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Étudier l'écrit SMS: Un objectif du projet sms4science

Thomas François & Louise-Amélie Cougnon
This paper details an international project called sms4science that aims to collect text message corpora (hereafter referred to as "SMS corpora") from across the globe for scientific research. The project already has ten participating regions, including Belgium, Réunion, Switzerland and Quebec. This article first presents the initial corpora collected from these four areas (resulting in a combined total of 116'000 text messages) and the accompanying methodology. It then exposes the research possibilities related to it:...

Wellington 2013 – «Solo le storie sono capaci di colmare gli squarci del dolore. Solo le storie ci aiutano a sopravvivere»: Autobiographic Traces in the Narratives of Dacia Maraini

Alex Standen
La pubblicazione di "Bagheria" nel 1993 e di "La nave per Kobe" nel 2001 rappresenta per Dacia Maraini un grande passo verso il genere dell’autobiografia, e l'inizio di un più meditato passaggio in direzione dell’autorappresentazione, processo che continuerà in “La grande festa” (2011) e “Chiara di Assisi – Elogio della disobbedienza” (2013). Si tratta comunque di un genere con cui per Maraini è arduo confrontarsi, come ha già ammesso in passato. Questo saggio considera alcune...

A Rational Informatics-enabled approach to Standardised Nomenclature of Contours and Volumes in Radiation Oncology Planning

Alexis Andrew Miller
The standardising of nomenclature in the radiotherapy planning process has deep implications for the abilityof the profession to examine the adequacy of construction of radiotherapy plans in outcomes research, particularly in relation to disease control and toxicity generation. This paper proposes an interim standardisednomenclature which can be used by any institution as a template for a mappable local standard.The nomenclature is systematically constructed using the Foundational Model of Anatomy, ICRU Report 50 and ICRU report...

Pour un apprenant réfléchissant

Françoise Demaizièrey, Elsa Chachkine & Eva Schaeffer-Lacroix
In this paper, we present a foreign language learning approach inviting the learner to reflect on the linguistic system. We define "the reflecting learner" as a thinking being who decides to engage in thinking rather than following the teacher's invitation to reflect on his or her performed action. After describing our references (the theory of enunciative operations, the conceptualisation approach, etc.), we give an overview of the main questions which must be answered when designing...

Developing a tool for crowd-sourcing to Verify a Radiation Oncology Ontology: a Summer Project

Joshua Pratt, Evan Morrison, Vishal Pandian & Alexis Andrew Miller
We have been unable to find a verified, published Radiation Oncology Ontology. We undertook the process of verifying a Radiation Oncology Ontology with a mixture of crowd-sourcing and expert-based approaches to verify relationships in the ontology. We used a natural language based approach to portray concepts and relationships, surveying users to assess the relationships between concepts in the Radiation Oncology ontology. The work used a description of a patient's history expressed in XML. The natural...

Language contact phenomena in the language use of speakers of German descent and the significance of their language attitudes

Veronika Ries
Within the scope of my investigation on language use and language attitudes of People of German Descent from the USSR, I find almost regular different language contact phenomena, such as viel bliny habn=wir gbackt (engl.: 'we cooked lots of pancakes') (cf. Ries 2011). The aim of analysis is to examine both language use with regard to different forms of language contact and the language attitudes of the observed speakers. To be able to analyse both...

Zur semantisch-pragmatischen Erweiterung der Abtönungsfunktion bei polnischen Modalpartikeln aus kontrastiver Sicht (Deutsch-Polnisch)

Magdalena Szulc-Brzozowska
The present paper deals with the problem of the pragmatic equivalence between the German and the Polish modal particles. The author focuses on two pairs of particles, which have got an identical invariant meaning, such as the German particle aber and the Polish particle ale(ż) or the German particle ja and the Polish particle no. The correspondence and the no-correspondence of the use of this particles in the same sentence and situations context is considered...

RadOnc: An R Package for Analysis of Dose-Volume Histogram and Three-Dimensional Structural Data

Reid F. Thompson
Purpose/Objectives: Dose volume histogram (DVH) data are generally analyzed within the context of a treatment planning system (TPS) on a per-patient basis, with evaluation of single-plan or comparative dose distributions. However, TPS software generally cannot perform simultaneous comparative dosimetry among a cohort of patients. The same limitations apply to parallel analyses of three-dimensional structures and other clinical data. Materials/Methods: We developed a suite of tools ("RadOnc" package) using R statistical software to better compare pooled...

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 543 : Manfred Barbarini Lupus, Chants in four parts for the Liturgy of the Hours for the principal feast days of the liturgical year

Diethelm Blarer Von Wartensee, Manfred Barbarini Lupus & Heinrich Keller
Large-format antiphonary with chants in four parts, written and illuminated between 1562 and 1564. By order of Prince-Abbot Diethelm Blarer (1530-1564), the Italian Manfred Barbarini Lupus from Correggio composed the pieces for four voices - antiphons, responsories, hymns and psalms for the principal feast days of the liturgical year as well as passions according to Matthew, Mark and Luke. Father Heinrich Keller (1518-1567) wrote the text and the illuminator Kaspar Härtli from Lindau on Lake...

Concord patterns with collective nouns in Hong Kong English. With illustrative material from the International Corpus of English (Hong Kong component)

May Lai-Yin Wong
This corpus-based study reports on both a quantitative and qualitative account of the use of collective nouns in Hong Kong English, with particular reference to subject-verb agreement/concord patterns. Singular concord was found to be the preferred pattern among thirty-five collective nouns under interrogation in the ICE-HK corpus. It is argued that the preference for singular concord serves as a signal that Hong Kong English might be less conservative than British English in converging towards the...

Hochdeutsch im Kindergarten

Mathilde Gyger
According to the results of the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) the linguistic competencies of Swiss students need to be improved. Currently, there is a strong tendency to ban local Swiss-German dialects from Swiss schools, including nursery-schools, and to replace them by Standard High-German more or less completely. Since parts of the Swiss-German speaking population have strong reservations about High-German or at least the use of High-German in nursery-schools, school authorities look for scientific...

Editorial: Spotlight on Methods in Linguistics: A Collection of Project-Based Examples

Michelle Waldispühl, Jacqueline Scherer, Britta Juska-Bacher & Ursula Ritzau

Wellington 2013 – Ippolita rinascimentale: le Amazzoni americane nell’epica italiana

Carla Aloé
This paper analyses the mythography of ‘New World Amazons’ as it appears in Renaissance Italian epic poems, tracing perceptions of the myth from the discovery of America to the first half of the seventeenth century. The first part of the article documents the literary history of such legends, focusing in particular on the delayed advent of American Amazons in Italian verse. One reason for this, I argue, is that poets were unable to distance themselves...

Kreativität und Formelhaftigkeit in der Realisierung von Komplimenten: Ein deutsch-kamerunischer Vergleich

Bernard Mulo Farenkia
The large literature on compliments so far reveals that the way these speech acts are uttered depends on languages, countries or cultures. A look at the compliment behaviour of Germans and Americans for instance shows that they are fond of formulaic expressions. The present paper aims at underscoring that most Cameroonians, unlike most Germans, use variable, complex and imaginative structures to express praise or admiration. The study particularly focuses on stylistic and lexical devices.

"Sprachpraxis" and Mass Customization

Conor Geiselbrechtinger
The language component of a degree in English in Germany, or "Sprachpraxis" as it is known in some universities, has in recent years faced a number challenges. Not only are German universities adapting to the B.A./M.A. system but also the very nature of teaching English globally, primarily teaching English as a Lingua Franca (E.L.F.), has had profound effects. This paper aims to explore the most salient questions that have arisen with regard to issues such...

Sguardo di madre – Ordine simbolico, colpa e liberazione in "Una bambina e basta" di Lia Levi

Andrea Sartori
This book by Lia Levi can be read both as a document about the persecution of the Jews in Italy, and as a testimonial account of a difficult childhood. Here the young protagonist is in search of herself, in a world permeated with chauvinist rhetoric. This article first analyses the guilt-inducing mechanisms of the symbolic order of anti-Semitism, and reveals the similarities between this process and ideologies of gender domination. The article then borrows the...

Zur Rolle der Dolmetschnotizen beim Konsekutivdolmetschen. Ein Erfahrungsbericht

Jana Laukovà
This paper deals with the note-taking system in consecutive interpretation. It discusses the relevance and usefulness of taking notes as well as some essential issues relating to problems which note-taking presents, e.g. whether note-taking can be learnt. If yes, which method is the best one? Symbol for everything or noting words? Which one is the most effective technique? Which language to prefer? The foreign or the target language? Or, another case, is it better to...

Wann sind Kognaten erkennbar? Ähnlichkeit und synchrone Transparenz von Kognatenbeziehungen in der germanischen Interkomprehension

Robert Möller
The possibilities of intercomprehension (= receptive multilingualism within a language family, here restricted to reading comprehension) strongly depend on cognate words and on the transparency of their relationships, which are often obscured by diverging phonological developments in the individual languages. This article presents results of two tests in which German subjects were to find German cognates to words from unknown Germanic languages. The focus of our attention is on the phonological aspect: Does transparency of...

On the Focusing Function of Focusing Adverbs: A Discussion Based on Italian Data

Anna-Maria De Cesare
This paper discusses the focusing function of the so-called focusing adverbs. Based on Italian data, drawn mainly from authentic linguistic corpora, I will provide evidence of the fact that, despite their name, focusing adverbs are not always focusing. They can have a weak, a strong or an anti-focusing effect. The different focusing effects of these forms will be accounted for by showing that they are determined modularly by the interplay of prosodic, syntactic and informational...

Anmerkungen zum Salienzbegriff in der Soziolinguistik

Peter Auer
In this paper I argue that the psychological notion of salience should be kept strictly apart from its causes and effects (on language change or language accommodation). I further argue that we should distinguish between physiological, cognitive and sociolinguistic factors contributing to salience. Finally, it is argued that salience based on social stereotyping is the best predictor of change and accommodation, but needs to be supported by the right evaluation of the salient feature in...

Cultural Studies, Critical Theory and Critical Discourse Analysis: Histories, Remembering and Futures

Terry Threadgold
In this paper I have explored some of the histories which inevitably connect, but also differentiate, critical discourse analysis and cultural studies. I have argued that both are strongly influenced by the versions of critical theory which have been characterised as 'postmodernism' and 'poststructuralism' and that both could benefit not only from some serious engagement with the several disciplines from which their interdisciplinarity is derived but also from some further in depth exploration of the...

PROsaiq: A Smart Device-Based and EMR-Integrated System for Patient-Reported Outcome Measurement in Routine Cancer Care

Alexis Andrew Miller & Thilo Schuler
The PROsaiq prototype, which is based on the use of smart devices, was developed to show the technical feasibility of a lean, low-cost ePRO system that integrated with the oncology information system MOSAIQ to provide the potential for benefits in routine patient care, and improved data for clinical research. The system was built with Free & Open Source Software and trialled for a limited number of assessments. The report describes the components used, the decisions...

Operations Research Methods for Optimization in Radiation Oncology

Matthias Ehrgott & Allen Holder
Operations Research has a successful tradition of applying mathematical analysis to a wide range of applications, and problems in Medical Physics have been popular over the last couple of decades. The original application was in the optimal design of the uence map for a radiotherapy treatment, a problem that has continued to receive attention. However, Operations Research has been applied to other clinical problems like patient scheduling, vault design, and image alignment. The overriding theme...

Dialogizität in der chinesischen und deutschen SMS-Kommunikation – eine kontrastive Studie

Susanne Günthner & Saskia Kriese
This article presents a dialogical approach to Chinese and German SMS communication. SMS- interactions have frequently been studied from a 'monological point of view', looking at single SMS-messages. In this article, we will develop a dialogically grounded perspective on the interactive dynamics and the social activities constructed in everyday SMS dialogues. Based on SMS data from Chinese and German students, we will argue that - even though production and reception of SMS messages are removed...

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