we focus on the extrasolar gas giant HR 8799b, for which more than 50 data points are available. We upgrade our non-linear optimal estimation retrieval method to include a phenomenological model of clouds that requires the cloud optical...

Editors' Note

Adrian Vatter & Markus Freitag

Doing Fieldwork in Eastern Europe: Introduction

Michaela Schäuble

Sarah Green: Notes from the Balkans. Locating Marginality and Ambiguity on the Greek-Albanian Border

Michaela Schäuble

Single hadron response measurement and calorimeter jet energy scale uncertainty with the ATLAS detector at the LHC

Teresa Fonseca Martin, Antonio Ereditato, Andreas Battaglia, Cyril Topfel, Michael Weber, Collaboration ATLAS, Claudia Borer, Valentina Gallo, Lucian Ancu, Sonja Kabana, Basil Schneider, Marco Agustoni, Hans Peter Beck, Sigve Haug, Klaus-Peter Pretzl & Tobias Kruker
The uncertainty on the calorimeter energy response to jets of particles is derived for the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). First, the calorimeter response to single isolated charged hadrons is measured and compared to the Monte Carlo simulation using proton-proton collisions at centre-of-mass energies of root s = 900 GeV and 7 TeV collected during 2009 and 2010. Then, using the decay of K-s and Lambda particles, the calorimeter response to specific...

Computational investigation of function of membrane proteins, Amt/Rh Ammonium transporters and SecY translocon

Simon Bernèche, Sefer Baday & Torsten Schwede
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Simon Bernèche ; Korref.: Torsten Schwede

Discovery of antiprotozoal compounds from medicinal plants

Matthias Hamburger, Irmgard Merfort, Yoshie Hata & Reto Brun
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Matthias Hamburger, Irmgard Merfort, Reto Brun

Satzstruktur und adverbiale Subordination. Eine Studie zum Deutschen und zum Italienischen

Miriam Ravetto & Hardarik Blühdorn
This paper investigates the syntactic behaviour of adverbial clauses in contemporary German and Italian. It focuses on three main questions: (i) How many degrees of syntactic integration of adverbial clauses are there to be distinguished by an adequate grammatical description of the two languages? (ii) Which linear and hierarchical positions in the structure of the matrix sentence can be occupied by adverbial clauses? (iii) Which is the empirical distribution of adverbial clauses introduced by the...

Anglizismen im öffentlich-medialen und sprachwissenschaftlichen Diskurs über die deutsche Sprache und in den Einstellungen der Sprecher

Goranka Rocco
This article explores the discourse on anglicisms in German. The first part is dedicated to the assumptions of language specialists and non specialists regarding foreign words and especially anglicisms, language change and language deterioration. These aspects are analysed with regard to different moments in the recent history of German. The second, empirical part of the article presents the results of an extensive questionnaire study among German university students regarding their attitudes towards the current language...

Identità e alterità nel romanzo \"Amiche per la pelle\" di Laila Wadia

Laura Lazzari
L’articolo si concentra sugli aspetti identitari e sulla rappresentazione dell’alterità nel romanzo di Laila Wadia, "Amiche per la pelle". Nell’immaginario edificio di Via Ungaretti a Trieste, dove è ambientata la vicenda, convivono diverse tipologie di personaggi appartenenti a varie nazionalità: italiana, albanese, bosniaca, cinese e indiana. Il pluralismo e la diversità che caratterizzano i protagonisti offrono una descrizione complessa degli stranieri che non sono definiti in modo fisso e stereotipato, bensì come personalità ibride, multiculturali...

Sguardo di madre – Ordine simbolico, colpa e liberazione in \"Una bambina e basta\" di Lia Levi

Andrea Sartori
This book by Lia Levi can be read both as a document about the persecution of the Jews in Italy, and as a testimonial account of a difficult childhood. Here the young protagonist is in search of herself, in a world permeated with chauvinist rhetoric. This article first analyses the guilt-inducing mechanisms of the symbolic order of anti-Semitism, and reveals the similarities between this process and ideologies of gender domination. The article then borrows the...

Linguistik als Kampfsport – Ein Plädoyer für die Suche nach Paradigmen demokratischen Sprechens in Alltag, Medien und Recht

Friedemann Vogel
Following Bourdieu's notion of applied research this contribution asks for the possibility of linguistics as a kind of "martial art" and "self-defence", i. e. linguistics trying to interfere in society based on a holistic model of human rights and paradigms of democratic speech. In this perspective the text discusses elements of a normative model, which is able to lead linguistic research practices and explores the context of education, law and the media formation of par-ticipation....

Emsian Ammonoidea and the age of the Hunsrück Slate (Rhenish Mountains, Western Germany)

C Bartels, M Poschmann, D Korn, K De Baets & C Klug

\"These forecasts may be substantially different from actual results.\" The use of epistemic modal markers in English and German original letters to shareholders and in English-German translations

Svenja Kranich & Andrea Bicsár
Letters to shareholders (i. e. the first part of a company's Annual Report) represent an interesting genre for the analysis of epistemic modal expressions. They serve the function to present a short overview of the company's main achievements as well as an outlook into the future. They additionally serve a more marketing-oriented goal: to inspire confidence in the company. Epistemic modal expressions (e. g. may, perhaps, probably) are used in texts for two main reasons:...

Schweizer Text Korpus – Theoretische Grundlagen, Korpusdesign und Abfragemöglichkeiten

Christoph Schön, Annelies Häcki Buhofer, Hans Bickel, Markus Gasser & Lorenz Hofer
The SWISS TEXT CORPUS (CHTK) has made it its goal to extensively document the German language of the 20th century in Switzerland. In this way, and in its parallel function as a sub-corpus of the Corpus C4, that will consist of 20 million text words (tokens) each from Germany, Austria, Italy/South Tirol and, as already said, Switzerland, it represents a classical reference corpus both for the standard German language in Switzerland as well as in...

Prototypentheorie und Flexionsmorphologie

Jacques Poitou
This article presents an application of the theory of prototypes to the field of inflectional morphology and especially to the treatment of exceptions. From the assumption that the handling of irregular facts is basically ruled by the same principles of categorization as the handling of regular facts, the article shows on concrete examples of German nouns - weak masculine nouns, feminine nouns with inflected e-plural and er-plural - that the principle of the motivation of...

Akzent auf die Standardsprachen: Regionale Spuren in \"Français fédéral\" und \"Schweizerhochdeutsch\"

Marie-José Kolly
Durch ihren fremdsprachlichen Akzent gibt eine Sprecherin ihre Herkunft, ihre Muttersprache preis. So werden die meisten Deutschschweizer beim Sprechen einer Fremdsprache als solche erkannt. Kann aber aufgrund dieses "Deutschschweizer" Akzents auch erkannt werden, aus welchem Dialektgebiet ein Sprecher stammt? Der vorliegende Beitrag stellt eine empirische Studie zur Perzeption dialektaler Akzente vor. Er beschäftigt sich mit dialektalen Akzenten im Standarddeutschen und im Französischen und zeigt mit quantitativen Methoden auf, dass dialektal bedingte Akzentunterschiede von native speakers...

Es war einmal ein Subjekt

Elke Hentschel
This article deals with the occurrence of es in the subject position in German. It explores the functions of es as the subject of impersonal verbs, impersonal copula constructions and impersonal passive constructions. Explanations are offered to its obligatory and facultative functions in different construction types. The final part of the paper explores through a pilot study the acceptability of es as an expletive element in sentences with two predicates and one subject. Two rules...

ESL, EFL, EIL Revisited: Investigation, Evaluation and Justification of a Shift in the Current ELT Models in Iran

Mohammad Reza Talebinezhad & Mohammad Aliakbari
English language teaching in Iran has usually been considered an EFL model. This position, though common and widespread, seems to need revision in several grounds. Through comparing EFL, ESL and EIL (English as an international language) models based on Smiths (1978) comparative study, the present article reveals that the ELT in Iran no longer follows EFL model. The comparative evaluation makes it clear that in terms of most categories ELT in Iran shows the characteristics...

Der Diskurs in einer marginalisierten Gemeinschaft in Tucumán, Argentinien: der Zauber der Enttäuschung

Edith Lupprich & Elisa Cohen De Chervonagura
In the Juan XXIII neighbourhood (San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina) there is a huge number of NGOs offering aid and support to the community. Although they share this purpose, the volumes and species of capital (economic, social, cultural or symbolic capital) they have at their disposal are sensitively different. To study the relationships between these NGOs, we stress Bourdieu's concept of "field", where social agents – in Gidden's sense – carry out different social and...

Phraseologisches Optimum für Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Ein Vorschlag auf der Basis von Frequenz- und Geläufigkeitsuntersuchungen

Erla Hallsteinsdóttir, Monika Sajánková & Uwe Quasthoff
In this paper we introduce results from two studies on frequency and knowledge of German idioms. The aim of the first study was to determine the frequency of idioms in a written language corpus, and in the second study the native speakers knowledge of idioms was exploited. In both studies selected idioms from dictionaries of idioms and dictionaries for German as a foreign language were used, and here we present the result of the comparison...

Grammatikalisierung und Marginalisierung \"enklitischer Partikeln\" im Tschechischen

Marek Nekula
Im folgenden Beitrag gehe ich zunächst auf die Extension des Begriffs "Partikeln" im Allgemeinen und der Abtönungspartikeln im Besonderen sowie auf ihre Merkmale ein, und zwar mit Blick auf den unterschiedlichen Grad ihrer Grammatikalisierung. Danach stelle ich die wichtigsten Aspekte des Grammatikalisierungsprozesses vor und zeichne den Wandel des tschechischen Partikelsystems nach, bei dem ich mich auf die sog. enklitischen Partikeln beschränke, die funktional den deutschen Abtönungspartikeln nahe stehen.

Die Entwicklung schulisch-standardsprachlicher Kompetenzen in der Volksschule. Eine Quasi-Längsschnittstudie.

Romano Müller & Nora Dittmann-Domenichini
The article presents the theoretical and methodological reflexions guiding the research project "The Development of Cognitive-Academic Language Proficiency of Monolingual and Bilingual Primary and Secondary School Students. A comparison" (2006–2010). (1) The first part gives an overview of immigrant pupils' situations in the Swiss educational system and shows the reasons for their unsatisfying success in school. Swiss school system is mainly defined by an assimilative philosophy not sufficiently taking into account the specific conditions of...

Lexikalische, syntaktische und prosodische Mittel der Differenzierung von KONTRAST und KORREKTUR am Beispiel des Slowakischen

Marcela Adamíková
Dieser Artikel ist die erweiterte und in einigen Punkten revidierte Fassung meiner Magisterarbeit (Adamíková 1996). Behandelt werden slowakische Sätze, die ambig in Bezug auf die Interpretationsarten 'Kontrast' und 'Korrektur' sind (vgl. Lang 1984). In diesen Konstruktionen wird die Konjunktion ale (dt. aber - sondern) für beide Interpretationen verwendet. Dieser Artikel versucht primär die lexikalischen, syntaktischen und prosodischen Mittel zu beschreiben, die der Unterscheidung von Kontrast und Korrektur im Slowakischen dienen. Kontrast wird als Negation der...

An Acoustical Study of the Fricative /s/ in the Speech of Palestinian-speaking Broca's Asphasics – Preliminary Findings

Hisham Adam
This study was conducted with four Palestinian-speaking Broca's aphasics and four normal speakers to examine the production of the fricative /s/ and to analyze the difference in acoustic patterns between the two groups. The acoustic analysis revealed that the Broca's aphasics were able to maintain the phonetic distinction between voiced and voiceless fricatives and did not exhibit voicing or devoicing errors. This result is inconsistent with findings from other languages. The spectral peak of the...

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