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Liège -7000 ans, les derniers chasseurs préhistoriques de Wallonie : Archéologie du Mésolithique et Expérimentation ; Rapports d'études préliminaires des zones 19 et 20 des fouilles de Tivoli

Eva DAVID & René-Ginouvès Prod. Maison Archéologie Et Ethnologie
Exhumé par le Service Public de Wallonie, un matériel archéologique inédit a été retrouvé à l’archéoforum de Liège (Tivoli). Daté de la transition Mésolithique-Néolithique, il pose la question du mode de vie des derniers chasseurs-cueilleurs à l’arrivée des premiers colons agro-pasteurs, il y a environ 7000 ans. Les premiers résultats de l’étude sont livrés, ainsi que ceux des tests expérimentaux conduits au Préhistosite de Ramioul. Ces derniers ont notamment permis de retrouver des techniques préhistoriques...

The Exploitation System of Yellow-billed Magpie (Pica nuttalli)

Oscar Bfsadmin

Stripping of Clay from the South End of the "B" Orebody at Steep Rock Iron Mine, Ontario

H. B. Sutherland
The following notes have been written after study of a plan presented by Mr. W. Samuel regarding the clay stripping from the South end of the "B" Orebody. Mr. Samuel proposes to reduce the varved clay to a level of approximately 1145 feet in two operations, the clay so removed flowing to Falls Bay. The slopes to the pit are then to be formed by sluicing and pumping the material to Falls Bay. Modifications to...

ARM Climate Modeling Best Estimate Lamont, OK (ARMBE-CLDRAD SGPC1)

Renata McCoy & Shaocheng Xie
The ARM CMBE-CLDRAD [Xie, McCoy, Klein et al.] data file contains a best estimate of several selected cloud and radiation relevant quantities from ACRF observations

Die Rote Höhle (Crvena Stijena) bei Bileca/Jugoslawien – Vorbericht –

Djuro Basler, Mirko Malez & Karl Brunnacker
More than 20 m of sediments containing many animal remains and prehistoric objects have been exposed in the Crvena Stijena (Red Cave), Jugoslavia. The first entry into the cave was made by men close to the Levalloisian culture. They were followed by men of the Moustérien, younger Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and finally Ceramic cultures. As regards to the fauna (more than 40 species and subspecies) varied spoil of hunters form the major element of the assemblage....

Historic Daily Meteorology Data (FIFE)

The FIFE Historic Daily Meteorology Data Data Set is one of the historical data sets used for the FIFE project. The data set contains data back to January, 1900. This data set was prepared for input into models, therefore, no leap days (February 29) are included. Daily weather observations of air temperature and precipitation were made by Kansas State University. The observations are made according to the procedures outlined by the National Weather Service (Anonymous...

Vasorelaxant Effect of a Newly Synthesized Dihydropyridine Ethyl Ester (DHPEE) on Rat Thoracic Aorta: Dual Mechanism of Action

Hossein Babaei, Farzaneh Ebrahimi, Javid Shahbazi Mojarrad, Yadollah Azarmi & Afsaneh Gharehbagheri
Introduction: DHPEE is a newly synthesized compound by merging the key structural elements in an angiotensin receptor blocker (Telmisartan) with key structural elements in 1,4- dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker (Nifedipine). In this study, we examined dual calcium channel blocking and AT1 antagonist activity for DHPEE. Methods: The functional inhibitory characteristics of DHPEE were studied in vitro in rat thoracic aorta preparations precontracted by phenylephrine (1µM) or KCl (80µM) or Ang II in normal or calcium-free...

In Vivo RVFV Susceptibility Screen

Sungyong Won

JISC UK Web Domain Dataset (1996-2010)

The UK Web Archive

Fluctuations of Glaciers Database

World Glacier Monitoring Service (WGMS)
Internationally collected, standardized dataset on changes in glaciers (length, area, volume, mass), based on in-situ and remotely sensed observations, as well as on reconstructions

Internet Ad2

I Bayer

Calibration procedures and first data set of Southern Ocean chlophyll-a profiles collected by elephant seal equipped with a newly developed CTD-fluorescence tags

Christophe Guinet, Xiaogang Xing, Pascal Monestiez, Stéphane Marchand, Baptiste Picard, Thomas Jaud, Matthieu Authier, Cédric Cotté, Anne Cécile Dragon, Emily Diamond, David Antoine, Philipp Lovell, Stephane Blain, Fabrizio Dortenzio & Hervé Claustre
In-situ observation of the marine environment has traditionally relied on ship-based platforms. The obvious consequence is that physical and biogeochemical properties have been dramatically undersampled, especially in the remote Southern Ocean (SO). In this research program, we use an innovative sampling fluorescence approach to quantify phytoplankton concentration at sea. For the first time, a low energy consumption fluorometer was added to Argos CTD- SRDL tags, and these novel instruments were deployed on 27 southern elephant...

The discovery of gold in the graves of Chiriqui, Panama

Lothrop, Samuel, AUTHOR (Null)

Development of a Fuel Package for Use in the Fire Performance of Houses Project

A. C. Bwalya, D. W. Carpenter, J. M. Kanabus-Kaminska, G. D. Lougheed, J. Z. Su, B. C. Taber, N. Bénichou, A. Kashef, C. J. McCartney, A. Bounagui & J. R. Thomas
Development of A Fuel Package for Use in the Fire Performance of Houses Project"This report documents a series of bench- and medium-scale calorimetric tests to develop a fuel package for use in Phase 1 full-scale experiments to simulate a basement living area fire in a house. A polyurethane foam sofa mock-up combined with wood cribs was developed as the fuel package for full-scale fire scenario tests in the Fire Performance of Houses facility.

POD! Fish- DFG Salvage data- Daily count and length information (1979-2006)

Ryan Mayfield

P4.1 Hohe Dehnraten bei Hopkinson Bar Test gemessenmit Digitaler Bildkorrelation

E. Moser & T. Siebert
Digitale Bildkorrelationstechniken wurden erfolgreich für hochgenaue Verformungsanalysen in einer breiten Anwendungspalette eingesetzt. Mit zwei Kameras können dreidimensionale Messungen von Konturen und Verformungen durchgeführt werden. Die schnelle Entwicklung bei digitalen Aufnahmegeräten, in der Computertechnologie und den Hochgeschwindigkeitskameras eröffnen neue Horizonte für diese Messmethode in der Analyse sehr schneller Verformungen und Dehnungen. Beispielhaft hierfür werden Versuche an Hopkinson Bar Testaufbauten vorgestellt. Aufgrund der sehr kurzen Vorgänge von etwa 100μs und hohen Dehnraten von über 1000 s-1 ergeben...

Aspen Forest Cover by Stratum/Plot (SNF)

The purpose of the Superior National Forest (SNF) study was to improve our understanding of the relationship between remotely sensed observations and important biophysical parameters in the boreal forest. A key element of the experiment was the development of methodologies to measure forest stand characteristics to determine values of importance to both remote sensing and ecology. Parameters studied were biomass, leaf area index, above ground net primary productivity, bark area index and ground coverage by...

An Overview of the Scientific Computing Division

National Center For Atmospheric Research & University Corporation For Atmospheric Research
This document is an expanded revision of An Overview of NCAR's Computing Environment (NCAR/TN-177+IA). It contains a new chapter describing the various departments within SCD and the major components of the SCD computing systems, as well as three appendices containing technical information for the interested reader. The other chapters have been updated to include the latest information on subjects of interest to visitors and users of SCD's computing equipment.

Steinmeere und ihre Strukturen im Saarland

Georg Selzer


Keith Brewster Beth Plale

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