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Activities of fenbendazole in comparison with albendazole against Echinococcus multilocularis metacestodes in vitro and in a murine infection model.

Denise Aeschbacher, Britta Lundström-Stadelmann, Tatiana Küster & Andrew Hemphill
The current chemotherapeutic treatment of alveolar echinococcosis (AE) in humans is based on albendazole and/or mebendazole. However, the costs of treatment, life-long consumption of drugs, parasitostatic rather than parasiticidal activity of chemotherapy, and high recurrence rates after treatment interruption warrant more efficient treatment options. Experimental treatment of mice infected with Echinococcus multilocularis metacestodes with fenbendazole revealed similar efficacy to albendazole. Inspection of parasite tissue from infected and benzimidazole-treated mice by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) demonstrated...

The isotope composition of selenium in chondrites constrains the depletion mechanism of volatile elements in solar system materials

Ingo Leya, Klaus Mezger & Hauke Vollstaedt
Solar nebula processes led to a depletion of volatile elements in different chondrite groups when compared to the bulk chemical composition of the solar system deduced from the Sun's photosphere. For moderately-volatile elements, this depletion primarily correlates with the element condensation temperature and is possibly caused by incomplete condensation from a hot solar nebula, evaporative loss from the precursor dust, and/or inherited from the interstellar medium. Element concentrations and interelement ratios of volatile elements do...

Aktive Entspannung als protektiver Faktor gegen die negativen Effekte subjektiven Druckerlebens auf die Leistung

Alex Bertrams & Chris Englert
Es wurde die Annahme untersucht, dass Personen durch die Ausübung aktiver Entspannungstechniken nach einer Selbstkontrollaufgabe die negativen Effekte von Ego Depletion auf die anschließende Leistung unter Druck kompensieren können. N = 39 erfahrene Basketballspieler wurden zufällig einer Entspannungsbedingung oder einer Kontrollbedingung zugeordnet und führten eine Serie von Freiwürfen zu zwei Messzeitpunkten durch (T1: Baseline vs. T2: nach einer Ego Depletion Aufgabe und entweder einer Entspannungsübung oder einer einfachen Pause). In der Entspannungsbedingung blieb die Leistung...

Fasnacht in Luzern um 1500

Heidy Greco-Kaufmann

Origin of ferroelectric polarization in tetragonal tungsten-bronze-type oxides

Nicola A. Spaldin, Gerhard Henning Olsen, Ulrich Johannes Aschauer, Sverre Magnus Selbach & Tor Grande

Recurrence Metrics for Assessing Eye Movements in Perceptual Experiments

, &
In a recent study evaluating the impact of image content on the consistency of eye movements in perceptual experiments (Farnand, 2013) image complexity was inversely related to scanpath consistency. This work involved a qualitative analysis of eye movements along with analysis of the number and duration of fixations. No quantitative analysis of scan path consistency was performed. Recently, Anderson et al. developed a quantitative tool - Recurrence Quantification Analysis - for analyzing eye movement patterns...

Idiosyncratic Feature-Based Gaze Mapping

It is argued that polynomial expressions that are normally used for remote, video-based, low cost eye tracking systems, are not always ideal to accommodate individual differences in eye cleft, position of the eye in the socket, corneal bulge, astigmatism, etc. A procedure to identify a set of polynomial expressions that will provide the best possible accuracy for a specific individual is proposed. It is also proposed that regression coefficients are recalculated in real-time, based on...

Perioden mit Smileys. Zum Verhältnis von Emoticons und Interpunktion

Veronika Uhrová & Karsten Rinas
This study deals with smileys/emoticons which are frequently used in e-mails, chats and other modern types of text. The use of these signs is analyzed from the viewpoint of the theory of writing; special attention is paid to the question of the relationship of these signs to (German) punctuation. For this purpose, smileys and traditional punctuation are compared under various aspects (emotionality, irony, structuring of text). Another component of this study is a discussion of...



The effects of long (C20/22) and short (C18) chain omega-3 fatty acids on keel bone fractures, bone biomechanics, behavior, and egg production in free-range laying hens.

F Booth, S B Brown, J F Tarlton, G Richards, L J Wilkins, Michael Jeffrey Toscano & N C Avery
Keel fractures in the laying hen are the most critical animal welfare issue facing the egg production industry, particularly with the increased use of extensive systems in response to the 2012 EU directive banning conventional battery cages. The current study is aimed at assessing the effects of 2 omega-3 (n3) enhanced diets on bone health, production endpoints, and behavior in free-range laying hens. Data was collected from 2 experiments over 2 laying cycles, each of...

Dose-dependent effects of experimental infection with the virulent Neospora caninum Nc-Spain7 isolate in a pregnant mouse model.

Andrew Hemphill, Joachim Müller, Luis Miguel Ortega-Mora, Adriana Aguado Martinez, David Arranz Solis & Javier Regidor-Cerrillo
Pregnant BALB/c mice have been widely used as an in vivo model to study Neospora caninum infection biology and to provide proof-of-concept for assessments of drugs and vaccines against neosporosis. The fact that this model has been used with different isolates of variable virulence, varying infection routes and differing methods to prepare the parasites for infection, has rendered the comparison of results from different laboratories impossible. In most studies, mice were infected with similar number...

Junge Ärzte gewinnen und halten - das sind die Schlüsselfaktoren.

Sven Streit, Christof Stirnimann & Guido Stirnimann
Die Bedürfnisse der jungen Ärzte haben sich geändert. Eine intakte Work-Life-Balance und sozialverträgliche Arbeitsbedingungen sind wichtiger geworden. Durch gezieltes Personalmanagement können sich Spitäler einen entscheidenden Wettbewerbsvorteil schaffen.

Molecular Characterization and Risk Factors of Giardia duodenalis among School Children from La Habana, Cuba

Luis Enrique Jerez Puebla, Isabel Martínez Silva, Yuliet Méndez Sutil, Norbert Müller, Lucía Ayllón Valdés, Fidel A. Núñez, Lázara Rojas Rivero, Iraís Atencio Millán & Marta Martínez González
Giardia duodenalis is considered the most common protozoan infecting humans worldwide. Molecular characterization of G. duodenalis isolates has revealed the existence of eight groups (assemblages A to H) which differ in their host distribution. A cross-sectional study was conducted in 639 children from La Habana between January and December 2013. Two assemblage-specific PCRs were carried out for the molecular characterization. The overall prevalence of Giardia infection was 11.9%. DNA from 63 of 76 (82.9%) samples...

A vaccine formulation combining rhoptry proteins NcROP40 and NcROP2 improves pup survival in a pregnant mouse model of neosporosis.

Javier Regidor-Cerrillo, Andrew Hemphill, Gema Álvarez-García, Alicia García-Culebras, Iván Pastor-Fernández, Luis M Ortega-Mora, David Arranz-Solís & Carmen Cuevas-Martín
Currently there are no effective vaccines for the control of bovine neosporosis. During the last years several subunit vaccines based on immunodominant antigens and other proteins involved in adhesion, invasion and intracellular proliferation of Neospora caninum have been evaluated as targets for vaccine development in experimental mouse infection models. Among them, the rhoptry antigen NcROP2 and the immunodominant NcGRA7 protein have been assessed with varying results. Recent studies have shown that another rhoptry component, NcROP40,...

In vitro effects of new artemisinin derivatives in Neospora caninum-infected human fibroblasts.

Mahbubur Rahman, Richard K Haynes, Vera Manser, Andrew Hemphill, Joachim Müller, Pablo Arnold Winzer & Vreni Balmer
From a panel of 34 artemisinin derivatives tested in vitro, artemisone, GC007 and GC012 were most efficacious at inhibiting Neospora caninum replication (IC50 values of 3-54nM), did not notably impair the invasiveness of tachyzoites and were non-toxic for human foreskin fibroblasts (HFFs). Transmission electron microscopy of drug-treated N. caninum-infected HFFs demonstrated severe alterations in the parasite cytoplasm, changes in the composition of the matrix of the parasitophorous vacuole (PV) and diminished integrity of the PV...

Die Wegnahme des Fleisches

Heidy Greco-Kaufmann


Elke Hentschel

Die Entwicklungslogik der nominalen Determinativkomposition im Deutschen – verstanden als Grammatikalisierung

Martina Werner
Under the assumption of an individually grammatical semantics of word-formation types, this paper deals with the development of determinative compounding in the history of German from an inner-morphological perspective. Diachronically, the former research observed that German nouns have become “longer”, i. e. more complex (firstly been formulated by Wurzel 1996). Additionally, some morphological restrictions within nominal compounding have been documented for historical stages of German, but some of them cannot be attested in present-day German....

A Radiation Oncology Based Electronic Health Record in an Integrated Radiation Oncology Network

David S. Parda, Athanasios Colonias, T. Horrigan, Marc Luick, Richard Billy, Stephen M. Karlovits, Staci Strickland, Russell Fuhrer, E. Day Werts & Mark G. Trombetta
Purpose: The goal of this ongoing project is to develop and integrate a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) throughout a multi-facility radiation oncology network to facilitate more efficient workflow and improve overall patient care and safety. Methodology: We required that the EHR provide pre-defined record and verify capability for radiation treatment while still providing a robust clinical health record. In 1996, we began to integrate the Local Area Network Treatment Information System (LANTIS®) across the...

Zika Virus as a Cause of Neurologic Disorders.

Christopher Dye, Maria Almiron, Sylvain Aldighieri, Maurane Riesen, Marcos Espinal, Asheena Khalakdina, Nicola Low, Fabienne Krauer & Nathalie Broutet
Zika virus infections have been known in Africa and Asia since the 1940s, but the virus's geographic range has expanded dramatically since 2007. Between January 1, 2007, and March 1, 2016, local transmission was reported in an additional 52 countries and territories, mainly in the Americas and the western Pacific, but also in Africa and southeast Asia. Zika virus infections acquired by travelers visiting those countries have been discovered at sites worldwide. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes...

Magnetic resonance imaging and computer tomography of brain lesions in water buffaloes and cattle stunned with handguns or captive bolts

Dominic Gascho, Michael Hubert Stoffel, Beat P. Kneubühl, Steffen G. Ross, Barbara Kathrin Schwenk, Matthieu Glardon & Isabel Lechner
Owing to the demand for genuine mozzarella, some 330 water buffaloes are being slaughtered every year in Switzerland albeit a stunning procedure meeting animal welfare and occupational safety requirements remains to be established. To provide a basis for improvements, we sized anatomical specifics in water buffaloes and cattle and we assessed brain lesions after stunning with captive bolts or handguns by diagnostic imaging. In water buffaloes and cattle, the median distance from the frontal skin...

Visual-auditory differences in duration discrimination of intervals in the subsecond and second range

N. Borter, S. J. Troche & T. H. Rammsayer
A common finding in time psychophysics is that temporal acuity is much better for auditory than for visual stimuli. The present study aimed to examine modality-specific differences in duration discrimination within the conceptual framework of the Distinct Timing Hypothesis. This theoretical account proposes that durations in the lower milliseconds range are processed automatically while longer durations are processed by a cognitive mechanism. A sample of 46 participants performed two auditory and visual duration discrimination tasks...

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