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Surface water floods in Switzerland: what insurance claim records tell us about the damage in space and time

Volker Prasuhn, Daniel B. Bernet & Rolf Weingartner

Typing yourself healthy: Introduction to the special issue on language and health online

Franziska Thurnherr & Miriam A. Locher
This chapter functions as an introduction to the special issue on Language and Health Online, which features 10 original research papers. It reviews the results of the papers and the joint emerging themes: the impact of technical and social affordances of computer-mediated interaction; discovering an emic perspective of health issues, uncovering health ideologies, and the theme of patient empowerment; the construction of identities, the construction of shared experiences, and the use of narratives. The diverse...

Investors’ Risk Perceptions of Structured Financial Products with Worst-of Payout Characteristics

Martin Wallmeier, Claude Messner & Alexis H. Kunz
We conduct an experiment to investigate how investors assess the risk of Reverse Convertibles that link the payout to the worst performing stock of a pool of underlying assets. Based on theory from psychology, we conjecture that investors’ risk perception can be systematically biased downwards via the strategic selection and composition of the underlying assets. We predict and find that adding relatively safe assets to a risky underlying asset decreases perceived investment risk despite the...

Conception d’un outil d’évaluation du fonctionnement quotidien pour les personnes présentant un trouble de personnalité limite, le Fonctionnement au quotidien avec un trouble de la personnalité Borderline (FAB)

Pierre David, Richard Boyer, Nadine Larivière, Julie J. Desrosiers, Félix Antoine Bérubé, Johanne Desrosiers & Frédéric Pérusse
Introduction. Le trouble de la personnalité limite (TPL) entraîne des conséquences majeures sur le quotidien des personnes qui en sont affectées. Sans une iden­ti­fi­cation rigoureuse des sphères fonctionnelles déficientes, la réadaptation peut s’avé­rer imprécise. Les mesures actuelles du fonctionnement utilisées auprès de la cli­en­tèle ayant un TPL sont générales et ne couvrent pas toutes les sphères déficitaires pour ce trouble.Objectif. Cet article présente le processus de conception d’un questionnaire visant à éva­luer le fonctionnement au...

Gaze Strategies in skateboard trick jumps: Spatiotemporal constraints in complex locomotion

André Klostermann & Philip Küng
Purpose. This study aimed to further the knowledge on gaze behavior in locomotion by stud-ying gaze strategies in skateboard jumps of different difficulty that had to be performed ei-ther with or without an obstacle. Method. Nine experienced skateboarders performed “Ollie” and “Kickflip” jumps over either an obstacle or over plane surface. The stable gaze at five different areas of interest was calculated regarding its relative duration as well as its temporal order. Results. Over the...

Diversity and dynamics of rare and of resident bacterial populations in coastal sands

Christopher Quince, Susan M Huse, Angélique Gobet, Antje Boetius, Simone I Böer, Alban Nicolas Ramette, Mitchell L Sogin & Justus E E Van Beusekom

Probabilistic approach to robust wearable gaze tracking

Kristian Lukander, & Kai Puolamäki
This paper presents a method for computing the gaze point using camera data captured with a wearable gaze tracking device. The method utilizes a physical model of the human eye, advanced Bayesian computer vision algorithms, and Kalman filtering, resulting in high accuracy and low noise. Our C++ implementation can process camera streams with 30 frames per second in realtime. The performance of the system is validated in an exhaustive experimental setup with 19 participants, using...

Workshop on \"Kiranti Culture in Contemporary Nepal\", Vienna, 4-5 April 2014

Marion Wettstein
Workshop Report

Romanisierung als Schritt zur „Modernisierung” des Mazedonischen

Constantin-Ioan Mladin
This investigation aims to outline the contribution that Romanic languages had to the finalization of the configuration of the modern Macedonian language, both in terms of common language and of technical terms. More specifically, the paper aims: 1) to identify Romanic idioms that have influenced to some extent the Macedonian language, either indirectly (through another language such as French, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese) or directly (through Romanian – Dacoromanian and Aromanian, or through Meglenoromanian); 2)...

Optical In-Situ Monitor – A Step towards European Space-Based Debris Observations

T. Flohrer, Lionel Séraphin Charles Métrailler, N. Lievre, L. Ferreira, J. Utzmann & G. Vives

Requirements for observation scenarios to maintain a catalogue of space debris objects in geosynchronous region

Thomas Schildknecht, A. Hinze & H. Fiedler
Optical observations for space debris in the geosynchronous region have been performed for many years. During this time, observation strategies, processing tech- niques and cataloguing approaches were successfully developed. The importance of protecting this orbital region from space debris requires continuous surveying and monitoring in order to support collision avoidance operations. Further observations of the objects, providing information for orbit improvement calculations, are helping to maintain high accuracy ephemeris of the catalogued objects. This paper...

Rapid Characterization of Geosynchronous Space Debris with 5-color Near-IR Photometry

A.D. Block, Thomas Schildknecht, K. Rockowitz, H. Alyson Ford, V. Reddy & E. Pearce
The characterization of deep space debris has posed a significant challenge in SSA. To be most operationally effective, characterization must be performed quickly and under non-ideal operational conditions, generally using non-resolved techniques. The use of multi-color photometry and the resultant color indices in the near and short- wave IR offer the potential to rapidly discriminate between debris and intact space objects such as rocket bodies and satellites. Specifically, the color indices surrounding the near-IR Z...

Distinguishing Active Box-Wing and Cylindrical Geostationary Satellites using IR Photometry with NASA’s WISE Spacecraft

J.J. Murray-Krezan, D. Bedard, C.J. Grillmair, C.H. Lee, Thomas Schildknecht, R.M. Cutri & P. Seitzer
Over 860 observations of 245 box-wing (BW) and 18 cylindrical (C) active geostationary satellites (GEOsats) have been extracted from the thousands of resident space objects (RSOs) serendipitously detected by NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). In 2010, WISE performed an all-sky infrared (IR) survey at 3.4, 4.6, 12, and 22 microns simultaneously from low Earth orbit (LEO). For GEOsats, these wavelengths are in the reflective and thermal IR regimes, and all observations were obtained near...

Attitudes toward immigrants in European societies: editorial

Moshe Semyonov & Eldad Davidov

The Use of a Single Budget or Separate Budgets for Planning and Performance Evaluation

Markus Christopher Arnold & Martin Artz
Budgeting has different functions in the firm that are not necessarily congruent with each other but conflict. Specifically, in many firms, budgets are simultaneously set and used for both operative planning and performance evaluation. Although prior literature recommends using different budget levels for different purposes to resolve potential conflicts between these functions, empirical evidence indicates that the majority of firms use a single budget level for planning and performance evaluation. To examine the questions of...

Archaeology of the Alpine Space. Research on the foothills, valley systems and high mountain landscapes.

Julian Laabs, Mirco Brunner & Albert Hafner
Археологія альпійського простору. Дослідження передгір’їв, долинних систем та високогірних ландшафтів Альп В даній статті наводяться приклади ландшафтних археологічних досліджень в альпійському регіональному контексті. Як навколо, так і в самих Європейських Альпах ландшафти відзначаються великою різноманітністю. Найбільш істотні ландшафтні відмінності спостерігаються на висотах, що мають відмітки від 400 до 3000 ібільше метрів над рівнем моря. Основними топографічними ознаками регіону являються горбисті альпійські передгір’я, широкі внутрішні долини, що заходять далеко в самі Альпи та високогірні зони, які...

Hub of medical expertise or medicalised conveyor-belt? Sharing meanings online on the hospital birth setting

Antoinette Fage-Butler
In 2014, the official risk advice in the UK regarding birth setting was altered given scientific evidence that for low-risk groups, home births are safer than hospital births. As hospital births were previously the de facto recommendation, and pregnant women in the UK now need to consider their birth setting options carefully, many go online, seeking advice about birth setting options from their peers. In this paper, I investigate how the hospital birth setting is...

Ego depletion in sports: Highlighting the importance of self-control strength for high-level sport performance

Christoph Englert
Athletes are constantly confronted with self-control demands, but previous research has delivered sound empirical evidence that athletes are not always capable of dealing with these demands. According to the strength model of self-control, individuals have a limited amount of self-control strength, which can become temporarily depleted following self-control demands (e.g., attention regulation). When self-control strength is depleted, that is, in a state of ego depletion, athletes are less persistent during strenuous physical exercise, are less...

The heavy weight of death: How anti-fat bias is affected by weight-based group membership and existential threat

Simon Schindler, Ann Seibert & Marc-André Reinhard
Anti-fat bias is marked by a devaluation of overweight people compared with non-overweight persons. Even though belonging to the same group, research on social identity theory (SIT) indicates that overweight people also devaluate overweight others. Merging insights from research on anti-fat bias, SIT, and terror management theory, our study (n = 101) provides new insights on motivational aspects of anti-fat bias by investigating the effects of existential threat on the evaluation of non-overweight and overweight people. Results...

The biologic response of human anterior cruciate ligamentocytes on collagen-patches to platelet-rich plasma formulations with and without leucocytes.

Daniela Angelika Frauchiger, Sandro Kohl, Benjamin Gantenbein, Sufian Ahmad, Romina Silvia Cabra, Rahel May & Anna Krismer
Due to the poor self-healing capacities of the anterior cruciate ligament, previous primary repair attempts have failed. To enhance biologic healing, platelet rich plasma and collagen scaffold have shown promise in animal models. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is already used in several clinical applications although outcomes are quite debated. The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of different PRP formulations during 21 days: with leucocytes and pure PRP on human anterior cruciate...

Strategies of cities in globalized interurban competition: the locational policies framework

David Kaufmann & Tobias Arnold
Globalized interurban competition affects cities of various sizes and cities in various locations. Cities have to find ways to position themselves in global markets by formulating locational policies. To capture this wide range of policies, this paper develops an analytical framework of locational policies that is interdisciplinary informed by theories of economic geography and political science. We compare the cities of Lucerne and Ulm as two case studies that illustrate the added value of the...

Expressivity in chain-based modal logics

George Metcalfe & Michel Marti
We investigate the expressivity of many-valued modal logics based on an algebraic structure with a complete linearly ordered lattice reduct. Necessary and sufficient algebraic conditions for admitting a suitable Hennessy-Milner property are established for classes of image-finite and (appropriately defined) modally saturated models. Full characterizations are obtained for many-valued modal logics based on complete BL-chains that are finite or have the real unit interval [0,1] as a lattice reduct, including Łukasiewicz, Gödel, and product modal...

A Randomized Trial of Intensive versus Standard Blood-Pressure Control.

Stefano Rimoldi, Sripal Bangalore & Franz H Messerli

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