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‘Of Course She’ll Understand’: Role Strain Experienced by Female Professors When Students Disclose Sexual Violence

Tara N. Richards, Kathryn A. Branch & Rebecca Hayes
As female faculty teaching classes on sensitive topics (e.g., Family Violence, Women and Crime, Victimology), we have received numerous disclosures of sexual assault and intimate partner violence (IPV) victimization from our students both in and outside the classroom.These experiences have caused each of us to reflect on our teaching practices within the classroom.When college professors receive disclosures from their students they have to develop strategies on how to effectively handle the disclosure, how to manage...

Macroeconomic Effects of Over-investment in Housing in an Aggregative Model of Economic Activity (a trilogy on the analytics of the crisis and the ensuing slump)

Hian Teck Hoon & Edmund S. Phelps
Is there a theoretical basis for the view that the end of a period of over-investment necessarily leads to a period of below-normal employment as the excess capital stock is run down? We study the repercussions of a false boom in housing driven by prior expectations of future housing prices not justified by fundamentals. When these expectations are corrected, the result is a precipitous drop in housing prices and, on that account alone, some drop...

Veulen, 't Veulen

R.M. Van Der Zee

Archeologische Begeleiding Bouwlocatie Scheepsmakershaven 11, Schoonhoven

L.R. Van Wilgen
Archeologische Begeleiding

Quickscan Archeologie, Plangebied De Venen 7 te Maarn, Gemeente Utrechtse Heuvelrug

A. Borsboom
Quickscan t.b.v. bepalen noodzaak nader onderzoek, Utrechtse Heuvelrug, Maarn, De Venen 7

Een archeologisch bureau-onderzoek voor een locatie langs de Pastoor Thijssenlaan te Sterksel, gemeente Heeze-Leende (NB)

Archaeological Research En Consultancy, W.J.F. Thijs & N. Van Malssen
De onderzoekslocatie ligt waarschijnlijk voor het grootste deel in een dekzandvlakte. Het westelijk deel is hoger gelegen en ligt op een dekzandrug. Over het zuidelijke en oostelijke terreindeel loopt eveneens een smalle dekzandrug. De onderzoekslocatie grenst in het oosten aan een zijdal van de Sterkselse Aa. Op de smalle dekzandrug op het zuidelijke en oostelijke terreindeel zijn haarpodzolgronden aanwezig. Op het overige deel zijn veldpodzolgronden aanwezig. De hoger gelegen gronden hebben een hoge trefkans op...

Helminth secretions induce de novo T cell Foxp3 expression and regulatory function through the TGF-β pathway

Grainger, KA Smith, JP Hewitson, HJ McSorley, Y Harcus, KJ Filbey, CAM Finney, Edward James Greenwood, DP Knox, Wilson, MS, Y Belkaid, AY Rudensky & RM Maizels
Foxp3-expressing regulatory T (T reg) cells have been implicated in parasite-driven inhibition of host immunity during chronic infection. We addressed whether parasites can directly induce T reg cells. Foxp3 expression was stimulated in naive Foxp3⁻ T cells in mice infected with the intestinal helminth Heligmosomoides polygyrus. In vitro, parasite-secreted proteins (termed H. polygyrus excretory-secretory antigen [HES]) induced de novo Foxp3 expression in fluorescence-sorted Foxp3⁻ splenocytes from Foxp3-green fluorescent protein reporter mice. HES-induced T reg cells...

Ascertaining Customary International Law: a relatively straightforward matter?

David Koppe

Security, Legal, and Ethical Implications of Using Virtual Worlds

Alfreda Dudley, James Braman, Kathy Wang, Giovanni Vincenti & Donna Tupper
Technologies such as virtual worlds have become an increasing area for research over the past several years. Many active internet users are using virtual worlds like Second Life for social interactions of all kinds. These mediums are a growing trend for online communication; the impacts of using this technology are of importance. In this paper, the authors discuss leading areas of concern related to the use of virtual worlds focusing on security, legal and ethical...

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