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St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 114 : In Esaiam libri XIV-XVIII (vol. III)

Sophronius Eusebius Hieronymus
From the time of Wolfcoz (820-840): Jerome, commentary on Isaiah 14-18.

Der Fokus im Mittelfeld

Michael Richter
In this article a proposal is made for the treatment of a construction which is known under the terminus "verschrnkte Konstruktion" (Kvam 1982); it includes the so called "third construction". Example (1) shows a sentence with a syntactic complement of an infinite verb standing before the governing finite verb: (1) The proposal is made that the NP on the "wrong" place (in (1) it is the indirect object dir) is a focus in the middlefield...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 1452B : Vesperale

Pontifical vesperal of St. Gall Prince-Abbott Cölestin Sfondrati (Abbot 1687–1696). It was found in 1846 among the books of St. Gall friar Notker Hager († 1836). This volume contains the chants for Vespers (antiphones and hymns) for the Feasts of Jesus Christ and for the saints' feast days throughout the church year. Only the incipits are each written in German plainsong notation (“Hufnagelnotation”) on five lines. Each feast is decorated with initials in the style...

Fixational eye movement waveforms in amblyopia: Characteristics of fast and slow eye movements

Sarah Linda Kang, Sinem B. Beylergil, Jorge Otero-Millan, Aasef Shaikh & Fatema Ghasia
Fixational eye movements comprise of fast microsaccades alternating with slow inter-saccadic drifts. These physiologic eye movements play an important role in visual perception. Amblyopic patients are known to have fixation instability, particularly of the amblyopic eye. We examined eye movement abnormalities that contribute to this instability. We found that fixation stability is affected by the presence of fusion maldevelopment nystagmus (FMN). However, some amblyopes can have nystagmus without nasally directed slow phases and reversal in...

Basel, Universitätsbibliothek, N I 3:43 : Fulda Legendary

Dervensis Adso
Bifolio from the third volume (May-June) of a Fulda Legendary that originally consisted of six volumes, commissioned in 1156 by Rugger, monk at Frauenberg Abbey in Fulda (1176-1177 abbot of Fulda as Rugger II). This fragment contains parts of the Vita s. Waldeberti by Adso of Montier-en-Der as well as the Vita s. Macharii heremitae; probably it was written by Eberhard of Fulda. The legendary was still used in the middle of the 16th century...

Semantische Besonderheiten phraseologischer Ausdrücke – korpusbasierte Analyse

Christiane Hümmer
In the linguistic literature, phraseological units have been described as a subgroup of lexical units characterised by a set of morphosyntactic and semantic properties such as idiomaticity, expressiveness, motivation and fixedness. These properties are generally seen as gradual, i. e. their validity for individual phraseological units is a matter of degree, none of them being obligatory. With the increasing importance of corpus linguistics in recent years, there has been a growing interest in grounding all...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 1721 : Sacrarium Sancti Galli, Vol. IV: Description of the festivities on the occasion of the transfers of catacomb saints to churches and monasteries of the Princely Abbey of Saint Gall in the 17th and 18th century

Basilius Balthasar & Kolumban Brändle
In this volume, written primarily in German, the St. Gall custos Fr. Kolumban Brändle (1720−1780) as author and compiler and Brother Gall Beerle (1734−1816) as scribe tell of the festivities that occurred on the occasion of the transfer of catacomb saints to the territory of the Princely Abbey of Saint Gall in the 18th century. The general introduction (fol. Vr – fol. VIIIr) is followed by sometimes extensive documentation about the transfers of Benedict to...

Predicate Decomposition, and Linking Syntax and Semantics: A Brazilian Portuguese Analysis

Márcia Cançado & Luisa Godoy
This paper presents a theoretical proposal on the lexical-syntax relationship, related to verbs. In essence, the proposal consists of two tasks: a) to corroborate the idea of lexically representing verbs by means of a semantic predicate decomposition and, more importantly, b) to propose a linking mechanism between such lexical-semantic level and syntax itself. The contribution of this study consists in the form and manner in which the linking occurs. Even though linking theories abound in...

Correction of Saccade-Induced Midline Errors in Responses to Pure Disparity Vergence Stimuli.

Semmlow, John L.; Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, University Of Medicine And Dentistry Of New Jersey (UMDNJ), New Brunswick, New Jersey USA, Rutgers University, Piscataway, New Jersey USA, Chen, Yung-Fu; Department Of Computer Science And Information Engineering, Dayeh University, Changhua, Taiwan, Alvarez, Tara L.; Department Of Biomedical Engineering, New Jersey Institute Of Technology (NJIT), Newark, New Jersey, USA & Granger-Donnetti, Bérangère; Essilor International, St. Maur, FRANCE
Purely symmetrical vergence stimuli aligned along the midline (cyclopean axis) require only a pure vergence response. Yet, in most responses saccades are observed and these saccades must either produce an error in the desired midline response or correct an error produced by asymmetry in the vergence response. A previous study (Semmlow, et al. 2008) has shown that the first saccade to appear in a response to a pure vergence stimulus usually increased the deviation from...

Biome-BGC MCE 1.4.1

Ferenc Horváth, Zoltán Barcza, Dóra Krasser & Péter Ittzés
Biome-BGC is a process-based biogeochemical model that can be used to simulate carbon, nitrogen and water fluxes of different terrestrial ecosystems. Two models were implemented: Biome-BGC 4.1.1 MPI (Trusilova et al. 2009) and Biome-BGC MuSo 3.0 (Hidy & Barcza 2014). Its has about 40 and 60 various parameters. The only way to estimate or set these parameters is "calibration" (data-model-harmonization or model-data-fusion), which demands a hugh amount of computational capacity. Monte Carlo Experiment (MCE) randomizes...

L'enseignement formel de la science de l'occupation en ergothérapie : un vecteur de changement et de développement pour la profession

Catherine Vallée
Introduction. L’enseignement des sciences de l’occupation s’inscrit souvent dans des cours portant sur les fondements de l’ergothérapie ou sur les interventions fondées sur l’occupation. Rares sont les programmes où ce contenu fait l’objet du cours en soi. S’attarder de manière formelle aux avancées dans ce domaine pose des défis, qui valent la peine d’être relevés, tant sur le plan de l’enseignement, du programme que de la profession.Objectif. Cet article fait état de l’expérience d’un programme...

Analysis of indoor air constituents: total volatile organic compounds (TVOC, PMI)

Noel Bielik & Michel Rotach
The protocol describes the determination of the sum of volatile organic compounds (TVOC) concentrations, expressed as toluene equivalent in air samples collected in an indoor air quality (IAQ) room.

Spoken language-mediated anticipatory eye-movements are modulated by reading ability - Evidence from Indian low and high literates

Pandey, Aparna; University Of Allahabad, India, Huettig, Falk; Max Planck Institute For Psycholinguistics & Radboud University, Nijmegen, Singh, Niharika; University Of Allahabad, India & Mishra, Ramesh K.; University Of Allahabad, India
We investigated whether levels of reading ability attained through formal literacy are related to anticipatory language-mediated eye movements. Indian low and high literates listened to simple spoken sentences containing a target word (e.g., "door") while at the same time looking at a visual display of four objects (a target, i.e. the door, and three distractors). The spoken sentences were constructed in such a way that participants could use semantic, associative, and syntactic information from adjectives...

When East meets West: gaze-contingent Blindspots abolish cultural diversity in eye movements for faces

He, Lingnan; Sun Yat-Sen University, Miellet, Sébastien; University Of Fribourg, Caldara, Roberto; University Of Fribourg, Lao, Junpeng; University Of Glasgow & Zhou, Xinyue; Sun Yat-Sen University
Culture impacts on how people sample visual information for face processing. Westerners deploy fixations towards the eyes and the mouth to achieve face recognition. In contrast, Easterners reach equal performance by deploying more central fixations, suggesting an effective extrafoveal information use. However, this hypothesis has not been yet directly investigated, i.e. by providing only extrafoveal information to both groups of observers. We used a parametric gaze-contingent technique dynamically masking central vision - the Blindspot –...

Enseignement des sciences de l'occupation: soutenir le déploiement des compétences et organiser les situations cliniques dans une approche occupationnelle

Pierre-Yves Therriault, Martine Brousseau, Ginette Aubin & Anick Sauvageau
L’article porte sur l’enseignement des sciences de l’occupation dans un cursus fondé sur le développement des compétences à l’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), qui comprend un baccalauréat de trois ans, suivi d’une maîtrise d’un an et demi. La première section décrit les fondements théoriques et le cadre de l’enseignement des sciences de l’occupation. Ceux-ci ont permis de déployer les compétences de manière évolutive pour la formation en ergothérapie. Les principes de formation dans une...

Bricolage: zwischen dialektaler und globaler Variation – Wie sich Jugendliche über Stilbasteleien sozial positionieren

Esther Galliker
The article presents a sociolinguistic analysis of dialectal conversations in the German part of Switzerland. It focusses on an adolescent peer group, whose members position themselves socially using a wide range of stylistic variation. The highschool students’ community situat-ed in a rural area in the middle of the Swiss Alps co-construct their group identity deliberately combining various types of linguistic variants, styles and languages. Thus, they resort to ele-ments of a widely spread young urban...

Eye-movements in real curve driving: pursuit-like optokinesis in vehicle frame of reference, stability in an allocentric reference coordinate system

Lehtonen, Esko; University Of Helsinki & Lappi, Otto; University Of Helsinki
Looking at the future path and/or the tangent point (TP) have been identified as car drivers’ gaze targets in many studies on curve driving. Yet little is known in detail about these "fixations to the road". We quantitatively analyse gaze behavior at the level of individual fixations in real on-road data. We find that while gaze tracks the TP area, this pattern consists of fast optokinetic movements (smooth pursuit and fast resetting saccadic movements). Gaze...

Bryophyllum pinnatum - metabolite profiling and in vitro effects on porcine detrusor contractility

Ursula Von Mandach, Karin Monika Fürer, Matthias Hamburger & Alex Odermatt
Diss. Phil.-Nat. Univ. Basel, 2014. - Ref.: Matthias Hamburger, Ursula von Mandach, Alex Odermatt

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 285 : Commentary of Hrabanus Maurus on Kings I and II

Maurus Hrabanus
A copy of the commentary of Hrabanus Maurus on the Old Testament books Third- and Fourth Kings, written in the Cloister of St. Gall in the first quarter of the 10th century.

Cytotoxicity assessment of whole aerosol (BAT)

Damien Breheny, Jason Adamson, David Azzopardi, Andrew Baxter, Emma Bishop, Tony Carr, Ian Crooks, Katherine Hewitt, Tomasz Jaunky, Sophie Larard, Frazer Lowe, Oluwatobiloba Oke, Mark Taylor, Simone Santopietro, David David, Benjamin Zainuddin, Marianna Gaça, Chuan Liu, James Murphy & Christopher Proctor
This protocol describes how to evaluate the capacity of the test substances contained in whole aerosol to cause cell death.

The Pragmatics of Hoax Email Business Proposals

Innocent Chiluwa
This study applies the speech acts theory to the study of discourse strategies and functions of hoax email business proposals otherwise known as "419 emails" – '419' being the Nigerian term for all forms of online/financial fraud. The hoax mails are in form of email 'business proposals' involving money transfers/claims of dormant bank accounts overseas. Five types are identified namely: (i) money transfers, (ii) next-of-kin claims, (iii) fortune bequeathing, (iv) charity donations and (v) investment...

Agreement in Persian

Ahmad R. Lotfi
This article investigates agreement as a number marking mechanism in Persian. The mechanism differs from number marking on nominals in that with an inanimate plural subject, the SG verbal ending signals a collective conceptualization of the experience where the members of the group are considered together as a single unit. The PL ending, on the other hand, signals a distributive conceptualization where the entities are individuated; hence, they are considered to be dispersed over space,...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 241 : Paterius, liber testimoniorum. Epistolæ S. Hieronymi et Damasi. Augustini Homiliæ in Ev. S. Iohannis.

Paterius, Papa Damasus I, Sophronius Eusebius Hieronymus & Aurelius Augustinus
A patristic manuscript of unknown provenance from the first half of the 9th century. It contains the Liber Testimoniorum by Paterius, letters exchanged between Jerome and Damasus, selections from the homilies of Augustine on the Gospel of John, the Athanasian Creed with exegesis, and an exegesis of the Our Father.

Eye Movements in Reading: Models and Data

Rayner, Keith; Department Of Psychology, University Of California, San Diego
Models of eye movement control in reading and their impact on the field are discussed. Differences between the E-Z Reader model and the SWIFT model are reviewed, as are benchmark data that need to be accounted for by any model of eye movement control. Predictions made by the models and how models can sometimes account for counterintuitive findings are also discussed. Finally, the role of models and data in further understanding the reading process is...

Porrentruy, Bibliothèque cantonale jurassienne, A2048 : Registre du renouvellement des vœux des Abbé(s) et chanoines du monastère de Bellelay

Paper volume containing the renewals of vows of the canons and abbots of the Premonstratensian Bellelay Abbey between 1735 and 1797.

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