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Adsorption of Dy on Graphite (0001) Surface: Nucleation and Growth at 300 K

Emma Kwolek, Huaping Lei, Ann Lii-Rosales, Mark Wallingford, Yinghui Zhou, Cai-Zhuang Wang, Michael Tringides, James Evans & Patricia Thiel

Mannheimer Innovationspanel (MIP), Scientific-Use-Files

Christian Rammer, Thorsten Doherr, Martin Hud, Bettina Peters & Paul Hünermund
Das ZEW erhebt seit 1993 jährlich Daten zum Innovationsverhalten der deutschen Wirtschaft. Die Innovationserhebung deckt die Bereiche Bergbau, verarbeitendes Gewerbe, Energie, Baugewerbe, unternehmensnahe Dienstleistungen und distributive Dienstleistungen ab. Sie ist für Deutschland repräsentativ und ermöglicht Hochrechnung für die deutsche Wirtschaft insgesamt sowie für einzelne Branchengruppen. Es wird im Auftrag des BMBF und in Kooperation mit infas und dem Fraunhofer-ISI durchgeführt. Das MIP ist gleichzeitig der deutsche Beitrag zu den Community Innovation Surveys (CIS) der Europäischen...

Dead Animals occurrence database

Bán Miklós
This is a fully open database for dead animals' occurrence data

Provincial Parks Campground Occupancy Data

Tourism, Department Of Economic Development And

N-ICE2015 buoy data

Polona Itkin, Gunnar Spreen, Bin Cheng, Martin Doble, Sebastian Gerland, Mats A. Granskog, Jari Haapala, Stephen R. Hudson, Lars Kaleschke, Marcel Nicolaus, Alexey Pavlov, Aleksey Shestov, Harald Steen, Jeremy Wilkinson & Conrad Helgeland
### Introduction This dataset contains GPS and sensor data from buoys deployed on sea ice north of Svalbard in the spring of 2015. The data is described and used in Itkin et al (2017) [Thin ice and storms: a case study of sea ice deformation from buoy arrays deployed during N-ICE2015](https://doi.org/10.1002/2016JC012403), Provost et al (2017) [Observations of flooding and snow‐ice formation in a thinner Arctic sea‐ice regime during the N‐ICE2015 campaign: Influence of basal ice...

Data from: Piscivorous fish exhibit temperature-influenced binge feeding during an annual prey pulse

Nathan B. Furey
To assess binge-feeding in fish, short-term consumption was measured for bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) in both lab and field conditions. Consumption was compared to mass- and temperature-specific maximum sustainable consumption rates (Cmax). In addition, bioenergetic simulations were generated to assess how binge-feeding affected bull trout consumption of outmigrant sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) smolts and growth during realistic conditions (outmigration of smolts from a British Columbian lake in 2013 and 2014). Data here include the size,...

Basic Mock Data Challenge 2

Majid Naeimi, Neda Darbeheshti, Henry Wegener, Axel Schnitger, Sujata Goswami, Guy Apelbaum, Santoshkumar Burla, Balaji Devaraju, Jakob Flury, Gerhard Heinzel, Martin Hewitson & Meike List
The data are the results of a pure dynamic orbit integration, in which only a static Earth’s gravity field model is taken as the force model. Hence other disturbing forces such as tides, drag, solar radiation pressure etc. are not included. The LRI data, provided in daily files with 5-second sampling rate contain 16 columns. The first four columns are: GRACE time, range, range_rate, range_accl. Columns 5 through 16 shall not be used and contain...

University of Alberta Vascular Plant Herbarium (ALTA-VP)

University Of Alberta Museums
The Vascular Plant Herbarium is a research and teaching resource for the study of evolution, diversity, distribution and ecology of cordilleran, prairie, arctic and alpine plants. It is the largest herbarium of its kind in Alberta, and the third largest in Western Canada. Founded in 1912, the herbarium holds more than 120,000 specimens dating from 1835 to the present and is built upon the collecting activities of faculty members and students, as well as the...

Scientometrics by Zipf-Mandelbrot distribution on Wikipedia

Luc Emile Brunet
This paper presents an application of the zip-Mandelbrot law to a large (655000) set of scientific publications in Wikipedia. The Zipf-Mandelbrot distribution shows a very good fit to the number of citations versus rank curve.

The Risk of Nano-Particles in Deodorants – How Literate Are Young People?

Doris Elster, Mara Sozio, Marie Eschweiler, Julia Schindler & Anja Voigt
In this empirical study the risk literacy of young people in the context of nanotechnology is investigated. Therefore, a Risk Literacy Model (RLM) based on the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) by Petty and Cacioppo [1] is developed. The RLM differentiates between the processing of information regarding risk assessment, which is based on either a deeper cognitive analysis (central route), or on the use of peripheral cues (peripheral route). Target group are 12th Graders (N =...

GNSS, seismic broadband and strong motion permanent networks in West Indies

Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris- IPGP
The WI network is composed of stations geographically distributed all along the Lesser Antilles subduction zone, from Grenada in the south, to St Barthélémy in the north. The stations all share the following features: (1) very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite telemetry, (2) solar power and 10-day battery, (3) multi sensor stations with broadband seismometer (Nanometrics - Trillium120s or 240s) , accelerometer (Kinemetrics - Episensors +/- 2G) and continuous GNSS (Trimble, NetR9), (4) vault and...

Mt. Bachelor Observatory 2015 data

Daniel Jaffe

APGD: Alpine precipitation grid dataset

Francesco Isotta & Christoph Frei
A spatial analysis of precipitation over the territory of the European Alps and adjacent flatland regions (4.8-17.5°E / 43-49°N, 47.6°N in France). The distribution of precipitation (rainfall plus snow water equivalent, in mm) is estimated for all days of the period 1971-2008. Estimates are based on measurements at high-resolution rain-gauge stations (more than 8500 in total) from meteorological and hydrological services. The analysis is provided on a regular grid in the ETRS89-LAEA coordinate system, with...

Search for point sources with first year of IC86 data

IceCube Collaboration
IceCube performed a search for point-like sources of neutrinos using four years of IceCube data, including the first year of data from the completed 86-string detector, taken between May 2011 and May 2012. This release includes only data from the first year of data-taking with the full IC86 configuration.

V. TERRESTRIAL RADIOISOTOPES IN ENVIRONMENT. International Conference on Environmental Protection

Tibor Kovács, Edit Tóth-Bodrogi & Gergő Bátor

Coastal Data Information Program, SIO/UCSD

SIO/UCSD Coastal Data Information Program

Drug Design Data Resource Grand Challenge 2015 Dataset: HSP90 - Heat shock protein 90

Drug Design Data Resource (D3R)
As detailed elsewhere [Symon Gathiaka, Shuai Liu, Michael Chiu, Jeanne A Stuckey, You Na Kang, Huanwang Yang, Stephen K. Burley, W. Patrick Walters, Jim Delproposto, Ginger Kubish, James B. Dunbar, Jr., Heather A. Carlson, Rommie E. Amaro, Victoria A. Feher and Michael K. Gilson. D3R Grand Challenge 2015: Evaluation of Protein-Ligand Pose and Affinity Predictions. JCAMD, 2016, (in press)], the HSP90 dataset is based on enzyme inhibition data contributed by Abbvie Pharmaceuticals to CSAR, D3R’s...

Intrapersonal correlates of motivational climate perceptions in sport and physical activity

Richard Keegan
The purpose of this study was to systematically review and appraise the achievement goal literature (1990–2014) with a view to identifying the intra-individual correlates of motivational climate perceptions, and to identify research gaps and avenues in need for further development. Four databases were searched, leading to 104 published studies being sampled (121 independent samples) that met inclusion criteria. Correlates were grouped into 17 categories and qualitative analysis focussed on identifying the associations predicted by achievement...

Southern California Coastal Ocean Obeserving System

Southern California Coastal Ocean Obeserving System

CRREL/UCSB Energy Site

Michael Colee

Materials Data on Lu2OsPd (SG:225) by Materials Project

Kristin Persson
Computed materials data using density functional theory calculations. These calculations determine the electronic structure of bulk materials by solving approximations to the Schrodinger equation. For more information, see https://materialsproject.org/docs/calculations

Ammonoid Locomotion

Christian Klug, Amane Tajika, John Chamberlain & Carole Naglik

Archivio dei possessori

Orsola Braides, Elisabetta Sciarra & Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana
The AP is a project collecting data and photographic records of data referring to the owners of the Library’s printed books and manuscripts: bookplates, stamps, ownership and readers’ notes, and binding marks. The project aims at reconstructing the history of the Library’s holdings and of every single item. It is part of a broader project supported by the Marciana focusing on the history of its holdings and collections, as well as on single exemplars, and...

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