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Transfer of motor learning in a visuomotor tracking task for healthy old and young adults

Lutz Jäncke, Mike Martin & Kai Lutz

Portfolios - ein Beitrag zur Demokratisierung des Lernens und der Leistungsbeurteilung

F Winter & T Häcker

Von offenen Aufträgen und anderem mehr

F Winter & A Pfau

Determination of the source dwell position of an afterloading device with a detector array

Markus Arn, Samuel Peters, Ferdinand Breithuth, Wolf Seelentag & Johann Schiefer
It was the aim to develop and test a measurement technique for the source position of an afterloading system using an electronic two-dimensional detector array (2D array). A "GammaMed plus IX" high dose rate afterloading device (Varian Medical Systems, Palo Alto, USA), and a Seven29 2D detector array (PTW Freiburg GmbH, Freiburg, Germany) have been used. A hollow needle has been connected to the afterloading device. Its outer diameter is 3.0 mm and its length...

A Radiation Oncology Based Electronic Health Record in an Integrated Radiation Oncology Network

David S. Parda, Athanasios Colonias, T. Horrigan, Marc Luick, Richard Billy, Stephen M. Karlovits, Staci Strickland, Russell Fuhrer, E. Day Werts & Mark G. Trombetta
Purpose: The goal of this ongoing project is to develop and integrate a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) throughout a multi-facility radiation oncology network to facilitate more efficient workflow and improve overall patient care and safety. Methodology: We required that the EHR provide pre-defined record and verify capability for radiation treatment while still providing a robust clinical health record. In 1996, we began to integrate the Local Area Network Treatment Information System (LANTIS®) across the...

Fruktosemalabsorption : Stellungnahme der AG Nahrungsmittelallergie in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allergologie und klinische Immunologie (DGAKI)

M Henzgen, Z Szépfalusi, J Kleine-Tebbe, M Raithel, T Fuchs, S Vieths, U Lepp, B Niggemann, I Reese, S Erdmann, U Jappe, B K Ballmer-Weber, K Beyer, T Werfel, I Huttegger, M Worm, T Zuberbier, J Saloga & C Schäfer

Optimization methods and stability of inclusions in Banach Spaces

B Kummer & D Klatte

Discovery in the New Economy - why entrepreneurs may not contract with investors

H Dietl, E Franck & S Winter

Ophthalmological findings in Joubert syndrome

E Boltshauser, K Landau, A Poretti, H Leiba, M N Menke, E M Valente & V Sturm


F Winter

Evaluation of a motorized morcellator for laparoscopic removal of granulosa-theca cell tumors in standing mares

A Fürst, M Jackson, F Theiss & M Kummer

In vivo and in vitro activity and mechanism of action of the multidrug cytarabine-L-glycerylyl-fluorodeoxyuridine

K Smid, G J Peters, I V Bijnsdorp, S Schott, H Schott, I Fichtner, A C Laan & R Schwendener

Internet-Start-ups - Ein neuer Wettbewerber unter den \"Filteranlagen\" für Humankapital

C Opitz & E Franck

Potential link between fibropapillomatosis in Hawai'ian marine turtles and non-native algae

M Ackermann

The skill-weights approach on firm specific human capital: empirical results for Germany

U Backes-Gellner & J Mure

The role of gingivitis in the loss of periodontal attachment and teeth

M Schätzle

On second-order Taylor expansion of critical values

S Bütikofer, D Klatte & B Kummer

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