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Ein Testfall für den Wissenschaftsstandort. Die Aufregung um den Wirtschaftsethiker Ulrich Thielmann

Andreas G Scherer, Anton Leist & Guido Palazzo

Ergänzungen zu \"Perlboote und Ammonshörner weltweit\"

H U Ernst & C Klug

Smithian (Early Triassic) ammonoids from the Salt Range, Pakistan

D Ware, E Schneebeli-Hermann, K Rehman, A Yaseen, P A Hochuli, H Bucher, T Brühwiler & G Roohi

Die Entwicklung der Zahnmedizin in Anatolien

Derya Barlas

Monographie des Echinides contenus dans les couches nummulitiques de l'Egypte

P. De Loriol
par P. de Loriol

Another effect of group diversity: Educational composition and workers' pay

Simone N Tuor & Uschi Backes-Gellner

The opposition to a globalised international economy

Bruno Wüest

Regmentation: A New View of Image Segmentation and Registration

Marius Erdt, Georgios Sakas & Sebastian Steger
Image segmentation and registration have been the two major areas of research in the medical imaging community for decades and still are. In the context of radiation oncology, segmentation and registration methods are widely used for target structure definition such as prostate or head and neck lymph node areas. In the past two years, 45% of all articles published in the most important medical imaging journals and conferences have presented either segmentation or registration methods....

Palaeozoic ammonoids - diversity and development of conch morphology

D Korn & C Klug

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