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Theaterpublikum – das unbekannte Wesen. Annäherungen an eine vernachlässigte Figur

Doris Kolesch
L’enquête artistique sur le rôle et la fonction du public n’a pas commencé avec l’Art de la Performance dans les années 1960. Tout le 20e siècle a été marqué par l’expérimentation, la transformation et le questionnement de ce qu’est un public et de ce qu’il devrait faire ou ne pas faire. Alors que Bertolt Brecht demandait un nouvel »art de regarder« et qu’Antonin Artaud exigeait de plonger les spectateurs dans un »bain d’électricité psychique où...

Mitwirkungsrechte der Arbeitnehmenden im schweizerischen Arbeitsrecht – Einfluss des Arbeitsvölkerrechts und des EU-Arbeitsrechts

Kurt Pärli
Demokratie spielt im schweizerischen Selbstverständnis eine zentrale Rolle. In einem scharfen Kontrast zu den weitreichenden politischen Mitbestimmungsrechten stehen in der Schweiz die rechtlichen Möglichkeiten der Mitbestimmung am Arbeitsplatz und im Unternehmen. Vorschläge für eine stärkere Verankerung der Partizipationsrechte der Arbeitnehmenden hatten politisch keine Chance. Es bedurfte vielmehr einen Anstoss von Aussen – der geplante EWR Beitrag –, damit die heute geltende minimale Mitwirkungsregelung Eingang in schweizerisches Recht fanden.So deckt sich heute das schweizerische Recht der...

The effects of public diplomacy on country identity in countries with different language regions and cultures: The case of Switzerland

Diana Ingenhoff & Dominique Richner
The aim of this study is to explore the existing differences in (regional) country identity between the two biggest language regions of Switzerland, and the effects that differently-framed public diplomacy messages have on these country identities. To analyze the heterogeneous dimensions of regional country identity in the two language regions and the effects of public diplomacy messages, an experimental study with four different groups was conducted. The results show that a) even within one country,...

The Audience as (Moved) Mass. Suddenly everywhere is black with people by Marcelo Evelin

Regina Rossi
Audience interaction and participation in the performing arts has increased since the late 1990s, as evidenced in performances by LIGNA, Gob Squad, Rimini Protokoll and SIGNA as well as in museum work by Tino Sehgal, to name only a few examples from contemporary theatre in the German-speaking area. Stagings and variations of interaction and participation have by now been well-researched in the field of theatre and dance scholarship, with the exception however of systematic-scientific analyses...

Physical measurements of aerosol/and or smoke (PMI)

Pascal Pratte
The protocol describes the impactor technique used to characterize the particle/droplet size distribution of the aerosol. The physical properties of an aerosol determine the fraction of aerosol that is able to pass through the upper respiratory tract to reach the lungs and the fraction that is retained on the respiratory system.

Multimodal Document Management in Radiotherapy, an Update

Harald Fahrner, Mark Gainey, Martin Vogel, Stefan Kirrmann, Felix Ernst Heinemann & Marianne Schmucker
Background: In 2013, we presented a study entitled “Multimodal document management in radiotherapy”, demonstrating the excellent routine performance of the system about four years after its initiation by evaluating a sample of n=500 documents. During this time the system saw additional developments and significant improvements: the most important innovative step being the automatic document processing. This has been completely reworked, to minimize staff-machine interaction, to increase processing speed and to further simplify the overall document...

Who trusts the news media? Exploring the factors shaping trust in the news media in German-speaking Switzerland

Dorothee Arlt
Although a decline of trust in the news media can be observed in many countries, in international comparison, Switzerland is still considered one of the countries with a relatively high level of media trust. Nevertheless, knowledge concerning the factors that promote and hinder media trust in Switzerland is still limited. Building on the research on media trust and media scepticism, this study investigates the effects of political orientation, political disenchantment, populist attitudes, and news exposure...

Taste-making in turbulent times: Vogue and its social networks

Rachel Matthews
Vogue is a long-standing taste-making institution, with a reputation for drawing together a selection of the most fashionable people, places, and products in its monthly magazine. In the mass-communication systems of the twentieth century, expert knowledge conveyed through monthly magazines was important and effective. However, the digital context of the twenty-first century enables instant access to fashion information, influences and influencers, allowing us to be as informed as many experts. The paper uses Actor-Networks (Latour,...

Communicating seduction. Luxury fashion advertisements in video campaigns

Paula Von Wachenfeldt
This study examines the different themes of communication that take place in video ad campaigns deriving from the French luxury fashion houses Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Cartier and Hermès. By using semiology as a method we were able to recognize the themes of adventure, seduction, love and play in the videos. This study explores also how the myth becomes an important meaning-maker of the luxury commodity and fills it with sensations and pleasure. Unlike all...

Validation of the Scale of confidence in practising as a professional occupational therapist (SCPPOT)

Daphnée Fortin, Johanne Desrosiers, Élise Yim, Éric Constantin, Annabelle Blanchette & Raphaël Delorme
Introduction. Occupational therapy students’ confidence in their ability to perform occupational therapists’ various tasks, i.e. their self-efficacy in practising as a professional occupational therapist, affects their performance and professional development. Thus one of the desired outcomes of any occupational therapy training program is to increase students’ self-efficacy in practising as a professional occupational therapist, hence the interest in measuring it. Because there was no valid tool specifically measuring this concept, the Scale of confidence in...

Aerosol Generation and Analysis of Test Atmospheres (Apoe-/- mice THS2.2 switching study, PMI)

Blaine Phillips
In order to expose in a reproducible manner, the aerosols were generated under specific conditions and well characterized.

Editorial: Fashion communication: Between tradition and digital transformation

Lorenzo Cantoni, Nadzeya Kalbaska & Teresa Sádaba
We are happy and thrilled to introduce this thematic section of Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS), devoted to Fashion Communication. It was about two years ago when we first discussed the idea in Madrid: then we got the approval by SComS Editors, published the call, and eventually secured the outstanding collection of papers you have in your hands (or on your screen). A long and enriching journey, full of interactions, conversations, views and reviews, a...

Mélanie Levasseur

Sylvie Tétreault
Sans résumé.

Insulter, Ignorer, Manipuler. La Politique avec le public d’après Peter Handke (d’ Ivana Müller et Claudia Bosse)

Nikolaus Müller-Schöll
Dans le contexte des études récentes sur la théorie et historiographie du théâtre concernant le spectateur, la pièce Publikumsbeschimpfung de Peter Handke marque le début de la dissolution successive d’une certaine conception de l’acteur et du public, qui s’était établie entre le milieu du 18e et la fin du 19e siècle comme paradigme du théâtre moderne. D’un côté, Handke a pu se baser sur la redécouverte du spectateur actif – tel qu’il l’était probablement à...

Communicating material characteristics in a digital age: Three case studies in independent fashion

Alexandra Tuite
This article focuses on the intersection of the material and the digital in the independent fashion sector, with a focus on ways in which digital media and contemporary communication tools are being used to unite them. It explores the tension between the opportunities provided to small business in the contemporary media landscape and its use in a sector closely associated with a nostalgic valorisation of material qualities related to nature, artisanship and luxury. It further...

Observing Spectating?

Stefanie Husel
Zeitgenössisches postdramatisches Theater, immersive Installationen, Walks und/oder Games weisen unmissverständlich darauf hin, dass Kunst- beziehungsweise Theatermacher_innen sich nicht mehr mit einem lediglich zuschauenden Publikum begnügen möchten. Schon aus diesem Grund ist es obsolet, das Zuschauen im Theater erforschen zu wollen. Allerdings wird auch dem ganz traditionellen, distanzierten Zuschauen Unrecht getan, wenn es als passiv und leibfern beschrieben wird; ich möchte daher vorschlagen, das Wahrnehmen im Theater (und ähnlichen Settings) als eine mit dem Körper vollzogene...

Enabling workers to prevention: Description of Quebec occupational therapists' practices aiming to establish the antecedents of preventive behaviours at work

Pierre-Yves Therriault & Alexandra Lecours
Introduction. Occupational therapists have a unique expertise in enabling workers to adopt prevention behaviours. However, their practices in this area have not been studied yet. Aim. The aim of this study was to describe Quebec occupational therapists’ practices related to the antecedents of preventive behaviours at work. Method. According to a mixed descriptive research design, semi-structured interviews were conducted with 13 occupational therapists working in occupational health. Interviews were designed to document the importance, frequency,...


Stefan Marschner
To a solution of 933 mg of the porphyrin (1.54 mmol, 1.00 equiv.) in 385 mL CHCl3 were added 0.38 mL pyridine (377 mg, 4.77 mmol, 3.10 equiv.). The mixture was cooled to 0 °C and 646 mg NBS were added, as well as 50 mg in intervals of 30 min respectively, until a complete conversion was observed by TLC (∑ 746 mg, 4.19 mmol, 2.72 equiv.). After addition of the last portion, the reaction...

Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid (BALF) Characterization (Apoe-/- mice THS2.2 switching study, PMI)

Blaine Phillips
In order to assess inflammatory status of the lungs, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid can be collected and diverse analyses performed in order to characterize inflammatory cells, proteins, and enzymatic (proteolytic) activity.

The impact of attitudes towards influencers amongst millennial fashion buyers

Teresa Sádaba, Patricia SanMiguel & Simone Guercini
The aim of this paper is to identify influencers and the way they affect the behavior of millennial buyers in the process of consuming fashion goods. The paper examines the literature on opinion leaders, ranging from the origins of the concept to its developments within the context of the Internet. The shift from influential to influencer and the different types of influencer are examined and certain hypotheses regarding the role of influencers (including all the...

Storie di Storia - Oxford 2015: Solo donne coraggiose nella "Stanza" di Laura Curino

Simona Scattina
La battaglia delle donne per l’accesso alla cultura diventa una metafora di coraggio nel teatro di Laura Curino. Con Una stanza tutta per me, tratto da A room of one’s own di Virginia Woolf, celebre testo del 1928, l’attrice rivisita un testo “dotto” in una chiave personale e feconda. Lo spettacolo della Curino, con il garbo e l’ironia che la contraddistinguono, partendo dal pamphlet realizza un monologo dialogato, articolato in sei capitoli più un prologo,...


Alex Braun
A mixture of phenylhydrazine (4.00 g, 37.0 mmol, 1.00 equiv.), NaOAc (6.07 g, 74.0 mmol, 2.00 equiv.) and 3-methyl-2-butanone (4.78 g, 55.5 mmol, 1.50 equiv.) in 40 mL acetic acid was heated to 110 °C and stirred for 4 h. After cooling down of the reaction mixture to room temperature the residue was dissolved in dichloromethane. The organic phase was washed with Na2CO3-solution and with NaCl-solution. The organic phase was dried over Na2SO4 and the...

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