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RB431, RB432, RB433, RB434, and RB435 antibodies recognize a Dictyostelium RapA peptide by ELISA

Wanessa C Lima & Philippe Hammel
The recombinant antibodies RB431, RB432, RB433, RB434, and RB435 detect by ELISA a synthetic peptide from the Dictyostelium RapA protein.

Scientometrics by Zipf-Mandelbrot distribution on Wikipedia

Luc Emile Brunet
This paper presents an application of the zip-Mandelbrot law to a large (655000) set of scientific publications in Wikipedia. The Zipf-Mandelbrot distribution shows a very good fit to the number of citations versus rank curve.

GOMAP Rice Reference Sequences 1.0

Carolyn Lawrence-Dill
This dataset generated by GOMAP is a high-coverage and reproducible functional annotation set based on Gene Ontology (GO) term assignments that covers all gene models in the IRGSP 1.0 genome with a median of 9 annotations per gene model. It was created in December of 2018.

FIGURE 35 in New species and a new record of the mite family Scutacaridae (Acari: Heterostigmata) from alpine New Zealand

Alexander A. Khaustov & Maria A. Minor
FIGURE 35. Scutacarus novaezealandicus sp. nov., female: A—right leg III in dorsal view, B—right leg IV in ventral view.

Мониторинг интродукционных ресурсов Кулундинского дендрария и выделение ценного генофонда для защитного лесоразведения

На примере Кулундинского дендрария приведены материалы мониторинга интродукционных ресурсов деревьев и кустарников. Успех введения их в культуру защитного лесоразведения базируется на детальном изучении эколого-биологических особенностей, опыта интродукции в новых условиях. Из-за возросшей в последние годы антропогенной нагрузки используемый ассортимент древесных растений в защитных лесных насаждениях аридных территорий требует обновления. Постановка проблемы включает – выделение ценного генофонда для создания семенных баз и выращивания адаптированного посадочного материала. Показано, что в условиях Кулундинской степи интродуценты в защитном лесоразведении...

Pravica do samoobrambe zoper nedržavne akterje v luči boja proti terorizmu

Tina Korošec & Maruša Tekavčič Veber
Zbornik znanstvenih razprav

Forma és jelentés Bartók hegedűszonátáiban

Szabó Balázs

Programme for monitoring of the Greenland ice sheet (PROMICE): Ice dicharge for the Greenland ice sheet

Kenneth Mankoff, William Colgan, Anne Solgaard, Nanna B. Karlsson, Andreas P. Ahlstrøm, Dirk van As, Jason E. Box, Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Kristian K. Kjeldsen, Jeremie Mouginot & Robert S. Fausto

Covert Contrast in the Early Development of Speech Sounds in Children using Cochlear Implants

Ruth Huntley Bahr, Terry Gier & Laura Conover
In: Challenges in Analysis and Processing of Spontaneous Speech

Nettbasert læringsressurs for PP-tjenesten

NTNU Institutt For Pedagogikk Og Livslang Læring
Denne nettressursen er en del av Utdanningsdirektoratets SEVU-PPT (Strategi for etter-, videreutdanning i Pedagogisk psykologisk tjeneste) satsning i Universitet og Høyskolesektoren. Satsningen er bl.a. et resultat av lovendringen i PPT`s mandat i 1999/2000 hvor PPT i tillegg til sakkyndighets mandatet også skulle bistå skolene i arbeidet med kompetanseutvikling og organisasjonsutvikling.

Скрининг эффективных биологических средств защиты от нового адвентивного вредителя сельскохозяйственных культур – восточно-азиатского мраморного клопа

М.В. Пушня, Е.Г. Снесарева & Е.Ю. Родионова
Целью исследования являлось изучение распространения, биологических особенностей и характера вредоносности нового опасного многоядного карантинного вредителя мраморного клопа Halyomorpha halys Stål. и скрининг эффективных средств биологической защиты для борьбы с этим вредителем. Исследования проводили в Центральной зоне Краснодарского края на базе ФГБНУ, на общей площади более 30 га, на пропашных (кукуруза, соя, подсолнечник), овощных (томаты) культурах, в яблоневом саду, на единичных растениях шелковицы и дикорастущих кустарниках; на виноградниках в ЛПХ (общей площадью 0,2 га) в станице...

The Risk of Nano-Particles in Deodorants – How Literate Are Young People?

Doris Elster, Mara Sozio, Marie Eschweiler, Julia Schindler & Anja Voigt
In this empirical study the risk literacy of young people in the context of nanotechnology is investigated. Therefore, a Risk Literacy Model (RLM) based on the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) by Petty and Cacioppo [1] is developed. The RLM differentiates between the processing of information regarding risk assessment, which is based on either a deeper cognitive analysis (central route), or on the use of peripheral cues (peripheral route). Target group are 12th Graders (N =...

Digital Property Maps, 2003

Service New Brunswick
Historical snapshot of New Brunswick Digital Property Maps (DPM). "Approximate boundaries for all land parcels in New Brunswick. The boundaries are structured as Polygons. The Property Identifier number or PID is included for each parcel." The sources of digital property data are the original property manuscripts prepared by SNB at the following scales: 1:1000, 1:1200, 1:2000, 1:2400, 1:4800, 1:5000, 1:10 000, 1:20 000 Information is derived from registered survey plans, registered documents, return of surveys,...

GSOD Based Daily Global Mean Surface Temperature and Mean Sea Level Air Pressure (1982-2011)

Dali Xuan Shi
This data product contains all the gridded data set at 1/4 degree resolution in ASCII format. Both mean temperature and mean sea level air pressure data are available. It also contains the GSOD data (1982-2011) from NOAA site, contains station number, location, temperature and pressures (sea level and station level). The data package also contains information related to the data processing methods

State estimation for advanced control of wave energy converters

Ryan Coe & Giorgio Bacelli
A report on state estimation for advanced control of wave energy converters (WECs), with supporting data models and slides from the overview presentation. The methods discussed are intended for use to enable real-time closed loop control of WECs.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Data for Periodic Hydraulic Tests: Hydraulic Data

Matthew Cole
Hydraulic responses from periodic hydraulic tests conducted at the Mirror Lake Fractured Rock Research Site, during the summer of 2015. These hydraulic responses were measured also using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) which is cataloged in a different submission under this grant number. The tests are explained in detail in Matthew Cole's MS Thesis which is cataloged here. The injection and drawdown data and the codes used to analyze the data. Sinusoidal Data is a Matlab...

Ultrafast nonthermal heating of water initiated by an X-ray Free-Electron Laser

Kenneth Beyerlein & H. Jönsson
Please check the README file for more information about the dataset.

GNSS, seismic broadband and strong motion permanent networks in West Indies

Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris- IPGP
The WI network is composed of stations geographically distributed all along the Lesser Antilles subduction zone, from Grenada in the south, to St Barthélémy in the north. The stations all share the following features: (1) very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite telemetry, (2) solar power and 10-day battery, (3) multi sensor stations with broadband seismometer (Nanometrics - Trillium120s or 240s) , accelerometer (Kinemetrics - Episensors +/- 2G) and continuous GNSS (Trimble, NetR9), (4) vault and...

Vision Road Map Reference Database

Shelaine Curd, Rebecca Brink & Kevin Stewart
Much research is being conducted at national laboratories and industry with the aim of advancing the field of hydropower. However, there is no quantifiable way to identify where these efforts overlap and where they fall short. The authors of this database and associated report have created a database and categorization structure that classifies hydropower-focused activities and allows end users to submit queries to obtain information regarding research being conducted across various hydropower institutions. This effort...

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Kirk Schneider

Die cesar-Methodik. Hybridmodell für strukturierte Innovations- und Designprozesse

Tom Philipps, Jonas Rehn, Bengt Hoffmann, Ana María García García & Teresa Laura Novotny

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