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Multivariate Data Analysis for Neuroimaging Data: Overview and Application to Alzheimer's Disease

Christian G. Habeck, Yaakov Stern & Alzheimer'S Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
As clinical and cognitive neuroscience mature, the need for sophisticated neuroimaging analysis becomes more apparent. Multivariate analysis techniques have recently received increasing attention as they have many attractive features that cannot be easily realized by the more commonly used univariate, voxel-wise, techniques. Multivariate approaches evaluate correlation/covariance of activation across brain regions, rather than proceeding on a voxel-by-voxel basis. Thus, their results can be more easily interpreted as a signature of neural networks. Univariate approaches, on...

ICP Etching of Silicon for Micro and Nanoscale Devices

Michael David Henry
The physical structuring of silicon is one of the cornerstones of modern microelectronics and integrated circuits. Typical structuring of silicon requires generating a plasma to chemically or physically etch silicon. Although many tools have been created to do this, the most finely honed tool is the Inductively Couple Plasma Reactive Ion Etcher. This tool has the ability to finesse structures from silicon unachievable on other machines. Extracting structures such as high aspect ratio silicon nanowires...

Longitudinal Medication Usage in Alzheimer Disease Patients

Carolyn W. Zhu, Elayne E. Livote, Kristin Kahle-Wrobleski, Nikolaos Scarmeas, Marilyn Albert, Jason Brandt, Deborah Blacker, Mary Sano & Yaakov Stern
This study examined in detail patterns of cholinesterase inhibitors (ChEIs) and memantine use and explored the relationship between patient characteristics and such use. Patients with probable Alzheimer disease AD (n=201) were recruited from the Predictors Study in 3 academic AD centers and followed from early disease stages for up to 6 years. Random effects logistic regressions were used to examine effects of patient characteristics on ChEIs/memantine use over time. Independent variables included measures of function,...

Kajian Keretakan Drum Bagian Atas Pada Ketel Uap Pipa Air

Purwo Subekti & Sunarno
Boiler tube basically consists of (drum), which closed at the end of the trial stem, where on the inside of the drum there are pipes that serves to drain water or hot gases. In boiler operations are expected not to crash (damage) but the fact is still an interruption in its operations, this led to the cessation of company activities that result in the loss to be borne by the company. The purpose of this...

Kajian Keretakan Drum Bagian Atas Pada Ketel Uap Pipa Air

Purwo Subekti & Sunarno
Boiler tube basically consists of (drum), which closed at the end of the trial stem, where on the inside of the drum there are pipes that serves to drain water or hot gases. In boiler operations are expected not to crash (damage) but the fact is still an interruption in its operations, this led to the cessation of company activities that result in the loss to be borne by the company. The purpose of this...

Estimation and Validation of a Multiattribute Model of Alzheimer Disease Progression

Eric Stallard, Bruce Kinosian, Arthur S. Zbrozek, Anatoliy I. Yashin, Henry A. Glick & Yaakov Stern
OBJECTIVES: To estimate and validate a multiattribute model of the clinical course of Alzheimer disease (AD) from mild AD to death in a high-quality prospective cohort study, and to estimate the impact of hypothetical modifications to AD progression rates on costs associated with Medicare and Medicaid services. DATA AND METHODS: The authors estimated sex-specific longitudinal Grade of Membership (GoM) models for AD patients (103 men, 149 women) in the initial cohort of the Predictors Study...

Do Neuropsychological Tests Have the Same Meaning in Spanish Speakers as They Do in English Speakers?

Karen L. Siedlecki, Jennifer J. Manly, Adam M. Brickman, Nicole Schupf, Mingxin Tang & Yaakov Stern
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to examine whether neuropsychological tests translated into Spanish measure the same cognitive constructs as the original English versions. METHOD: Older adult participants (N = 2,664), who did not exhibit dementia from the Washington Heights Inwood Columbia Aging Project (WHICAP), a community-based cohort from northern Manhattan, were evaluated with a comprehensive neuropsychological battery. The study cohort includes both English (n = 1,800) and Spanish speakers (n = 864) evaluated...

Interaction-induced spin polarization in quantum dots

M.C. Rogge, E. Räsänen & Rolf J. Haug
The electronic states of lateral many-electron quantum dots in high magnetic fields are analyzed in terms of energy and spin. In a regime with two Landau levels in the dot, several Coulomb-blockade peaks are measured. A zigzag pattern is found as it is known from the Fock-Darwin spectrum. However, only data from Landau level 0 show the typical spin-induced bimodality, whereas features from Landau level 1 cannot be explained with the Fock-Darwin picture. Instead, by...

Mobilities and scattering times in decoupled graphene monolayers

H. Schmidt, T. Lüdtke, P. Barthold & Rolf J. Haug
Folded single-layer graphene forms a system of two decoupled monolayers being only a few angstroms apart. Using magnetotransport measurements we investigate the electronic properties of the two layers conducting in parallel. We show a method to obtain the mobilities for the individual layers despite them being jointly contacted. The mobilities in the upper layer are significantly larger than in the bottom one indicating weaker substrate influence. This is confirmed by larger transport and quantum scattering...

General practitioners' perceptions of the effectiveness of medical interventions: an exploration of underlying constructs.

Florian Vogt, David Armstrong & Theresa Marteau

Quantum confinement effects in Si/Ge heterostructures with spatially ordered arrays of self-assembled quantum dots

Oleksiy B. Agafonov, Christian Dais, Detlev Grützmacher & Rolf J. Haug
Magnetotunneling spectroscopy was employed to probe the confinement in vertical Si/Ge double-barrier resonant tunneling diodes with regularly distributed Ge quantum dots. Their current-voltage characteristics reveal a steplike behavior in the vicinity of zero bias, indicating resonant tunneling of heavy-holes via three-dimensionally confined unoccupied hole states in Ge quantum dots. Assuming parabolic confinement, we extract the strength of the confinement potential of quantum dots. © 2010 American Institute of Physics.

High-order cumulants in the counting statistics of asymmetric quantum dots

Christian Fricke, Frank Hohls, Nandhavel Sethubalasubramanian, Lukas Fricke & Rolf J. Haug
Measurements of single electron tunneling through a quantum dot (QD) using a quantum point contact as charge detector have been performed for very long time traces with very large event counts. This large statistical basis is used for a detailed examination of the counting statistics for varying symmetry of the QD system. From the measured statistics we extract high order cumulants describing the distribution. Oscillations of the high order cumulants are observed when varying the...

Beschreibung des Kurfürstenthums Hessen

Georg Landau
Layoutgetreues Digitalisat der Ausg.: Kassel : Fischer, 1842 Standort: Universität Marburg, Zentralbibliothek <4> Signatur: VIII C 49 Bemerkungen: (Hassiaca)

Dependence as a Unifying Construct in Defining Alzheimer's Disease Severity

Trent McLaughlin, Howard Feldman, Howard Fillit, Mary Sano, Frederick Schmitt, Paul S. Aisen, Christopher Leibman, Lisa Mucha, J. Michael Ryan, Sean D. Sullivan, D. Eldon Spackman, Peter J. Neumann, Joshua Cohen & Yaakov Stern
This article reviews measures of Alzheimer's disease (AD) progression in relation to patient dependence and offers a unifying conceptual framework for dependence in AD. Clinicians typically characterize AD by symptomatic impairments in three domains: cognition, function, and behavior. From a patient's perspective, changes in these domains, individually and in concert, ultimately lead to increased dependence and loss of autonomy. Examples of dependence in AD range from a need for reminders (early AD) to requiring safety...

Effect of approaching bats on nesting blackskimmers: using response distances to establishprotective buffer zones

No Name Supplied
Understanding how birds respond to the activities of people is an important component of conserving wildlife. We measured responses of nesting black skimmers (Rynchops niger) to an approaching boat in Barnegat Bay, New Jersey, USA, by examining distance to first respond, distance to flush, and time to return to the colony. Our objective was to determine if response distances of skimmers changed as a function of year, reproductive stage, direction of approach (direct or tangential),...

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